Steve Ritchie Heard All Kinds Of Stories

Papa John’s is a relatively young company, having been founded in 1984. The first Papa John’s was made out of a broom closet that was connected to a tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The business became a success. Eventually, it became widespread, with numerous franchises opening up.

There are pizza snobs out there who say that pizza from Papa John’s isn’t “real pizza.” These types of people tend to really be on their high horse. First of all, how good pizza is totally depends on what a person likes. Each person likes something different. Secondly, opinions are not facts—people tend to forget this.

Ever since the beginning of the company, Papa John’s has been employing people ever since. Some of these people have become the company’s leaders. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is an example of how 98% of the leaders in the company come from entry level jobs. When he started working for the company, he was a low-paid customer service person. After staying with the company for 10 years, he became a franchises owner. About 11 years after that he became the CEO. Steve Ritchie is an inspirational figure for those who are in the lower paid positions at Papa John’s. He is an example of how far people can go in the company.

In the summer of 2018, Steve Ritchie went on a mission to improve relations between himself and the people who are employed at Papa John’s locations. Also, another objective of this mission was to improve relations between Papa John’s and its customer base. It is very important to go out on the field, talk to people and experience things. Different approaches must be taken in order to make Papa John’s grow into the best that it can be.

Many things were found out by going to these locations. For example, Steve Ritchie found out that the people who worked for the franchises cared about their communities enough to put up charitable efforts. He also found out how gun-ho people were to do their jobs at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie heard stories of people trying to do their best. See this Twitter status post from Papa John’s.

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The Power Of Professional Societies Explained By Robert Ivy

If you were to sit down and have a prolonged conversation with Robert Ivy, you’d likely come away from that conversation believing in the importance of architecture in our daily lives. Robert Ivy is the President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and he has been a loud voice pushing for the importance of the work that they are doing. Ivy knows as well as anyone that breaking into a professional field can be almost impossible and that sometimes the simplest paths are the hardest ones. That is why Robert Ivy has become an advocate for the role that professional societies play in getting educated workers into the fields that they have spent years becoming professionals in. Let’s take a look at the role that the AIA can play in the careers of burgeoning architects.

The first thing that you need to know is that a professional society, or institution, is not the same as an internship or a classroom experience. Professional societies take professional-ready workers and they put them into situations that will increase their likelihood of a prolonged career while also improving their chances of succeeding in said career. In fact, many people are looking at professional societies as a logical stepping stone in between education and a full-time career. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

At a professional society like the American Institute of Architects, the first benefit that members will derive is that they are constantly surrounded by professionals working in their chosen field. Ask any career professional what is important and they’ll give you two answers: how good you are at your job and who you know. Your education will prepare your talent for your career but the networking that a professional society can offer will give you the final pieces that you need in order to capitalize on your hard work.

Additionally, professional societies give their organizing members a chance to reap important benefits later on in their career. Robert Ivy points out that architectures are relatively small in number and that means that they can’t stand up to all of the expensive political lobbying done by other special interests. What they can do, Ivy points out, is organize around a specific message so that they can make sure that their words are heard by the right people and in the way that they want those words perceived. Ivy believes that institutes like the AIA give power to future professionals.

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The great benefits you can get from Infinity Group Australia

Great entrepreneurs know that the success of a company mainly depends on those who founded it. Having knowledge and being experienced is the best way to ensure a company becomes successful. If the founders of a company are knowledgeable and experienced then they can work with the employees and the results will be positive. Infinity Group Australia is a company that has proved this statement to be true. The company is based in Bella Vista and has been on the market for the last six years. It is already changing how customers receive financial services. Their primary goal is to deliver services that are helpful to their customers. They want to help customers to achieve their financial goals, and they have already succeeded in doing it. The leaders are experienced, and they have learned a lot in the years they have been in the market.




