Madison Street Capital Represents Sachs Group During Its Acquisition of RMG Networks

Over the years Madison Street Capital has offered corporate advisory services to local and international businesses. It has also represented them, in an advisory capacity during some of their key business transactions such as acquisitions by helping perform background research such as business valuations. In their latest operation, the company offered advisory services to Sachs capital group during their recent acquisition of RMG Networks. According to Madison CEO Charles Botchway, the deal was made possible by Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital as the debt facility providers.


Advisory services


Madison street capital team representing Sachs group in the transaction was headed by the company’s senior managing director Barry Petersen. In this case, its scope of services in representing Sachs revolved around identifying capital services provider as well as guiding the course of the negotiations towards their client’s favor right from the start. Sachs Group CEO, Gregory H. Sachs was particularly appreciative of the Madison team’s efforts in the deal arguing that they were key to the success of the deal.


About the acquisition


Sachs capital Groups is a financial services provider that specializes in advancing both controlling and non-controlling capital to successful entrepreneurs and businesses. It advances the long-term capital to these institutions based on the financial risk involved and their valuations. RMG Networks, on the other hand, is a communications industry player that helps other businesses increase productivity and customer engagement through digital messaging.


RMG has over the years come up with some of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated hardware and software communication tools that they blend together to offer best-in-class services. Today, the firm provides communication services to over 50 percent of the country’s Fortune 100 companies. The success it has accumulated so far and its growth potential were the main driving force in the Sachs-Initiated acquisition. The deal would also see the RMG delist from the stock markets and the shares distributed to the public reacquired at $1.29 per share.


More About Madison street capital


Established less than two decades ago, Madison has gone on to become one of the most affluent investments banking organization. It has also expanded its operations to the rest of the world and currently operates active offices in North Africa and Asia. Most recently, it expressed interest in opening yet another office in the country and the search for office space is well underway in Austin, Texas.


Madison street capital reputation revolves around offering sound leadership and financial advice to different local and international companies. This includes representing and advising them during mergers and acquisitions, offering financial support such as linking them with capital services providers and executive compensation advice. The unwavering dedication and high level of professionalism the company continues to exhibit has earned it the trust of most local and international companies.


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The Innovating Ideas of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

The medical community is full of expert doctors in a variety of fields across the country. If an individual has a joint issue in the northeast, then they know to contact Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. He has forged a strong background for himself. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum obtained his degree at Brown University, then completed programs at both Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University. During a recent Ideamensch interview, he expands on how his career reached this point.


As a doctor with over two decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has firmly established his own company. The origins come from BoneHone, a website he helped create many years ago. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum takes a three step thought process to cultivating his ideas. It begins with idea conception, then experimentation to see how feasible the idea is, then lastly if proven successful, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum create a distribution plan for patients to receive the item.


A typical day for a doctor of his statue can range across a variety of tasks. He frequently begins the day with a social media check. It allows him to connect with clients and business partners in unique ways. Then Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s schedule diverges into two paths. Some days he can be found doing tedious operational work for the company. Other days, he will be working with patients. He sees great potential in a value-based healthcare system. He wants patients to only have to pay for the direct services they received.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a well-respected individual in the northeast region. His practice has developed a strong client base, and continues to be a pillar of the community. He wants to contribute the greater growth of the medical industry, and actively looks for new ways to innovation existing concepts.

Fortress Investment Group Board of Directors Co-Chairman Peter Briger

The New York based asset management firm known as Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by three partners named Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Peter Briger has been with the company since 2002, and he was elected as the Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors in 2009. Before joining Fortress, he worked at Goldman, Sachs and Company for 15 years, becoming a Partner at the company in 1996. While there, he co-founded Goldman’s Special Situations Group, which was one of the main reasons that the business experienced a great deal of financial growth during that decade.

