Shaygan Kheradpir at Coriant: The Kind of Comeback Story We Never Hear About, But Should


Drug scandals rock music legends and yet new albums eventually get released much to the excitement of fans. Corruption scandals tarnish politicians who often get reelected with landslide victories after public shaming. Sex scandals are common among televangelists & a myriad of woes often plague those who are famous for just being famous, were looking at you Kardashians. Its not unusual for one who has been surrounded by scandal, dissension and controversy to come back better than ever, we are used to that in this country. Its isn’t often, however, in the world of finance and big business to hear about a major comeback for a shining star who left the public eye surrounded by a air of controversy, but that is exactly what is happening with well-known CEO Shaygan Kheradpir who, after his tumultuous tenure at Juniper Networks last year has now found a new, and seemingly happier home with optical transport giant Coriant. It seems like a marriage made in heaven and for good reason, Kheradpir is the best at what he does and at Coriant he is stepping into a role that has already been filled with decisive and strong leadership, and is ready to bring his fresh and lively perspective to make a great company even better.

Shaygan Kheradpir, isn’t stepping into his new job with is eyes closed however, this time he has been working closely with the parent company of Coriant, Marlin Equity Partners as their operating executive and has been closely connected to the day to day operations of the man who he is succeeding, Pat DiPietro, who moves to position of vice chairman along with a return to his previous role as operating partner at Marlin. Kheradpir who has over 28 years as a high ranking executive in the fields of telecom, financial services, and technology, is more than qualified to lead Coriant into a new age where the need for instant information access is more crucial than ever.

Kheradpir has also worked at Barclay’s, Verison and GTE with success following him at every stop. He is known for being a bit aggressive in his strategy, often to the disagreement with those under him who have become used to the status quo, this is what is necessary though to take what is not working and turn it around and to take what is good and make it great. At Coriant, his role will be a bit of a challenge but not one that he is shying away from. He is charged with helping to grow the company in a market that is filled with a large number of established vendors. The goal at is to become a vendor who brings a new mindset to handling large customers and data carriers. The end game is position the company in a way that it is the predominate provider of packet-optical systems.

There are some who may be questioning the choice of Coriant for their new CEO and Board Chairman, but truth be told there is none better to bring the new vision of the company to fruition. Kheradpir has a proven track record of success and all things point to his tenure at Coriant being not only a long one, but one that will bring more accolade to both him and the organization. Its a comeback story we don’t often hear, but its one that if anyone can pull off its a man who has made a career of steering comebacks for the corporations he heads.

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Michael Zomber Speaks About Japanese Metal Swords

Swords have long been used for many purposes. People have used swords in order to defend themselves in combat. They have also used swords as objects of beauty and elegance. Today, swords are mostly used for various kinds of sporting competitions. People also collect swords from contemporary sources as well as from specific periods of history. One person who loves swords of all kinds is Michael Zomber. Zomber is one of the world’s experts on Japanese swords. Ancient Japanese culture was one that valued the creation of elaborate and intricate swords of all kinds. During this time frame, those who made such swords wished to not only use them in combat but also to have them admired as works of impressive art.

His Love Of This Time

Ancient Japan was a highly isolated society. Despite being fairly close to the rest of Asia and societies such as China and Korea, the Japanese rulers of the time opted to decide to keep their citizens away from such places. They thus created conditions in which it was possible and easy for them to develop an indigenous society that was devoted to the creation of metal objects of all kinds including such swords. Zomber is someone who has helped lend his many skills to those in need of his help in learning about this particular time frame. He has spent many years studying the work they did back then to fully understand how they were able to create such objects on their own.

His own World

Zomber has fully placed himself in this world and helped bring it to life in many varied ways. He looks to the ways of the Samurai and writes about them both for his own pleasure and for the use of his many fans. His works about this time frame include novels that show people exactly how such swords were created and what they were used for by the experts of the day. This is why so many people have turned to him for help in understanding exactly what it was that made such items so perfectly wonderful.

A Successful Financier and His Company

David Osio, a successful financier, went to school at the Catholic University (Andres Bello), which is one of the top universities in Latin America (and also in Venezuela). He specialized in international banking law at the school, and was part of its prestigious advanced management program. His career got off to a great start in 1981, and he began to work as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprise, which is responsible for coffee exports. He also began a career as executive at LETCO Commercial Companies, which structures marketing programs for industrial products in the United States.

In 1984, David Osio joined the company MGO, which is a law firm in Caracas, and which specializes in banking law, his specialty. While at MGO, Osio was in charge of corporate clients, including Ferro Corporation, Consolidated Bank, and many others. Pretty soon, he was promoted to private banking division at Banco Latino International, which is in Miami, and he moved to the United States to fulfill his duties there. After two years with BLI, he became Vice President. He was responsible for overseeing customer portfolios, which increased in value and strengthened his bank while he was serving as leader there.