Graeme Holm is the leading professional behind the success of this company. The dream of the founder to assist others in achieving financial success started when holm was working in the financial sector. While working for other financial companies, he realized that most of the families in Australia were struggling to pay their debts. He also noted that the financial firms were not fully committed to helping these families deal with such challenges. Clients do not get the best deals from these companies. Graeme was inspired to start an organization that would deal with such problems. He wanted to help Australians by reducing their debts, creating wealth and managing their finances. That is how Infinity Group Australia started, and it has helped many people.




The financial sector is a competitive one, and Graeme Holm had to come up with innovative services to make his company stand out from the crowd. He decided to incorporate a financial coach who helps a client to achieve financial goals. Graeme is experienced because he has been in the financial sector for many years. He uses the experience he has acquired in the industry to run his company. When you check Infinity Group Australia reviews, you will realize that the company has been making customers happy. There many positive reviews about the company. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia reviews show that this is one of the best companies to work with right now. It has the best customer service, and it is concerned with the long-term goals of the customer. The success rate of the company stands at near 100 percent.


Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties and is looking to expand his business throughout Asia, starting in China. The businessman sees China as a big opportunity with their rising economy, along with seeing the potential in making his business more known to Asia. The DAMAC owner believes diversity is one of their biggest values and bringing different ideas together, as well as blending these together. At the company, they have 77 different nationalities working with them that show their huge diversity. Hussain Sajwani does not follow today’s political climate and is only concerned about his business.

The individual looks to grow DAMAC Properties over time and if politics have any effect on the company or the market they work in, the company is prepared to adjust and adapt. They are not interested in being involved in any negative publicity or energy. According to Saudi Projects, Hussain Sajwani understood business at a young age and knew that he had a knack for it and created DAMAC Properties. The founder sees DAMAC expanding throughout the world and work in other markets. The entrepreneur credits the entire team for the success of his business and agrees that every single person contributes, not just one team. Creative thinking is encouraged throughout his company and staying healthy to maximize thinking. Hussain Sajwani also believes in the power of social media and uses it frequently. He believes that growing an audience over social media can help add appeal and sell products, as well as getting their name out more. It also allows the company to be seen in depth. The founder loves helping people accomplish their dreams and seeing an idea come to life.

Hussain Sajwani notes that the biggest decision he made for DAMAC was going public, as they would have to change around a lot of things with their rules bringing more exposure, which could bring about negativity. The owner of DAMAC believes that the company has a great culture and they have a system in place that doesn’t hold anyone back but that gives them the tools to move up quick. Sajwani believes in the value of education, but he also notes that experience is a big part of it all. Networking with others is also important according to the DAMAC owner.

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Gareth Henry Contributes to the Rise of Fortress

In the year of 2011 on one June 15 morning, the Fortress Investment Group’s stock climbed by 2.4% upon Credit Suisse’s unexpected but pleasant decision to upgrade shares of FIG from its previous rating of neutral to the new rating of outperform. Credit Suisse attributed its decision to upgrade shares of FIG to several reasons.

First, the unsettling issues arising out of the firm’s handling of its principal compensation was made a moot issue by the arrival of a thorough resolution. Second, Fortress Investment Group has in plan a design to increase stock’s dividend, which would mean that investors thereof would be receiving a yield more significant than 10% by 2012. Third, Fortress Investment Group had accumulated quite a substantial line of credit in the amount of $3.6 billion to make investments with should profitable trade opportunities suddenly presented itself, which should materialize from a foreseeable near-term market correction.

What’s more, Fortress Investment Group is in a wonderful position from which to profit from greater market regulations and a trend in refinancing created in the wake of all the bad deals made between 2005-2007 that undoubtedly will provide the Fortress Investment Group with a multitude of excellent investment opportunities.

The circumstances that led to Fortress Investment Group’s 2.4% climb in stock price was the result of the efforts of those inside the Fortress Investment Group that contributed to its thriving state of being. One such individual is Gareth Henry, one of a number of managing directors within the frim, who has contributed substantially by raising capital in international markets, for example, the European markets and the Middle Eastern markets not to mention the African markets and also by creating substantial ties to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and insurance companies.

