Beware of the Risky AirBNB “Make Money” Plan

Richard Blair runs Wealth Solutions. Among his duties is to provide people with solid advice on how to preserve their capital. There are quite a few ways to make money and save it. AirBNB presents an intriguing offer to make money the easy way. In a thoughtful article, Richard Blair has a few warnings for those who are thinking about taking advantage of AirBNB’s services. While the deal seems good, the outcome may be a total disaster.

The way AirBNB works is pretty simple. If you have a room or even just a couch in your home or apartment, AirBNB handles the booking of the accommodations through an online platform. Homeowners could rent to three or four people a night and make a lot of money. Or so they think. There are serious considerations to think about when renting via AirBNB.

Risk is always going to be present to one degree or another when renting out rooms. With AirBNB, the renters are looking for an alternative to a motel room. They have no interest in long-term commitments to the property. As such, they could cause damage and refuse to pay. Also, bringing in a cavalcade of different people in and out of a home opens the door to consistent risk. Remember, the homeowner may end up being liable for any injuries caused by the guests. This leads to the next issue of concern.

A homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover liabilities related to AirBNB rentals. The policy currently in place could contain language that clearly excludes coverage on renters. This is an extremely serious matter because all of one’s personal safety net could be destroyed. Bankruptcy may be in the future of the AirBNB landlord.

AirBNB does have a protection system in place, but do not rely on it. The protection may be woefully inadequate in major situations.

Following the advice of Richard Blair and being leery about AirBNB as a way to make money might be the best strategy. Richard Blair is a registered business advisor, which means his professional duty is to give reliable financial advice. If he is raising red flags about AirBNB, then maybe the “make money easy” strategy is not so easy.

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Wealth Solutions: Insurance and Other Considerations When Renting on Airbnb

Many people seek various avenues in their pursuit of wealth. Many people rent out their house on Airbnb to earn some extra money. Some people do it to earn revenue from their homes and maybe pay the mortgage while others rent out to accommodate guests in their extra rooms.

Renting out your home may seem like a good income earning venture. However, when you review the risks involved and the legal implications of such a venture, you may have to reconsider renting out your property. Expert reports have shown that it is easy for homeowners to find themselves covering expenses, from unexpected events, bigger than money received from their tenants.

Tenants may cause damages to properties in a home or to the house itself. Most home insurance plans do not cover damages made by tenants. This may lead to the owner of the house having to pay for damages caused to their property themselves and being involved in lawsuits with clients who may default payment and go to rent disputes.

This risk calls for better investment solutions other that renting out on Airbnb. Richard Blair from Wealth Solutions is there to rescue you from your financial and investments captivity. He owns and runs the Austin-based company that specializes in offering you customized investment advice.

Richard Blair, through his company, offers advice on funds information, financial planning, and advisory services on other activities for wealthy individuals. Wealth Solutions has been operational for over 22 years and have offered their services to many individuals and businesses.

Richard Blair owns numerous other companies that he uses to provide similar investment services to clients and help them attain their financial and investment goals. These companies include United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group, and Crownbridge Wealth.

Richard Blair has extensive expertise in areas of taxation, insurance, and employee benefits among others. He manages over $55 million worth of assets. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions performs deep research, creates a recommended investment plan, and helps investors execute foolproof investment plans.

Wealth Solutions services and investment strategies are time tested and proven. The company employs the latest technology to be able to provide innovative solutions to their clients.

Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Huston with a degree in finance and financial management. He is married and has three kids. He likes to spend his free time exercising, playing golf, and cheering his kids at sporting activities. Learn more:

Tips That Can Help Upstart Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Online Reputation

The significance of online reputation should not be downplayed. The online Reputation Defender of your business greatly influences how successful your entrepreneurship career will be. There are certain tips, which can help upcoming businesses to attain a positive online reputation. What’s more, you can do this without the help of reputation management firms. These are some tips that can work for you
Be Proactive

This is all about adopting a hands-on approach towards the management of your firm’s online reputation. Research shows that more than ninety percent of businesses hire reputation management firms once they realize that they have negative results on search sites such as Google. By then, a lot of damage will already be done. Pro-activity may entail ensuring that search results have positive information about you. You should not wait for your reputation to be spoil before you embark on a charm offensive mission.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media is the most powerful communication tool today. You must fully harness the potential that it has by creating an aura of positivism about your firm, and the products that you sell. Having numerous active social media accounts will get people talking about you. This will ultimately boost your perceptibly on search engines. This way, your reputation is guaranteed.