Peter Briger specializes in distressed debt, and in building wealth by buying and selling stocks that are unwanted by other investors. His strategic formula for being a successful investor is buying low and selling high. Since being with Fortress Investment Group, he has managed to raise over $4 billion for its special fund called Fortress Credit Opps Fund IV, and he oversees the Credit and Real Estate division at the company. The investment business also focuses on corporate mergers and acquisitions, and it manages over $40 billion in alternative assets. Visit their website at

In addition to serving in an executive position at Fortress, Peter Briger is a philanthropist who sits on the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point, which is aimed at helping low-income families living in the San Francisco area, and he is also a board member of Caliber Schools, a network of charter schools that helps students prepare for success in 4-year colleges and in their chosen careers beyond that.

Due to his talent for making good investment decisions, Peter Briger has built a substantial amount of wealth for himself over the years, and because of this, he made it onto the Forbes magazine Billionaire List in 2007. The married father of 4 children earned his Business Administration degree from Princeton University, and an MBA degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a Principal at Fortress Investment Group since November of 2006. The firm was the first of its kind to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Neurocore And The History Of Applied Neurofeedback

Nowadays, Neurocore is one of the leading authorities on applied neurofeedback as they use it in their everyday research and development but most of their employees are completely unaware of the history of this concept. It all dates back to the late 1700’s when Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta, now widely considered to the founding fathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory, became the first scientists to observe the effects of applied neurofeedback on a living test subject. They did this by attaching frog legs to an iron fence during a thunderstorm and seeing what happened. They found that whenever lightning appeared in the sky, the legs had a tendency to contract and they deduced that this was caused by variations in the electrical current. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

However, they found them themselves unable to provide definitive evidence of this theory until around the early 1800’s. Their research and development would eventually pave the way for the development of the electroencephalogram or EEG for short, which is used by Neurocore. By attaching small metal discs known as electrodes to the brain of a patient, doctors can use an EEG to observe the brainwaves of a patient and alter their treatments accordingly. This device was initially developed to diagnose and treat people who suffer from epilepsy but, later on, it became more commonplace to help patients suffering from such neurological disorders as stroke, encephalitis, and brain damage.

Over a hundred years later, Hans Berger, the inventor of the EEG, became one of the first scientists to observe the effects of an electroencephalogram on a human test subject and documented his findings in his 1929 paper which he fittingly entitled About The Human EEG. His findings and research eventually led to the development of the quantitative electroencephalogram or Qeeg as it’s more commonly known. Neurocore now uses this kind of technology to analyze the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to develop the most effective treatment methods for depression. Someday, Neurocore even hopes to find a cure for this affliction. So we wish them all the best of luck on finding a surefire cure. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Aloha Restoration Company Partners with Former NFL Star Tom Thayer

Locals know Subsidiary company Aloha Restoration in Illinois as a reputable business specializing in remodeling, water removal, repair, emergency cleanup, and mold removal services. David Farbaky found Aloha Construction as a family-owned entity and serves as President and CEO. He is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears since he was 19 years old and recently partnered with Tom Thayer as an endorser. Thayer was the former offensive lineman for the team and played in the Super Bowl Championship game, in 1985. He is a radio personality on WBBM News Radio and WBBM AM and FM broadcasting.


The football season kicked off with Aloha Restoration sponsoring the Chicago Bears on all broadcasts. Dan Bernstein partnered with the company and like Tom Thayer, he is a radio personality co-hosting the Bernstein and Golf Show on WSCR-AM. He supports a variety of charities including Blind Services Association, Michael Rolfe Foundation, and other non-profits. The NFL team and Tom Thayer continue to be a long-time favorite of David, he said in a PR Newswire press release on November 8th, 2018. As a sponsor, Aloha Restoration can market and promote the company’s services for water removal, fire damage cleanup, and mold removal.


Tom Thayer is the commentator for all Chicago Bears radio broadcasts and deserves his role after helping the team win the 1985 super bowl game. David says he keeps his picture on the wall in the office because he’s one of his all-time professional football players. Aloha Construction, Inc. is the parent company of Aloha Restoration providing services in Wisconsin and Illinois. Their bonded and licensed general and remodeling contractors serve Cook, Washington, McClean, Champion, Peoria, McHenry, DuPage, and other counties. Farbaky is proud to be a sponsor of radio stations featuring Dan Bernstein and Tom Thayer as its host and co-host.

