VTA Publications Helps Regular Investors Earn

VTA Publications is a publisher that is using their influence to offer better information to investors. This article explains how Jim Hunt has created the Wealth Wave for everyone who wishes to earn more money on the stock market. It is a bit like a plan to help make grandma a millionaire, and it will work for anyone who is interested in doing a bit of research.

#1: The Wealth Wave Is Simple

Jim Hunt VTA Publications made the Wealth Wave as simple as possible, and he explains how to respond to the markets in a progressive way. Anyone who is using the Wealth Wave will look for companies that are on the way down, and they will bet against those companies. The bets that are made are quite simple to put in, and the investor will see massive profits because they chose to look for the bear market stocks on slideshare.net.

#2: Picking Bear Market Stocks

Jim Hunt VTA Publications published the Wealth Wave to help everyone invest in a simpler manner. The book is easy to follow, and anyone who is using it may share it with their friends and family. The friends and family that are using Wealth Wave may pick the same bear stocks, and they will find it easy to earn money. Each stock that is falling will be easy to bet against, and the investor must place their trades as soon as possible.

#3: Long Term Results

There are quite a few people who are getting long term results on prnewschannel.com because they know the Wealth Wave will work no matter what the economy looks like. The economy will have businesses that are rising, and they will have businesses that falling. Each new business will have reason to help its stock rise, but it may be too late. Wagering on a stock that is falling is an easy way to make money, and the Wealth Wave ensures high profits.

The investors who are willing to use Wealth Wave will find it a simple form of investment on streetwisenews.com that does not require industry knowledge. Investors need only invest in stocks that are no longer rising.

A Passion For Fashion

Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of fashion. In fact, he has built himself a fortune exceeding $1 billion dollars thanks to his ingenuity and ability to predict the outcome of the fashion market. Now, he has his eyes on an even greater trend in fashion. He believes there is now a merging of fashion and technology to create a new future where wearable technology is the latest trend.



The Merging Of Tech And Fashion

The merging of tech and fashion isn’t anything particularly unusual. Similar events have happened in the past thanks to innovations like the boombox and the Walkman. People, especially young people, naturally adapted these technologies and made them fashion statements. Currently, tech companies are doing the same thing with their efforts to convince Millennials and Generation Z to buy the latest devices in order to keep up with the times. There is a real future to see here and Burch plans on making himself one of the first to invest in it. Given his existing fortune he might have a good point.



What The Future Holds For Everyone

Chris Burch has his eyes on the future of the fashion industry and he firmly believes wearable tech is the future of fashion. Already, we can see examples of this around us in the form of the Apple Watch and other accessories aimed at giving us both high tech and fashion at the same time. When the merge of the fashion and tech industry is finally complete we see a technology in a completely new light. The things we now take for granted may not exist and we will have to look at fashion in a completely new light.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a focus on the fashion industry. He first broke into the fashion industry while in college with a clothing business he started, but this wasn’t the last time he would make money in fashion. Years later he managed to build a billion dollar fortune with the fashion industry. Beyond fashion he has also invested in other major industries such as finance and cinema. The diverse portfolio allows Burch to understand the way various markets interact with each other and the best course of action to take in order to fully take advantage of them.

Recap On a Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

The Beauty and care industry has seen a massive transformation over a couple of years. We have witnessed a growing trend in cosmetics beauty products, and the market seems to be growing by the day. Lip balm start-up EOS (Evolution of Smooth), are among the companies that have made their mark in this type of business. Giving an exclusive interview to Fast Company, https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick, they expound on how the created the multimillion-dollar business within a short span, starting their operations in 2009 and becoming the second rated lip balm selling company in the United States.

After conducting an extensive research and recognizing that most of the lip balm clients are women, the company came up with a unique tailor-made lip balm products that meet the everyday woman’s needs and experiences. The success of this lip balm company can be attributed to the unique lip balm design concept, the broad range of colors used and the amazing scent and flavors that come with it.

EOS lip balm highly invested in having their automated manufacturing equipment that has helped them navigate through the customer needs and demands bridge without having to rely on any other manufacturers. This allowed them to scale up at a very fast pace and become competitors to the big companies that dominated the market.