Update Your Sites Updated

Many entrepreneurs overlook this aspect. You should ensure that your websites are up-to-date. You should similarly create interesting content and videos about your activities. Posting such info online keeps your website relevant. Experts recommend that you update your blog sites and websites at least once every week. Interesting content will drive more traffic towards your website. This goes a long way in helping you have a good online reputation. In line with this, ensure that you have several domains. To optimize your brand, make sure that the domain names bears the name of your company.


Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Gives Back to Others

Bob Reina is making a huge difference when it comes to helping small business owners achieve their dreams of a successful business. He is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing solution company. They offer various video products such as Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings, which are all user-friendly and affordable. These products are also compatible on all mobile devices. Bob developed these products with the consumer in mind as a way to give back to his community.

With Talk Fusion, Bob guarantees that your business or non-profit will get noticed and you will have more sales and customers than ever before. He believes in your business and wants to help you spread the message about what you have to offer. Bob has the strongest commitment of giving back than anyone else at the company. In fact, he recently started a program where Talk Fusion Associates can donate one free charity account to any charity of their choosing. This charity will then have full access to all of the wonderful things Talk Fusion has to offer. This is a great opportunity that many seem to be very fond about.

Using Talk Fusion’s video products are simple. All you need to do is record a video and upload it to the Talk Fusion portal. You will have the opportunity to customize it to your liking or even use one of the many templates available to you. From there, you can insert the video into an email. What makes Talk Fusion unique is the fact that people can open and play the video right in the email rather than the video opening in another page or website. It is all about convenience and spreading your message smoothly to encourage growth of your company.

With these video products, you can easily send a video out to promote upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, send reminders to co-workers, or even spread the word about an upcoming charity or animal adoption event. The possibilities are truly endless. Try out Talk Fusion for a 30-day free trial and see what these products can do for you.

Hedge Fund Billionaire George Soros Made A $400 million Investment in Barrick Gold

When George Soros opens his mouth, people listen. They should listen. The eighty-five-year-old, Hungarian-born philanthropist is considered the smartest investor in the world. Sure, there are hedge fund managers that will dispute that claim, but none of those hedge fund players have made big moves like Soros except for Kyle Bass in 2008. But Bass isn’t in the same class as George Soros. Soros is in a class of his own, and he proved that recently when he started trading again. The Soros Management Fund is the Soros family fund. The Fund is closed to outside investors. The Soros Fund has more than $30 billion in assets, and it gets bigger every day. The fund got bigger a couple of months ago when Soros decided to buy shares in Barrick Gold worth nearly $400 million. That investment has already appreciated thanks to the spike in gold prices and the 55 percent increase in the value of Barrick Gold Shares.

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George Soros – CNBC

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The 19 million share stake in Barrick Gold was only the beginning of the Soros gold investment strategy. published an article that showed another $125 million Soros Fund stake in the SPDR Gold Trust. The Soros investment strategy may seem strange because the U.S. stock market is so strong at the moment. But according to Soros, that is a temporary situation. Stock markets around the globe are heading toward rough water, according to Soros, and he knows why. Soros has been very vocal about the fact that the Chinese banks are sinking in bad debt. The rush to switch from a manufacturing base economy to a consumer-based economy in China has created a bank nightmare, and the only way to wake from that nightmare is to use capital reserves and bail the banks out of that debt.

The other cause for alarm, according to Soros, is the mess that the European Union has created for itself. The Greek issue, the migration crisis, terrorism and fact that several members of the EU are in serious financial trouble is another reason Soros is investing in gold. It’s only a matter of time before these issues, along with the wars in the Middle East, throw the world into an economic drama that could last for years. Soros is moving his assets around now while he has the chance, and he’s not alone. Some of the largest hedge funds in the world are doing the same thing.