Gareth Henry did his studies in actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and in due course and time graduated therefrom. Shortly thereafter he acquired a first-class honors degree from the Heriot University. Gareth Henry’s first employment was with Watson Wyatt in management research. Gareth Henry’s next employ was working for, Schroders, a money management firm, as a product manager in the multi-asset class group. Then in 2007, Gareth Henry made the decision to join the Fortress Investment Group to which he has contributed substantially to its rise.

Professional associations that make Bruce Katzen standout.

Bruce Katzen has been practicing law for more than thirty years now. He has been able to do so by having a passion for the law and his commitment to clients which has seen him named best lawyer in corporate litigation by a number of publications. He currently practices in Miami but has worked with clients from all over given his credentials as both a lawyer and a financial expert. He is associated with a number of professional bodies that help in his practice of law. These include

The Florida Bar where he was admitted to in 1984 after completing his J.D. He is also a member of the Florida Bar, Federal Rules Committee. This is a committee that deals with the drafting of rules and/regulations that govern the practice of law within the state and the conduct of lawyers as they do so. They may also help in the interpretation of policies and regulations in cases where they are disputed. It’s one of the most powerful body for lawyers in Florida. He is the Chairperson of the Florida Bar committee on relations with CPA. Given his background as a CPA and his work in financial fraud, he is considered one of the most qualified individuals for the position. He has been able to transform the committee and bring its role to the forefront. Bruce Katzen is also a member of the Dade County Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association. Between 1991 and 1992 seven years after graduating from university, he was elected as the director of the Dade County Trial Lawyers Association. These professional associations are not only important for Bruce Katzen at a personal level, but also make him a better lawyer. He has been able to learn a lot from his association with them.

Investment Strategies Employed By Jim Toner

In the past years, the real estate market has undergone many changes with investors attaining improved gains on their capitals. While there are increased chances of registering success in the sector, it is critical to note that investors are also exposed to some problems. There is thus the need to take calculated risks and have practical investment skills. Jim Toner is an investment guru who has proved to possess the skills that are required for a breakthrough in the real estate sector. For the past two decades, he has ventured in different real estate markets that saw him receive the National Leadership Award in 2005. Currently, he offers coaching services that intend to pass his experience and skills to other investors.

Through remaining committed and innovative in the sector, he has managed to overcome many problems. The entrepreneur can be defined as being passionate and committed to improving the quality of life of the society members and his clients. The real estate investor employs different avenues such as motivational talks, radio shows and routine publications to educate people on ways of creating wealth. His insights and strategies have been featured in the Napoleon Hill Foundation, ABC, Fox News and CBS. Using his skills and strategy, many investors have registered financial freedom. Many people come from different parts of the world to attend the training sessions in both Ohio and Indiana.

Jim Toner Impacts on the Society

According to, Jim Toner can be defined as having positively impacted on the society. Contrary to just making profits, he exhibits great passion and commitment to transform the lives of needy society members. He has paid great consideration to the housing problem facing veterans and homes families. Likewise, he has been an active member of the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation that runs a housing project to cater for the needs of marginalized groups. The activities have earned him a special place in the society as both leaders and community members easily identify with him. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) employees his extensive links with business leaders to address common problems like inadequate and unaffordable housing. Many families and investors can attribute their success to his coaching services to wealth creation.

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Ryan Seacrest: An American Sweetheart

Many people are extremely surprised to learn that Ryan Seacrest has struggled with weight in his youth. He has dazzled his way into our hearts through his involvement in such shows as American Idol and has always maintained a reputation as an extremely fit and athletic guy. In fact, he is known as one of the more fit TV personalities in the industry. He currently travels a great deal for his role on ABC’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” often jetting back and forth between New York City and L.A. He has also worked on programs such as “On Air with Ryan,” and has a fashion line: Ryan Seacrest Distinction. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Ryan Seacrest is extremely proud of the charitable work he does through the Ryan Seacrest foundation, which works closely with journalism entities and provides internships in a variety of multimedia fields.

How Ryan Stays Fit

Ryan Seacrest’s fitness plan has many facets. First, he states that although he enjoys a nice filet with mushroom sauce every now and again, he is mostly vegan. However, on the weekends one of his favorite things to do is to enjoy a large, two-hour, family-style meal with his family and friends.