OSI Group: An Evolving Story of Success

The current status of OSI Group as a market leader in processed goods starkly contrasts to its humble beginnings. Starting as a family-owned butcher shop located at the corner of the street, OSI has grown into a global business empire with operations spread across continents. The company currently employs over 20,000 who work diligently to deliver quality processed foods to its ever-growing customer base. By continually evolving and responding to customer needs, OSI Group has grown from a corner butchery into a multinational conglomerate with over 65 facilities spread across geopolitical regions including the United States, China, Japan, and the UK among others. Founded in 1909 and currently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has founded its growth and development into a global brand on capacity building. The company has continuously implemented innovative food processing ideas that have allowed it to deliver highly customized foods that meet the tastes and preferences of their customers. Read more about OSI Group at Wikipedia.

Versatility beyond Product Portfolio and Markets

OSI Group boasts of well-managed supply and distribution channels spread across seventeen countries which have enabled it to expand its product portfolio to non-meat products. To further improve and secure across its supply chain management and support customer needs, the company in August 2018 announced the launch of Elementum; a SaaS-based supply chain orchestration platform. The new platform announced by the group’s senior vice president in charge of its global supply chain, Mark Richardson, underlines the company’s commitment to modernize its operations. The new system will enable the company to effectively manage its multi-enterprise inventories and share information with its suppliers and distributors in real time. The company’s responsiveness to market needs is also reflected in its leadership hierarchy. Both Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, the company’s CEO and president, respectively, joined the company as junior managers but rose the ranks of its leadership. Through their visionary leadership, OSI Group has established even a greater operational footprint domestic and overseas by acquiring businesses and opening facilities in strategic markets and locations. OSI believes in enhancing sustainability to cater to clients from from different backgrounds. With the help of the two leaders, the organization has succeeded in expanding its portfolio.



Orthopaedic surgeon Panos Gikas

Panos Gikas is an orthopaedic surgeon who works at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital that is located in London. Along with performing surgeries, he is also a lecturer at UCL for the physics department, according to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital page. Panos Gikas specializes specifically in knee and hip replacement, but also cartilage and sarcoma too. The doctor is knowledgeable as he knows three different languages which include Greek, English, and French. Mr. Panos Gikas completed his schooling in London for Medical school and training. Much of his studies were done at the University of London but he also attended the University of Athens, where he acquired his PhD. The doctor has done research into the common issues that arise with the knee and hip, but also when it comes to bone cancer. He is most interested in doing his job effectively with knee and hip surgery, along with being interested in bone cancer and using stem cells. The surgeon has also presented on these topics and published articles that have led to some breakthrough in the field. Panos Gikas is truly invested in his work and contributing to the community. According to a page from Doctify, patients or customers can book the doctor to make an appointment in less than 60 seconds. All a customer has to do is select the center and pick a day off the calendar listed below. There is also a button to get the doctor’s phone number or to request an appointment. Panagiotis Gikas also truly believes in using robotics in his surgeries to address concerns of the knee and hip.


Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital page


The lister hospital page


Doctify page

Todd Levine Talks About Commercial Litigation

Todd Levine is a highly-respected attorney based out of Miami who serves as one of the founders of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine. He recently sat down to discuss what exactly commercial litigation is and whether or not this type of attorney is right for your situation. So you’re probably wondering what exactly commercial litigators do. Before a case ever goes to trial, it is the responsibility of a litigation attorney to analyze various defense strategies and devise the most effective tactics possible to help their clients win their cases. Of course, in an ideal world, people would be able to solve their problems without having to go in front of a judge.

