DR Sergio Cortes Proposes Aggressve Mosquito Control

We find Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes in his “Mission Control Center” in central Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil. Point zero, the epicenter of the Brazilian flooding and health crisis is located at in Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil. Dr. Cortes is busy reviewing some data that was collected by workers in the seven emergency centers that have been built in the region.

State Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes explains on wikipedia how the torrential rains that have besieged this area of Brazil have also caused flooding that has created contaminated standing water that also plays a major part in producing a breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue fever along with the Chikungunya and the rapidly spreading Zika virus are transmitted by the insect. The Zika virus has been linked recently by the World Health Organization with Microcephaly by going some comparisons of areas where the Zika virus infections occur and the relationship of the data with the numbers of births of children with Microcephaly.

According to Extra.Global the Brazilian Ministry of health along with State Sec. Sergio Cortes have sent out scores of evaluation teams and even troops to the area to help with the decontamination of the water leftover from the flooding. There will also be classes for locals after 3 dengue hydration centers that have been deployed in the region as of late. The class will ease in the transformation of customs of the local people and teach them how to use bottled water to replace their normal source which have been contaminated.

Sec. of Health Dr. Cortes is also actively involved in gathering research from the emergency shelters with the purpose of trying to find out how the unborn fetus of a pregnant mothers is getting infected. Microcephaly has now been linked to the Zika virus in has caused over 4000 for the in Brazil alone. It is not only in neurological disorder that causes children to be born with smaller and under developed heads. Dr. Cortes believes that with proper planning, mosquito control and aggressive education of the local citizens in the area as to the use of bottled water and decontamination of standing waters that this health crisis can soon be control until then he asked all women in the area please try to use caution and goes far as to not plan any pregnancies in the future.

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Quality Dog Food

The dog food industry is changing in a very dramatic way, and I believe that the changes are coming for the better. I was hesitant about the dog food brands that were available, but I have become more in tune with this because my veterinarian has guided me in the ways of healthy dog foods. She has made me see the light and really question the type of dog foods that I am buying for my pets. For me, the healthy dog foods that are available today are representing better selection of foods that are on the market. I have seen healthy dog food grow because there is so much demand. Pet owners are becoming more educated, and they simply expect more because companies like FreshPet, Blue Buffalo and Beneful are providing better foods. Beneful brings a variety of dog food to the table, and I love what this organization has done. There are baked treats that are healthy. There are also vegetable blend meals. I believe that there are even a few meals that have fruit thrown into the mix. This is amazing, and my dogs have been devouring these meals and begging for more. I know that Beneful has been a strong brand over the years, but this high quality food that the company offers makes this an even better brand. The Beneful Healthy Radiance is a good choice for pet owners that have pets that may be lagging and lounging around. Sometimes pets are much like humans in a sense. They may need that burst of energy, and this Beneful brand provides that. I have been amazed by all the things that these dog food companies are bringing forth. There are duck and chicken meat choices. There are refrigerated meals. There are so many brands of healthy dog food that are emerging. I am excited that my dogs have so much to choose from. I will keep Beneful as one of the staples, but I am not afraid to explore. I like to give my dogs choices and let them explore all the quality dog food choices.

Shaygan Kheradpir, Coriant’s New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. Coriant offers networking solutions in the fast transitioning business world. Over the years, the company has been known to offer its networking solution services in over 100 countries. These includes even nine of the top 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers.

Shaygan graduated from Cornell University where he got his PhD, masters and bachelor’s in engineering. During his period at Cornell University, he served in the Engineering council and was also part of the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

For the past over two decades, Shaygan has been a recognized figure in the business and technology field. He has truly gathered much experience working with numerous telecom, technology and financial service industries.

Shaygan Kheradpir kick started his career at GTE Corporation and later joined Verizon where he was a Chief Information Officer and a member of the executive leadership team. They mainly worked to increase the efficiency, innovations, modernization and realization of new product initiatives. They managed to effect this in the FiOS, which is among the largest infrastructure programs in the United States with an over $20 billion capital investment.

Later on, as Chief operations and Technology Officer, Shaygan joined Barclays bank where he also served as the bank’s Executive Committee member. While at Barclays, they worked for the transformation of the bank on the 21st century. This was effected across fifty countries with thousands of employees. He also served as the CEO at Juniper Networks where he worked for the development of an effective operating plan for the company. This helped in surviving the fast growing builder markets.