Soros has been predicting a global recession for the last six years, and it’s safe to say he thinks the world is on the verge of making that prediction a reality. George Soros and his family hedge fund are going to be prepared when that happens.

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Getting Expert Online Reputation Management

If you have noticed a trend on your website where you are not getting the visitor traffic that you used to get, it could very well be because of the fact that articles that you might have published two years ago are actually hurting your search engine results on the internet. What you might not realize is that old articles that are loaded with keywords or filler content could actually be hurting your company as opposed to helping it in the long run. To go through all of these articles is a pretty big task for any company owner who has a lot of other things to do than this and this is why it is a good idea to hire a company that specifically does this for a living.

This company is known as Bury Bad Articles and they are relatively new to the online reputation management scene however, they are also one of the best in the industry and they are taking the world by storm. What they can do for you is get rid of any of the bad articles that were once a problem for your company and help your search engine results get back to the way they need to be in order to get the visitor traffic you need. Bury Bad Articles is a great company to work with and they are able to work with you on a budget even if this is something you feel you might not be able to afford.

A great thing about working with an online reputation management company, is that they are also able to do all of this work for you so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Not many company owners have the extra time to put into reputation management on their online website and this is why they tend to hire a company that can do this for them. At least with this company, you know that you were working with the professionals who will do everything that they possibly can to change your life for the better in an easy and professional manner.

The Latest Top New York Real Estate Projects

New York has lately had a bustling real estate market. For June the projects on the verge of being launched have been big time office projects. The largest of them all is a million square foot project for Long Island City It is being brought to life by Tishman Speyer. The company filed permits for two connected tower projects.

Coming in second on the office development front is Thor Equities 654,103 project located on Red Hook’s water front. These two at the top represent the largest of the proposed projects. Three residential buildings are planned. There is one hotel in the works.

Tishman Speyer has another project besides their 27 story Long Island City project. At Three Gotham Center they have plans to build three residential rental buildings. With their partners H&R Real Estate Investment Trust Tishman Speyer was able to secure a 640 million dollar construction loan. The project is near another of their projects,2 Gotham Center.

A hotel project in the works is located at 12 East 48th Street in Manhattan. Hidrock Realty has undertaken the plan to build a 31 story hotel. There will be 161 guest rooms and retail space available on the ground floor. The hotel rooms will be on the 3rd through 29th floors.
In the space of five years Town Real Estate, specializing in NYC properties for rent, has established itself as a big time player when it comes to high end real estate development in New York City.

The firm’s culture is driven by its team of highly skilled professionals with a vast knowledge of experience in the real estate industry. Of the many accolades that has come Town’s way is that it has been voted one of the top 50 places to work in New York City.

Why You Need Online Reputation Service For Your Business

Over a year ago, one of the executives at Status Labs made a small mistake that almost cost the company their reputation. The owner of the company stepped in and immediately resolved the issue, and prevented any further damage. The experts at Status Labs took appropriate steps and ensured that the company’s reputation was not adversely affected.

Most people do not realize the negative impact a reputation crisis can have on a business or personal profile. People posting negative comments, derogatory comments on social media and forums, and a barrage of negative articles definitely can take a big toll on your organization or company, and you can end up losing a lot of valued customers and potential clients as a result. You can’t blame them because nobody wants to associate with a company that has a negative reputation.

As a business person or organization leader, it is imperative that you let the experts handle your reputation matters for you and resolved any damaging impact. Companies that operate without hassles, always protect their image and ensure that their reputation is top notch. They utilize the services of online reputation professionals to monitor conversations and online content, including reviews, blog posts, forum discussions and other social media messages.

When there is a threat or damaging information, reputation management and public relations professionals step in immediately to take care of the matter and protect their clients’ image and brand. They have systems in place that are designed to detect threats or devastating content, and then immediately take actions to mitigate damage and promote positive content.

Status Labs has a team of well-trained professionals who can help you deal with online threats and reputation issues. These professionals have great expertise in search engine optimization and digital publishing, which enables them to suppress negative content. Clients are impressed with the quality of service they receive from Status Labs.