Due to the expertise provided by the Co-founder Mehra, the company was able to get the products to the store. The company engaged in a big internet marketing campaign to get their products moving from the market shelves. By using millennial and modern methods of advertisements, such as Facebook and Instagram. YouTube and blogs they got to reach a broad audience.

They also embraced the modern method of advertising that is by using music video of famous stars the likes of Milley Cyrus. A lot of people look up to these icons for fashion and make-up tips. By maintaining a very significant social media presence, the company has thrived with an endless market for their products. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.


The Markets That Fabletics is Going to Impact

Fabletics is known for moving into the unknown with fashion. However, one thing that could be said about the industry is that there are a lot of markets that are yet to be explored. One of these markets is the male market in fashion. Men are starting to show more interest in fashion and Fabletics has taken part in the expansion. Even though Fabletics is mainly a woman’s clothing, it has opened a men’s line for sell. The men’s line of athleisure clothing is only the beginning. There is a lot of territory that can be covered with TechStyle.


Men’s fashion is especially ripe for this type of treatment because of the growing interest in fashion. One thing that should be considered is the history of men’s fashion which is a very interesting history. One thing that people would say about men’s fashion is that there is a limited selection when it comes to styles and colors in many cases. If men want to find something unique, then they are going to have to go towards the designers. They could also find tailors. However, that could probably only take men so far because they tend to have very limited comfort with a tailor.


Fabletics is already off to a good start with their men’s line because they offer clothes that are durable. They also enhance performance. At the same time, they are not very hard on the eyes. Men can also feel good about the clothes they are wearing because of the care and the creativity that goes into the products. As Don and Adam take on the market of men’s fashion, they are going to slowly bring forth some new and unique designs that are going to gain a lot of attention in among men.


Fabletics has already brought forth a lot of impact in the athletic section of women’s clothing which was plagued with some of the same issues that men’s fashion as a whole was plagued with. As more men take advantage of what is there for them, Fabletics is going to keep growing. TechStyle may also look into some more areas for fashion.

The Sunny Plumber Makes A Big Difference In Repairs

Plumbing problems are some of the biggest headaches to deal with. According to a PM Mag article, that’s because they can practically spring up anywhere. Plumbing is all throughout a person’s house and when something malfunctions, it can be hard to pinpoint the problem. Not only that, but it can also be hard to fix the problem. Only trusted plumbers should be the ones that are handling leaks and breaks.

Plumbers are easy to come by. It seems the internet is filled with recommendations and phone books are full of different ones in different areas. Not all of these have the experience, knowledge, and skill-set to be a qualified plumber. The Sunny Plumber, a Tucson based company, is one that knows exactly how to make customers happy. They’ve been in business for years and have a wide range of expertise. http://www.sunnyplumberphoenix.com/phoenix-drain-sewer/drain-and-sewer-services

The Sunny Plumber can be used for a variety of needs. They specialize in plumbing of all sorts. They can repair sump pumps, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, water heaters and more. They can fix leaks and replace pipes and do repiping. They also have extensive knowledge in drain and sewer repairs. They can replace main water lines and keep up with routine maintenance.

The Sunny Plumber’s number one priority is making sure that a customer is happy. Many people have raved about their quick and efficient service after having a water pipe break in their home. The technicians at The Sunny Plumber respond to the needs of the clients. They know exactly what they need. The Sunny Plumber also offers customers the option of joining the sunshine club so that they get some added perks and bonuses. The sunshine club offers free drain cleaning and discounts for just under 10 bucks a month. Overall, The Sunny Plumber aims to make the lives easier of their customers. Visit thesunnyplumber.com for more information.

Does Igor Cornelsen Suggest You Invest in PIIGS or BRICS?


Economists have grouped two sets of nations together to identify present financial realities: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are the PIIGS and Brasil, Russia, India, China and Spain are the BRICS. So which is better to invest in, according to wealth advisor Igor Cornelsen.