Having gathered this much experience, Shaygan worked with the senior management team at Coriant prior to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer at the company. He also served as an Operating Partner at Merlin Equity Partners where he dealt with telecom and technology investments.

Securus’ Advanced Technological Analytical Tool in Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 public safeties, correction and law enforcement agencies and 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It provides emergency response, public education, incident management, communication, and biometric analysis, inmate self-service, inmate communication monitoring services and products and information management making the world a better place to stay.


Securus Technology is the primary provider of criminal and civil justice solutions for public safety, investigation, correction, and monitoring. The firm released THREAD 3.1, which according to me it’s the most sophisticated and advanced analytical tool in the correction market of the United States.


The upgrade of the Securus Investigative Solution product takes the user to the modernized web- based technologies. Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Business Management for Securus said that the new design makes the use of THREADS effortless and boost the system performance. It removes unwanted system actions and builds up navigation, search function and record loading. The results of the new THREAD heightened performance and enhanced user experience.


THREAD 3.1 can listen to SCP calls within the THREADS application. It also has characteristics such as guided real-time analysis, customized mapping, and printing and context- sensitivity. THREADS, for years, have been the superior investigation solution for identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate phone calls, communication events correlations and associations. The 3.1 product, allows for direct integration between other Securus products, for example, Secure Call Platform. It provides the investigators with a more powerful device that need minimum training.


The new program has a video application that makes it convenient for the customer to use from the comfort of their homes. We can visit our confined inmates without going to the prisons physically. One can reschedule the visit time using Onsite Video Visitation. This reduces our waiting time and enables us to visit when it’s convenient. To get started on the online video visitations, all we need is a computer with a web, camera linked to the internet. For more information visit https://securustech.net/videovisitation.


The 3.1 new THREADS provide profound intelligence and focused leads to the investigators. It took the technical team some time to come up with the highly powerful tool. THREAD 3.1 makes Securus to the next high level increasing their popularity. The new technology will be upgraded to the existing consumers for free.


THREADS 3.1 is harmonized ”Big Data” analytical tool that give the customers the same robust analysis they are used to.

Best Looking Fans in the Stands

Whether or not they win the big game the Pittsburgh Steelers will have the best looking cheering section up in the stands. With a new clothing line, high on the wow factor, and jewelry and other items to accessorize, there’s something for every fan to show their support. Snazzy new designs that update the usual sports team sweatshirt and sweatpants have caught the eye of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, both young and old, big time. Updates to the clothing, such as thumb holes in some of the sweatshirt designs and eye catching style updates are catching on big for the organization The change in Steeler apparel can be accredited to one woman, Susan McGalla, the new Steeler’s director of strategic planning. Susan McGalla was previously the president of American Eagle Outfitters and went on to be the former CEO of Wet Seal. Working for trendy, fresh organizations means she brings a feel for what younger people want in fan wear and what looks good on them. Creating a brand and clothing that other sports merchandisers desire for their own teams, she says something else they are doing new is relying on social networking to spread the word about the new Steelers lines and other items that are for sale. Facebook and other Internet sites have been very successful in debuting the ew lines. Focus groups are another new tool the Steelers merchandising machine is using to find out what fans are looking for and what they desire in spirit wear. Some of the tips that helped design the new line include men desiring clothes they could wear to work, and women looking for clothes that supported their team and still looked feminine.

Skout- Dating Apps Made Simple

Dating apps are very useful in the modern dating scenario. Send the right message through this app and you will find the right person to be with. Wrong message or vibe will set up to a disastrous relationship.

Dating apps are available in various sizes and from different creators, but finding the best one in a competitive market like this isn’t a hard task. However, there are certain etiquette when it comes to dating and ignoring them will not get you anywhere. For example, using emoticons if you are a woman can go a long way when approaching your potential partner. Men shouldn’t incline more on this concept as it will show their insecurities during dating. Certain other protocols that should be used during dating are daunting as well, especially if you are new to the game. According to experts, the beginning of the year is the time to hop onto the dating scene because this is the time when most people want to leave back previous encounters and start fresh. Also, odds are better during weekends especially Sunday nights for striking up a conversation with your potential match.