In 1993, Osio began life again as a financier, this time starting his own business, Davos Financial Group. This Venezuelan business provided financial advice for a select group of clients. Since the company’s initial success in Venezuela, Osio has expanded to include companies in Geneva, Miami, New York, and Panama.

His objective as a manager is to serve as a boutique for top clients, which in turn help the business to grow. Because Osio has trained with the Swiss Bank Corporation and with the American Banking Association, he is able to do this easily. His companies hold diverse investment platforms and work with brokers around the world, too, making his companies very competitive in what they do for their clients. Osio has been loyal to standards of the highest quality, and he and his staff have also been investigative in new scenarios that benefit their clients in the financial sector, enabling them to bring in much new clientele over the years.

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ClassDojo Success Story: A Sit in With The Founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don.

ClassDojo is a communication platform where teachers and parents meet, usually daily to track the performance of students and identify, empower the future development of kids. This ambitious app dates back to 2011 when the founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don took a pragmatic approach to organizing some face-time with parents, teachers, and students. The next phase was the launching of the app.

The app is now used in more than 180 countries, and 2 in 3 schools in the US embrace this technology. To date, ClassDojo has managed to raise venture capital of approximately $31 million.
Chaudhary, 30, the co-founder of ClassDojo had a sit-in with his newspaper to open up about their tech firm, education technology, and student privacy. Here are the key pointers from the sit-in:
The beginning

ClassDojo started out as a system for parents to get feedback from teachers regarding students. However, it has now transformed into a communication platform. It pretty much works like the social media but in a unique way. The teachers get the app, add the class list and later invite parents. The teacher in return shares vital information about the student’s progress. Data can be shared utilizing pictures or videos of activities the student is undertaking.

Student privacy
Student privacy concerns are by no means contagious issues when it comes to ClassDojo. The owners have always put forth three things into perspective: control, security, and privacy. They are quite clear that inseminated information is for the parents, and they get to decide what to do with it. They can delete it, change it or remove it altogether. There is no sharing or passing on of information whatsoever.

Money back
Chaudhary said that money has never been the motive since they launched the ClassDojo app. The philosophy has always been a free for all to use an app. But with time some premium features may be added for people to pay for.

Measurement of performance
The use of the ClassDojo is purely up to teachers and parents. For teaching staff, the district has catered for it so using it is not a problem. The aim of the founders is to ensure that as many people as possible use the app to create a positive culture in classroom and schools. They achieve this by creating engaging videos with discussion guides to attract more students, parents, and teachers.

Chaudhary’s teaching experience
Chaudhary was taught from the onset that a classroom was more of a community than a competitive setup. He grew up with the philosophy that a classroom is some form of symbiotic relationship where if one person doesn’t understand a concept, he should get help from another party and vice versa.

Creating the avatar monsters
Chaudhary says that the idea of setting up the avatar monsters was a fluke. The initial version was empty boxes, and they didn’t want to put in pictures of kids. That’s how the avatar monsters came to play, and everyone came to like it. They’ve never looked back.

Plans for the next decade
The primary strategy and mission of ClassDojo are to empower parents, teachers and students to change education system from the ground up. A growth mindset is an accurate reflection of that future. If this school concept is taken positively and embraced on the entire globe, that would be a great achievement for ClassDojo.



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George Soros Warn Of UK Recession Upon EU Exit

George Soros has been very vocal about how an exit of the UK from the EU would have an impact on the economy of the Europe, and he is warning again today in an article in USA Today. He is concerned that the economy of the country could start to bend because of an exit, and there would be a lot of problems with currency and overall trade. A referendum on the topic is occurring in the UK, and George Soros does not want to see the country throw the rest of the world into a financial crisis.

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George Soros – News, Articles, Biography, Photos

‘The EU Is on the Verge of Collapse’—An Interview

George Soros is familiar with how world economies work, and he has even made a lot of money trading on the British pound. He knows what it takes to have a healthy economy, and he does not want to see the economy come grinding to a halt just because there are some people who do not want to be a part of the EU anymore. He prefers to make sure that all the people who are going to be investing let their friends know that exiting the EU is a major problem.

He knows that many in the UK do not look at the economy the way that he does, but a fracturing of the relationship between the nations of the EU and the UK would further serve to make trade very hard. Volume would go down, and that is why George Soros is issuing such a stern warning. He knows that there are a lot of people who do not see what they would be doing to the economy, and he is going to the press to make his voice heard. There is a lot of educating that needs to go on if George Soros is to have his way, and he hopes that reason prevails as he fights against a loss of stability in the world economy.