“PIIGS Are Old Money”

In 2008, the term of PIIGS was coined to describe certain European nations on icrowdnewswire.com, whose economies were in dire straits. Having a downturn is natural during a recession, but some countries had deep systemic problems. Portugal has a primarily agricultural workforce, which does not produce many manufactured goods.

Ireland has some of the highest late mortgage payments in the world; plus a very high foreign debt. Italy has a vast bureaucracy. Greece is terminally in debt, it has already sold off most of its valuable resources. Spain had a horrible boom and bust in its real estate market.

Some financial analysts like Igor Cornelsen suggest that you “invest in the PIIGS because with their high debt, they also have high interest rates on their bonds.” This might be acceptable, if you have a high risk tolerance and believe the PIIGS will repay their debt.

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“BRICS Have Potential”

This historical parallel is somewhat apt because Brasil was colonized by the Portuguese. But when given a chance, the Portuguese royal family chose Brasil in the 1800s. Why?

Europe has great technology, but after centuries, its natural resources have been used up. Brazil has a wealth of untapped resources, including oil according to Igor Cornelsen. Russia is #1 or #2 for many petroleum resources. India is a sub-continent with tremendous intellectual potential – many IT professional are from that nation.

“Made in China” is the new label for so many products on Planet Earth. China and India have the highest growth rates in the world. South Africa has tremendous gold mines and leads the continent. The BRICS have vast potential for high growth.

“What Does Igor Cornelsen Say?”

Investment consultant Igor Cornelsen will talk to you about your “Risk Tolerance.” What do you want to achieve? Can you handle high-risk and high-reward? Would you like to invest in future BRICS growth rates?

Realize Your Modeling Dream with Brown Modeling Agency

How to become a Commercial Print Model

Do you want to become a commercial model? Do you have what it takes to grace the red carpet? If your answer is yes, I have with me the necessary steps and guidance to see you through your dream career.

Get Your Best Photos

When I say BEST photos, I don’t mean the pictures from your Facebook or your home digital camera, but pictures snapped professionally by a professional photographer. Your HD camera may snap the best photos, but that won’t count since commercial print modeling is all about professionalism. Get a picture with your best smile on it and submit to a modeling agency of your choice.

Find a Recruiting Agency

The good thing about modeling is the fact that new modeling agencies are sprouting on a daily basis, and hence the chances of you getting noticed are high. If you are the eye candy type of person, it won’t be long before an agency bumps on you. A good number of agencies have a system that allows would-be models to send their pictures for consideration.

Meet a Potential Recruiting Agent

Getting that all important call from an agent is a dream come true to many of us. When you get such a call, always try to stay calm and focused. During such meetings, recruiting agents usually take a look at your pictures and compare them with your physical appearance and your overall body reaction. Keep in mind that this is more like a job interview, and if you flop in your first date, then I’m afraid it might take long before another opportunity comes knocking.

Signing Contracts

You have finally passed your “interview”, and it’s now time to sign that mouthwatering contract you have always dreamt of. What should you know at this point? Well; don’t get too excited and sign things you barely understand. As a commercial print model, you should always be aware that you will be working on a freelance basis. In most cases, what you are likely to sign is a contract giving your agent the right to handle your money. Surprised? Well; you shouldn’t be. This is the norm in the commercial modeling industry.

Love the Camera

Modeling is all about the connection between you and the camera lights. As a model, you should always be comfortable during photo sessions. Bring out your killer smile and I guarantee you that you will be in the industry for quite a long time.

Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Agency is a reputable commercial talent agency based in Austin Texas. With over six years in the industry, Brown Agency has cemented itself as a force to reckon with in the modeling, theatrical, and talent search industry. Visit the website, brownagency.co.

Mastering the art of executive recruitment: Julie Zuckerberg

Attracting top talent through diverse pipelines is no easy task. It’s even more difficult in the hyper-competitive waters of international finance. There are countless recruiters and talent acquisition specialists in New York, but the best among them are easy to spot. Julie Zuckerberg is one of these stand-out recruiters.