Dating apps let you start and end conversation with unique features that are easy to use. When using these apps, be as genuine as possible. Write about yourself to let the potential suitor learn what they want to know. Hit them with the right note. Show interest in what they have to say and be appreciate of their talents and hobbies. Things that you would never say in person shouldn’t be said online either. In other words, show respect to the person you are talking to and keep the conversation going in a positive way. Dating and relationship advisers have many things to recommend for those people using dating apps or other dating websites. These recommendations in Cupid.com and SpeedDater.co.uk have attracted many people and made them pursue their dream relationships. Many companies have come forward with dating apps to be used in such websites, and Skout is one of them.

Skout is a company that develops location-based dating applications, websites and social networks. This is one such developer that has helped users become familiar with dating apps while emphasizing on user location. Skout is available for both Android and Apple phones across various platforms. Some of the properties that Skout has, that are worth mentioning here are Nixter which is a nightlife application, and Fuse which is an ephemeral group messaging application. Over 500 million connections were made using Skout as of a report in the year 2013, which is significant for a startup company in the mobile technology industry given the high rate of competitiveness. The application here uses cellphone’s GPS to assist users in locating other users. It does not identify the precise location of the user but gives a rough idea about where he or she is located. Users can also choose opt-out feature of the app. Users get to view other users’ profiles as well.

CCMP Capital – The Road To Financial Success

There is virtually unlimited number of opportunity for investment or financial planning and then there are firms that help people stay in touch and up to date with every aspect of investment market. One such firm on Wall Street is CCMP Capital founded by Stephen “Steve” Murray.

At CCMP Capital, clients get to access a wide range of options and information about financial life. This means even in the worst of times when inflation is at a high level, food and consumer products are soaring and tax rules are uncertain, the strategies put forth by the professionals here will work to the benefit of the clients. Today it seems that everyone is concerned about what is going in the investment arena and how the volatility is affecting their financial future. All their feelings of anxiety can be put to a stop with real understanding of one’s financial situation as well as the various options available at investment firm like CCMP Capital.

Businesses need financial management for reasons like payroll, mergers, warehouse maintenance, acquisitions, underwriting and so on. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is well-versed in all of these services plus more. Dramatic financial changes can take a toll on the business which are happening all over the world today. This can create stress among everyone involved. A sound management team can solve all these issues. If there is a bright side to a volatile economy, that bright side can be achieved with good advice and right directions. CCMP Capital uses smart strategies including maximizing profits to which the clients are entitled, to get through. They will find ways to stretch dollar, become more productivity, allocate resources efficiently for the current and future needs and make sure all elements of finance are in order. They will help you create safeguards that will insulate your business from future bad economies as well. They will teach you all kinds of tax rules that impact just about every aspect of the business. This is in turn alleviate financial pain and discomfort within the business and bring positive outcome.

Steve Murray founded and presided CCMP Capital for many years until his sudden demise in 2015.He was a man of his words; his strategies and ideas were implemented within the company and those strategies were responsible for taking the company to the next level in the finance industry. CCMP Capital offers everything that individuals and corporations need, from everyday expense service to fundraising services. Their options come in various features and price and you will note that there are many instances throughout the process that are appropriate for your financial situation. Overall, CCMP Capital is the place to go when you are in confusion about your financial future and want to get it straight.

Human Rights Foundation Looking to Improve the Lives of Others

Around the world there are people who are not given the same quality of life as what they might receive in other regions. Often times, this is due to the government in the country. Angola is such a nation that has put down most of the residents in the nation due to the large amount of oil and diamonds discovered inside of the country. The governing family inside of the nation has been labeled a dictatorship and often does anything necessary in order to bring in more financial gain for the family, typically at the expense of the citizens. The family has had opposing government officials, reporters, writers and citizens killed when they voice their opinions about the government. Despite this, Nicki Minaj performed for the family and high ranking government officials on Christmas, despite the pleading of Human Rights Foundation and the founder, Thor Halvorseen.

Thor created The Human Rights Foundation back in the spring of 2005 in order to help oppose apartheid in South Africa. He has also worked with multiple other organizations that support human rights, such as On Now Feet: The Centipede Children and the Foundation of Individual Rights and Education. He currently does everything he can in order to help citizens around the world receive appropriate treatment. It is why he does everything in his power to not support dictators who rise to power at the expense of almost every single citizen within the nation.

The ruling family in Angola became wealthy off of the backs of its citizens. The money the nation makes is blood money, due to the labor of diamonds and oil sold to other nations and businesses that do not have a problem with this. The Human Rights Foundation, as well as Thor Halvorseen, try to educate companies and individuals that supporting the dictator’s family and what it does simply supports the way the country treats its citizens. It is why the organization reached out to Nicki Minaj and asked her to cancel the private concert (once she received millions of dollars to do).