To learn more about the vast range of ways that Status Labs help clients address reputation matters, visit their website, have a look around the various sections and then get in touch with them to schedule a consultation.

Find Status Labs on Facebook to learn more about the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir at Coriant: The Kind of Comeback Story We Never Hear About, But Should


Drug scandals rock music legends and yet new albums eventually get released much to the excitement of fans. Corruption scandals tarnish politicians who often get reelected with landslide victories after public shaming. Sex scandals are common among televangelists & a myriad of woes often plague those who are famous for just being famous, were looking at you Kardashians. Its not unusual for one who has been surrounded by scandal, dissension and controversy to come back better than ever, we are used to that in this country. Its isn’t often, however, in the world of finance and big business to hear about a major comeback for a shining star who left the public eye surrounded by a air of controversy, but that is exactly what is happening with well-known CEO Shaygan Kheradpir who, after his tumultuous tenure at Juniper Networks last year has now found a new, and seemingly happier home with optical transport giant Coriant. It seems like a marriage made in heaven and for good reason, Kheradpir is the best at what he does and at Coriant he is stepping into a role that has already been filled with decisive and strong leadership, and is ready to bring his fresh and lively perspective to make a great company even better.

Shaygan Kheradpir, isn’t stepping into his new job with is eyes closed however, this time he has been working closely with the parent company of Coriant, Marlin Equity Partners as their operating executive and has been closely connected to the day to day operations of the man who he is succeeding, Pat DiPietro, who moves to position of vice chairman along with a return to his previous role as operating partner at Marlin. Kheradpir who has over 28 years as a high ranking executive in the fields of telecom, financial services, and technology, is more than qualified to lead Coriant into a new age where the need for instant information access is more crucial than ever.

Kheradpir has also worked at Barclay’s, Verison and GTE with success following him at every stop. He is known for being a bit aggressive in his strategy, often to the disagreement with those under him who have become used to the status quo, this is what is necessary though to take what is not working and turn it around and to take what is good and make it great. At Coriant, his role will be a bit of a challenge but not one that he is shying away from. He is charged with helping to grow the company in a market that is filled with a large number of established vendors. The goal at is to become a vendor who brings a new mindset to handling large customers and data carriers. The end game is position the company in a way that it is the predominate provider of packet-optical systems.

There are some who may be questioning the choice of Coriant for their new CEO and Board Chairman, but truth be told there is none better to bring the new vision of the company to fruition. Kheradpir has a proven track record of success and all things point to his tenure at Coriant being not only a long one, but one that will bring more accolade to both him and the organization. Its a comeback story we don’t often hear, but its one that if anyone can pull off its a man who has made a career of steering comebacks for the corporations he heads.

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Michael Zomber Speaks About Japanese Metal Swords

Swords have long been used for many purposes. People have used swords in order to defend themselves in combat. They have also used swords as objects of beauty and elegance. Today, swords are mostly used for various kinds of sporting competitions. People also collect swords from contemporary sources as well as from specific periods of history. One person who loves swords of all kinds is Michael Zomber. Zomber is one of the world’s experts on Japanese swords. Ancient Japanese culture was one that valued the creation of elaborate and intricate swords of all kinds. During this time frame, those who made such swords wished to not only use them in combat but also to have them admired as works of impressive art.

His Love Of This Time

Ancient Japan was a highly isolated society. Despite being fairly close to the rest of Asia and societies such as China and Korea, the Japanese rulers of the time opted to decide to keep their citizens away from such places. They thus created conditions in which it was possible and easy for them to develop an indigenous society that was devoted to the creation of metal objects of all kinds including such swords. Zomber is someone who has helped lend his many skills to those in need of his help in learning about this particular time frame. He has spent many years studying the work they did back then to fully understand how they were able to create such objects on their own.

His own World

Zomber has fully placed himself in this world and helped bring it to life in many varied ways. He looks to the ways of the Samurai and writes about them both for his own pleasure and for the use of his many fans. His works about this time frame include novels that show people exactly how such swords were created and what they were used for by the experts of the day. This is why so many people have turned to him for help in understanding exactly what it was that made such items so perfectly wonderful.