However, this is not always the case and that’s where commercial litigators come into the picture. He explained that people often think he spends the majority of his time in a courtroom due to his profession but he typically prefers to use arbitration or mediation as a resolution, if at all possible and that’s what litigation attorneys strive to do for their clients. Todd Levine then explained that because reaching a peaceful settlement isn’t always possible, it’s imperative for litigation attorneys to have experience defending clients in the courtroom. Todd Levine then went on to discuss the difference between arbitration and mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party helps the other two parties resolve their differences in a manner that’s acceptable to both.

Abritation, meanwhile, is a procedure in which the two parties select their own arbitrator to rule on their disagreement. While mediation is nonbinding, arbitration can go either way depending on the circumstances and what each party agrees to. Todd Levine has a lot of experience in commercial litigation and is more than qualified to take your case so look no further than him.

“Alastair Borthwick – Undiscovered Scotland”

Alastair Borthwick life spanned from Feb. 17, 1913 to Sep. 25, 2003. He was a journalist, broadcaster, and author. However, he is best known for two vastly different books. The books are considered classics in their respective fields.

He was born in Rutherglen, and lived in Troon before ending up in Glasgow for his high school years. He opted to leave high school when he was 16 to work at the Glasgow Herald. Hillwalking and climbing started to thrive in Glasgow. The working-class population did not initially participate in hillwalking, and climbing activities. This changed when Alastair Borthwick started writing articles in the “Open Air section of the Glasgow Herald. The articles covered the working-class population heading to the Highlands on the weekends.

He started working for a more prestigious newspaper in London. London did not appeal to him, so he left the Daily Mirror after a year to return to Glasgow. He shifted gears from journalism, and started as a BBC radio correspondent.

He published his first book “Always a Little Further” in 1939. The book was a compilation of the “Open Air” articles previously written. The publisher was skeptical about this book. The skepticism stemmed from hillwalking and climbing considered a rich man’s activity. T.S. Eliot’s strong endorsement paved the way for the publication. It continues to be one of the best-selling books in Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick served in WWII on the front lines as a commissioned officer. He wrote his second book originally titled “Sans Peur” and republished in 1994 as “Battalion.” It still receives widespread acclaim. This is due to his unique experience as a front-line infantry officer.

He moved from Glasgow to Jura with his wife Anne following the war. He focused on crofting and fishing for the BBC until 1952. They moved to Islay and then Glasgow until the 1970’s. He spent much of this time producing half hour television programs for Grampian. They moved to a farm at Ayrshire for his retirement years. He spent his last five years at a nursing home in Beith.

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2018 Halloween ideas from Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest ad Kelly Ripa gave all of us some Halloween ideas to think about this season. The Reboot was the co-hosts best Halloween show to date. The two co-hosts gave their fans a debut of some of the best TV costumes that we have ever witnesses.

CHIPS, Charlie’s Angels, I Love Lucy, Saved by the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, I Dream of Jeanie, Friends and All of My Children were just a few of Ryan Seacrest’s choices for the show. As per the Hollywood Reporter, the two co-hosts shared with ET on how they were able to achieve their entertainment line-ups.

Host Ryan Seacrest openly confessed that he found it very painful to go from Shirley to John Baker. Seacrest said that he barely made it through the transition and that he still had glitter and lipstick from the costume somewhere in his possession. Seacrest admitted that he still had makeup remover in his orbital regions.

Ryan Seacrest also admitted that he had some Spanx added to his wardrobe. He also stated that the best part about the Spanx was actually being able to remove them.

Both of the co-hosts were serious about honoring the past TV shows. Kelly Ripa wants to actually bring a couple past TV shows back to the present day and age. All My Children was one of Ripa’s favorites. She tells us that this show is where she came from. Kelly Ripa said that All My Children is what the people want to see. Hope and Faith was also mentioned by Ripa. Ripa states that she would like to debut a Hope and Faith/All My Children TV mashup show.

Fashion line owner Ryan Seacrest affirmed that it would be nice to see Punky Brewster/NCIS mashup. Seacrest added that the franchise could use another show like this.

Ripa specified that she would love to see CHIPS being brought back on air because the guys looked really sexy in those costumes.

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