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Beneful – A New Kind Of Premium Dog Food

PurinaStore Beneful has been producing quality dog food for many years. The premium dog food market has been increasing their choices and quality. They have become even more popular throughout the years, and many dog owners are finding that they don’t mind spending the extra cash to ensure that their dogs are getting high end, quality dog food. Studies have shown that dogs that eat premium dog food that includes natural ingredients and more of their ancestral type diet live a healthier and happier life. Beneful starts with a dry dog food blend and offers different types of dog food that are suitable for your pooch. Now they have plenty of varieties available on supermarkets like Walmart and pet supplies stores.
The Beneful Original blend is packed with quality protein like chicken, beef or salmon depending on what your dog likes. They include vegetables that are baked into each kibble that you can see, so you know that your dog is getting the nutrients that it needs. The original blend is good for dogs that don’t have any known health issues and just need a balanced diet.

Beneful Healthy Weight is geared more towards overweight animals or breeds that tend to become overweight. They offer a conscious calorie blended with chicken and vegetables that ensure your dog is getting the proper nutrients needed to thrive, but also keeping a check on their weight so they can sustain a healthy, energetic life.

Healthy Puppy is for growing puppies that need the extra nutrients and ingredients to grow into a health adult puppy. It includes DHA which is essential for healthy brain and eye development in a young puppy. They also blend in much needed vegetables that are most definitely essential for puppies to thrive.

Many breeds are naturally energetic and need extra calories to give them the energy they need. That’s where Playful Life comes into effect. It has real beef and egg, which is packed with energy producing protein to ensure that your dog has the energy to do their job and stay active all day. Vegetables are also baked into each kibble to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition along with protein to thrive for many years.

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David Osio’s Management Style

As the Chief Executive Officer of the advisory group independent companies; Davos Financial Group, David has used his hands-on business management skills to steer expansion and its growth. His unique management style has taken the Davos Financial Group to high-income levels and enhanced the company’s geographical expansion into not only local but intentional markets as well. Through his hard work and get-things-done management style has boosted the opening of new strategic offices in Geneva, New York, Panama City, Lisbon, and Miami.

To his credit, David Osio has spearheaded the success of Davos Financial Group; an inclusive financial services company which offers, in collaboration with other independent and licensed firms, customized services which meet the clients’ individual needs. In effect, the personalized services have guaranteed to the customers quality services, confidentiality, and investment platforms. By adopting the unique and professional management approach, David Osio has aided the Davos Financial Group to be a financial epitome which offers customized services through the various independent licensed companies.

Strategies that are of primary concern to Osio are; portfolio structuring and asset management, tax and corporate planning, banking services, and successful planning. All these concerns that Osio ensures that Davos Financial Group complies with for its growth and expansion strategies has not only made Osio stand tall among his peer leaders but has also brought him many accolades and recognition world over. Among the awards that Osio has amassed are; Medal of Honor to the Merit of Congress, Certificate of recognition and the flag of the United States, which he both won in 2012, South Florida Business Leader in 2009 and Movers and Shakers 2009 award that honor the future business leaders in South Florida business community. Following these awards, Osio commands proper respect in the business world and quite often receives congratulations from world top business leaders. A point in case is in 20123 when Thomas J. Egger, the Managing Partner and CEO Parkview, applauded Osios efforts which have made him be a high achiever.

To become a strategic leader, David Osio studied Intentional Banking Law from Universidad Catolica Andre’s Bellon 1989 to 1994. The study of law enabled Osio to gain useful knowledge and skills in due diligence, marketing strategies, business planning, leadership, private equity, capital market asset management, financial modeling, and investment strategy and portfolio management. Indeed it these skills that David Osio learned shaped his leadership personality.


China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro

Magic Mike XXL Brings Actress to the Forefront

When Magic Mike XXL was released last year, all eyes were on Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer (sans Matthew Mcconaughey) who both chose to reprise their roles. Even though the sequel to Magic Mike did not fare as well at the box office as the original, it still managed to enable a few talents to debut their acting savvy.

The female cast of Magic Mike XXL included Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell, Carrie Ann Hunt, and Crystal Hunt.

For Jada Pinkett her role on Magic Mike XXL was an easy one that resembled a character very much like the one she plays on the hit TV series, “Gotham.” Amber Heard’s acting in the film was not too much of a stretch of acting skills as her character Zoe has the same personality traits as the soon to be ex of Johnny Depp. Although it was very nice to see Andie MacDowell on the big screen again, her character as a rich and very lonely southern cougar was so unbelievable that it was torture to watch.