Julie Zuckerberg graduated from City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in Philosophy. Afterward, she worked for Hudson Recruiting as the Director of Candidate Placement for five years. During this time, she learned best-in-class strategies for executive recruitment and built strong bridges between her many clients and the candidates she placed. Later in 2007 she moved to Citi as an Executive Recruiter and worked in this role until 2011 when she assumed the role of Vice President for Citi’s Global Consumer Bank. After an engagement with New York Life Insurance Company, where she worked as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, she turned her sights on an even bigger role at Deutsche Bank in 2014. She is currently serving as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead & Corporate Vice President in Deutsche Bank, where she continues to source and secure the best talent to support their many lines of business.


Her professional responsibilities have grown, but at every step Julie has demonstrated time and again that she’s always ready to step up. Her day-to-day sees finds her working with top-of-the-house talent who play a vital role in her organization. Finding experienced candidates at these levels is far more complex and challenging than hiring a fresh graduate fill a seat. It requires years of experience and robust industry connections to understand the candidate pool and to be able to assess the candidates. However, with her extensive expertise in human resources: executive search and sourcing, behavioral interviewing, corporate and technical recruiting, Julie manages to get it done.


Julie continues to offer full-cycle executive recruitment initiatives for some leading financial institutions in New York City. She takes a multidisciplinary approach when searching for potential candidates. She works closely with her business partners to identify the most effective sourcing strategies and then executes. It’s more than simply finding candidates with the competencies and experience that match the vacancy. It’s a meeting of personal and professional minds.

Julie Zuckerberg is clearly someone who has mastered the art of executive recruiting. She currently lives in New York City. Her interests include arts and culture, animal welfare, and the economic empowerment of women.


Makeup That Lasts For A Long Time From Lime Crime

I wear makeup each day. I love being able to have makeup on my face as I go about my day. This is a great way for anyone to look as professional as possible. In my business, it’s really important for me to be able to convey professionalism to every person I meet. I can’t spend hours each day with the need to constantly reapply my makeup all the time.

I want makeup that will work with my needs and not against them. According to Beauty Bay, this is one of many reasons why I have chosen to buy a lot of my makeup products from a company called Lime Crime. This up and coming makeup place is where you can go to find makeup products that allow you to have makeup that you know is going to remain in place no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Liquid Matte Lipstick

Perhaps my favorite product that you can find here are the liquid matte lipsticks. Liquid means the lipstick goes on smoothly. This makes it really easy to apply. Unlike some other kinds of makeup, this kind of lipstick means that you can put it on all the spaces in your lip without it clumping or having it feel really bad. Once it has been applied, the makeup becomes matte.

This means that it dries easily without a problem and will stick to your lips. This makes it so easy to apply the makeup to your lips without a problem, enabling you to avoid worry that it’s going to run once it’s on your lips.

A Worry Free Day

The result is that you can get really worry free lipstick from Lime Crime. You can apply it anywhere you want. I keep a small tube of the lipstick in my favorite colors in my pocket all the time, meaning that I don’t have to worry that it’s not there. I also keep a small mirror so I can whip out the mirror and then put on some makeup as I like, without any worries. A professional look is mine from this company.

EOS Fast Track

If you’ve been to any popular supermarket, chances are you’ve seen a product called Evolution of Smooth, or, EOS Lip Balm. EOS made its debut seven years ago and has only grown more well-known. With their innovative designs and subtle flavors, EOS has made it’s mark on its industry quickly.

EOS founders have recently revealed on fastcompany.com their exemplary business strategy. They have gone from a small startup group, to a $250 million company. Not only have they had success in their profits, EOS has also provided stepping stones for the lip care industry and has estimated a $2 billion increase by 2020 for the industry as a whole.

The idea for the orb-like shape EOS produces its balm in came from many women who were tired of losing tubes of chapstick and didn’t like the idea of applying lip balm with their fingers. For a while EOS lip balm struggled to find a design. They wanted to please all five senses, instead of just creating another means to an end. They even went as far as to using organic ingredients, all the while keeping the price at only three dollars.

Some other challenges EOS faced was selling to males, and competing with other major brands. With Walmart, Walgreens, and Target selling their product, along with social media marketing EOS has become a household product. Visit evolutionofsmooth.com to view the full EOS product gallery.

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