He also has a very hefty workout schedule. Ryan, a radio show host, states that he schedules his workout similar to how he schedules his professional meetings and, like his professional meetings, he makes sure now to cancel them except for emergencies. He loves to crank up some pop music as well as watch the news while he works out. Ryan Seacrest’s workout goal is to be in the gym five hours every week. However, depending on how well he is done on his diet he will often go for only four hours on a good week, or amp it up several hours if he has had a lot to eat. He (@ryanseacrest) focuses on doing a good deal of cardio, yet also incorporates low-impact items like yoga into his routine.


Gareth Henry displays global market knowledge and keen insight

Gareth Henry boasts an impressive resume. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree focused on actuarial studies from Heriot Park University in London in 2000, Henry went to work for Watson Wyatt in management research. A few years later he worked for UK based Schroders, a money management firm, as a product manager and also for SEI Investments in Philadelphia and London. Then in 2007 Henry joined US based Fortress Investment Group’s marketing team.

Gareth Henry made great strides at Fortress becoming Global Head of Investor Relations, Fortress Liquid Markets in January 2014 after 6.5 years as Head of their International Investor Relations department.

In 2010 Gareth Henry was recognized as a “Rising Star” during Institutional Investor magazine’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards where Fortress achieved the Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year. “Rising Stars” are individuals considered to have demonstrable accomplishments that significantly impact the industry in a way that labels them future leaders. Gareth Henry made notable positive efforts raising capital in international markets. He also was especially instrumental in fostering client relations in the African, European, and Middle Eastern regions. His contributions in these areas were considered worthy of the prestigious Rising Star award.

In January, 2016 Henry joined New York based Angelo, Gordon & Co. as Director and Global Head of Investor Relations. Business Wire reported that Angelo, Gordon cited Henry’s vast global experience and ability to strengthen international relationships a powerful enhancement to their established world-class team. Gareth Henry was also slated for partner status in the firm.

Lawrence Schloss, President of Angelo, Gordon strongly expressed confidence in Henry’s experience with global clients and his ability to continue the firm’s goal of achieving maximum investor satisfaction.

In mid-2017 Henry expanded the firm’s real estate sector by creating a position that would oversee client service. Henry stated that he is committed to providing global investors the best service possible, emphasizing that professional investment management is made more effective with the support of top notch client service. Another new hire will focus on real estate marketing as well as client service efforts.

Ara Chackerian Would Like The United States To Have A Real Conversation About Suicide

Ara Chackerian is an investor who invests in early stage health care companies that look to disrupt the industry. He has been working to breakthrough the stigma of suicide by talking about it more. Chackerian finds it disturbing that more than 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year, yet the subject is treated with kid gloves. He feels that treating suicide this way has led to worldwide inaction and is disappointed that many organizations work to fight disease and deaths by other causes but don’t pay enough attention to suicide.


Ara Chackerian understands that talking about suicide is difficult, but he also knows that this is the only way that a solution can be found. While many celebrity suicides are highlighted and talked about in the media, the intricacies of the issue are never fully explored. Chackerian believes that it is crucial to shine a light on the issue and that not doing so would be a detriment to humankind. If there could more conversation surrounding the issue of suicide, it is very possible that people could be of help to their loved ones who suffer from depression and anxiety.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and investor who works out of San Francisco, California. A lot of his work involves helping out specific communities, and one of his passion projects is a sustainable teak farm located in Nicaragua named Limonapa Teak. Ara Chackerian mainly focuses on the health care industry and has many years of experience building successful companies in the sector. As the CEO and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, he works to help alleviate treatment-resistant depression and plans on continuing to do so. His company employs the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in order to help people, and he is working to bring more cutting edge technology into the world of health care. To see more checkout



Ara Chackerian has recently become more interested in digital health care and especially telemedicine. He believes that health care apps will play a large part in helping many people. As a person who is always seeking new solutions to issues that have plagued humanity for a long time, he hopes to be a part of making the changes he envisions come true.  Visit for more details


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