Most of the actresses in Magic Mike XXL left much to be desired with their mediocre acting skills and blase’ characters. However, for one actress particular the small role merited much acclaim and praise- Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt is best known for her long standing soap opera roles on Guiding Light and One Life to Live. She also can be seen in a movie where she starred along side, Amanda Bynes- Sydney White. But other than a few small roles and guest appearances here and there, the public has never really witnessed the acting savvy of Crystal Hunt until she took on the role of Lauren in Magic Mike XXL.

The fact that Crystal Hunt garnered a vast amount of high-acclaim from such as small role, speaks volumes of her potential to become an A-list actress. However, most recently Crystal has been exploring another side of films and movies as she is now serving as the executive producer for the horror flick, Talbot County.

If her acting is so exceptional in such a limited role as Lauren in Magic Mike XXL, we can only expect her producing to be just that much more outstanding. We can only hope that we have not forever lost such a great acting talent to the other side of the camera as Crystal Hunt leaves us yearning to see her spread her wings in larger, more diverse acting roles in the future.  Check out her official website, and be sure to follow Crystal on Facebook.

Marc Sparks Establishes Spark Tank With The Objective Of Creating Social Success

Spark Tank emerged from the need to recognize and fund out of the box ideas that may have social success. The objective of Spark Tank is to reap maximum social benefits from the community through funding grants and enhancing accountability from the funded organizations.

Marc Sparks and Lynne founded the company. Through Spark Tank, social services executives having an entrepreneurial spirit are asked to present their ideas, especially those that are aimed at creating social success.

Applicants should apply by July 15, 2016. They should use the online portal to submit their applications. All applications shall be reviewed carefully. Only three successful applicants shall be chosen. These finalists will be obligated to present their ideas in person.

In August 2016, a qualified Spark Tank panel shall sit and listen to the ideas put forward by each of the finalist for a maximum of 10 minutes. This shall be followed by a question and answer session, which will also carry a maximum of 10 minutes for each finalist.  Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Any interested applicant must be a 501c3 organization having a minimum of 2 years history. In addition, the united way charities, faith based institutions, national charities and political action committees shall not be eligible to apply.

However, faith based institutions created for nonreligious purposes are free to apply. Animal and human services as well as the arts are qualified to apply. This information was originally reported on Spark Tank’s website as posited in the following link

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur. He believes that he has not been able to achieve success through luck but by working hard. In his book, They Can’t Eat You, Marc has outlined his journey to success. This way, he is able to encourage others to follow a similar path.

The book is available on Amazon. Through his book, many people have been able to enter the business world. Besides writing about his successes and failures, Marc has provided crucial tips on how businesses can be successful. The serial entrepreneur has multitude of businesses to his name.

As a venture capitalist, Marc has been offering startup companies with funds, especially those that seem like they are headed for greater success. Irrespective of the risks involved, Marc has had tremendous success as a venture capitalist. Marc believes that every person can be successful. He is also engaged in philanthropic activities. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

In the past, Marc has donated to an initiative that seeks to aid youths secure a high school diploma. Besides donating money, Marc volunteers his time. He has been involved in building houses for the needy through the Habitat for Humanity.

Marc also volunteers at The Samaritan Inn, which is a shelter for homeless animals based in Dallas, Texas.

Madison Street Capital COO Receives Industry Honor

The Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala was recently recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The 40 under Forty program recognizes those under the age of forty for their extraordinary contributions in advancing the field. This includes advancements is business valuation, litigation consulting, expert witness testimony, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions and other related fields.

Those chosen to receive this honor are selected by the NACVA Executive staff and the judges reported that they felt “overwhelmed with the quality of candidates which made the decision-making process very difficult.” The honorees were chosen from more than 125 nominees.

“The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute are founded on excellence, superior quality, and the spirit of pioneering with visionary leaders across all spectrum of the accounting and financial consulting professions regardless of affiliation with NACVA and the CTI. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was designed to give voice and opportunity to the next generation of industry mavericks recognizing their contributions to the profession, their communities, and their contributions yet to come,” states Brien K. Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for NACVA and the CTI.

This is one of the highest honors in the industry and Mr. Marsala and the other honorees to be named to the 40 under forty list should be held high regard in their respective fields.

Madison Street Capital, which was founded in 2005, is an investment banking firm providing its clients a wide variety of services including business valuation, financial opinions and valuation for the purpose of financial reporting among other services.

Madison Street Capital provides advisory services for clients interested in mergers and acquisitions by providing a true understanding of the value of the company. This a necessary first step in any merger and acquisition and provides a clear picture of the companies present state and future prospects.

With offices in North America, Asia and Africa is a leading advisory firm that possesses the relationships, knowledge and experience to unite potential buyers and sellers and match parties with the most appropriate form of financing for the client.

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