Nicki did not cancel her show and instead went to perform for the dictator, his family and close government officials. She decided to accept the blood money for her performance, despite all of the information Thor Halvorseen offered her. It is yet to be determined what sort of consequences it might have on her career or the people of Angola.

Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Foundation Takes Aim at Poverty

Multibillionaire and philanthropist Charles Koch, along with his Americans for Prosperity Foundation, has been has been launching programs in low-income areas to encourage people, in his words, “ to improve their lives and make the world a better place.”

The outreach program, Bridge to Well-being, has been operating in states including Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Programs have included:

• Dinners at a Miami church for African-Americans during which a chef lectured on “dinners on a dime,” and another spoke on “learning about freedom.”
• Events at churches and community centers with programs on budgets, finance, health and wellness, nutrition, “constitutional and personal rights.”
• The benefits of couponing and affordable eating
• Educating parents on evaluating schools
• The LIBRE Initiative, aimed at Hispanics, has given away toys and turkeys, but also provides language training for drivers’ licenses, GED exams and tax preparation.
• An initiative focused on veterans with similar well-being programs
• Programs for the homeless, mentally ill and developmentally disabled
• An outreach program for those who are “disengaged” from the mainstream, called “Stand Together for America.”
• Emergency responses to disasters, such as donating 100,000 gallons of bottled water to people downstream from a chemical spill in West Virginia.

Charles Koch has called the network “the most effective movement in history for helping people improve their lives and making the world a better place.” He believes that government regulations and welfare have held poor people back from success.

According to Jennifer Stefano, Koch Network official, the program wants to “turn your passion into profit by helping other people be successful, to not just tell them about the economy…but to show them that we want them to economically thrive, and how to do it.”

The budget for this program and all other donations for the coming year, including the 2016 election, is $889 million. The sum is distributed among many groups and many causes, including politics in the upcoming presidential race.

Charles Koch is co-owner, chairman of the Board, and CEO of Koch Industries. His brother, David, is Executive Vice President. They inherited the business from their father, Fred C. Koch. The brothers each own 42% of the conglomerate, and David’s net worth is said to be $44.3 billion as of December, 2015. Koch Industries, which originally consisted of oil refineries and chemicals, has branched out to include fertilizers, pollution control equipment, minerals and more.

They heavily donate to the Republican Party and its candidates, and co-founded the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank located in Washington, DC.

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Nobilis Health: How To Select A Good Healthcare Management Company

Are you looking for a dependable healthcare management company? Wondering why Nobilis Health is considered one of the most reputable and reliable healthcare management companies around? Choosing a healthcare management is not something to be taken lightly, so you need to be sure you choose the right company. There are many companies out there offering healthcare development and healthcare management services and facilities. But it is always a good idea to find out about the different companies that provide services in this industry before making a decision. When it comes to selecting a highly reliable company for healthcare related issues, look no further than Nobilis Health – a renowned healthcare management company. Nobilis Health has actually been around for years, and the company has a terrific credibility in the market. The business deals with just the very best specialists readily available. Nobilis Health gets raving evaluations from clients, customers and other operations they handle. If you wish to find out more about Nobilis Health, merely visit their website and have a look around. Nobilis Health is certainly a fantastic business to relate to. Nobilis Health is the single source services for offering all-inclusive surgeon services in outpatient surgical care and radiology. Their strength depends on the long-term relationships they have developed with their healthcare facility partners and their medical and proficient staff. Their provider and patient retention rates are among the industry’s highest, giving stability for their clients’ programs and strengthening their track record for meeting and surpassing our clients’ needs. Nobilis Health is a clear choice for any person who is searching for the very best health care management comapny. Nobilis Health works with physicians in getting or managing ambulatory surgery centers and healthcare facilities in the United States. Nobilis Health has and handles intense care and ambulatory centers to render affordable healthcare services. They have 9 healthcare centers in Arizona and Texas; one healthcare facility, an urgent care center, two MRI centers, and five ambulatory surgery centers of which one is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, one in Dallas, Texas, and 3 in Houston, Texas. The Company’s subsidiaries consist of Willowbrook Imaging, LLC, Athas Health, LLC, Spring Northwest Management, GRIP Medical Diagnostics, and Spring Northwest Operating, to name a few. Once you have Nobilis Health on your side you can rest assured that your healthcare issues and needs are in good hands.