Sujit Choudhry and The Intensive Work He Does For Various Governments

It is conventional modern wisdom to think that the more you have to lose in your life, the risky and more fragile you can become. Such is the nature of an individual, but that doesn’t only apply to people, but also to nation-states and companies. To make sure that issues like this don’t happen in nation-states, governments need the almost engineered expertise of people like Sujit Choudhry, the Founding Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions.

The United Nations Work

One of the most constructive contributions of Choudhry is being able to offer his expertise for the United Nations, and from that experience, he is now considered an internationally acclaimed expert in comparative and constitutional law. The politics in the world is constantly fluctuating, and the higher up you are in the system, the harder it is to deal with these political changes. The more these changes appear, the more necessary it seems for countries to need the help of people like Sujit Choudhry.

Most of the time of Sujit Choudhry is allocated in making sure that the expertise he offers is built from a serious set of networks and non-profit that deal with the current changes in the global political and economic market. He now uses the most modern constitutional templates, designs and programs to make sure that a country can deal with the political changes in the market today. With Choudhry’s expertise in federalism, decentralization, semi-presidential and transitional justice, it’s easy for governments to trust Sujit to help transition countries into the right constitutional structure. The expertise of Mr. Choudhry has also been acquired to help build the constitution of Canada.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is currently the established Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions (   He’s the man responsible for making sure that he can conceptualize, cultivate, design and pioneer the basic structure and format of a constitution that will respond to the local needs of the citizens and not the interests of those who want to intervene in the organic growth of the nation-state. Right now, he’s been able to work with more than 50 experts in various government and non-profit sectors, which include NGO’s and think tanks.

Connect with Choudhry, visit LinkedIn.

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The Unique Perceptions of Sujit Choudhry

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s interview with the CEOCFO Magazine has provided some new perceptions about his life, work and The Center for Constitutional Transitions.

When Professor Choudhry was asked for the reason on why he established The Center for Constitutional Transitions, Professor Choudhry explained that while he was going on about the usual rigors of his work he became aware that most governments around the world need advice on the correct way on how to build their respective constitutions (  At that time, there was no entity or organization to provide such service, so he took the opportunity to launch the center in order to fill the need.

He went on to say that since he was given a chance to finished his degree in law from three countries and because he was an immigrant, he had ample opportunities to see various legal and political surroundings from a different perspective that gave him the unique know-how, which cemented his professional success (

Afterward, Sujit Choudhry commented that the American exceptionalism is considered a myth by many around the globe because most countries do not have the democratic ideals which are experienced by those who live and work in the United States. And many nations who integrate democracy in their constitutions more often fail than succeed – so it is essential for America to see and learn from the reasons why such things transpire.

Professor Sujit Choudhry was asked next on how he manages to work with people who come from a diverse form of culture and tradition. He replies that listening and responding appropriately are the keys to be able to get along with others. It is vital for any form of relationship to first look at things from the perception of other people, and not to assume that you know what is right. It is also better he says not to have a concrete idea and expectations about a myriad of things to avoid disappointment when things do not go the way one expects them to. Hence, every failure should serve as a lesson learned to be able to think of better ways to successfully achieve objectives.

Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer by profession and the Head of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

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TMS Health Solutions of Northern California, Services and Locations

Mental Health and clinical depression treatment has come a very long way. Finding the right group of supportive, compassionate and innovative physicians is a key element in beginning your road to treatment. TMS Health Solutions is a northern California based group of physicians who specialize in caring for the 40% of patients who do not respond to medication. They provide non medicinal therapies for patients with treatment resistant depression. TMS Health Solutions is covered by most of the nation’s health care providers for both medication and therapy treatments.

TMS health understands that 40% of adults who suffer from depression will also experience major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorder is commonly referred to as MDD and it often requires talk treatments in conjunction with medicinal treatments. Some of these patients battle with TRD which stands for treatment resistant depression. TMS Health utilizes TMS for patients who suffer from TRD. TMS Therapy is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an alternative treatment for major depressive disorder. The TMS health team of experts works with each individual patient to determine which treatment is best and if medicine needs to be used in conjunction with treatment therapies.

Depression is not the only mental disorder that TMS Health treats. In addition to depression patients suffering from memory disorders such as dementia can also benefit from transcranial magnetic stimulation. Mild cognitive impairment is also a treatment that TMS offers. Mild Cognitive impairment is the stage between normal aging and the early stages of dementia. TMS treatment can help slow the progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

TMS Health Solutions has 7 locations in Northern California. These locations include Roseville, Sacramento, San Francisco near UCSF and Union Square, Oakland, El Dorado Hills and Burlingame. All seven of these locations can provide a TMS information packet to fully list patient services. TMS also often sets up tables at health fairs and expos to provide community out reach to individuals who may be considering treatment for their depression or memory loss.

TMS health Solutions has helped thousands of patients receive the help they need to battle their mental health and depression. They have a professional staff of trained individuals waiting for patients to call and schedule a consultation.

The Warnings From Paul Mampilly On Healthcare Stocks

Amazon is a company that’s loved by many consumers, but not so much by traditional retailers or certain IT-based companies. It’s already made news by announcing opening pickup centers where customers can go get products they ordered, but they’re also now looking to offer new healthcare services. It’s a complex service with a lot of angles to it, but the way Paul Mampilly describes it is that they are targeting existing healthcare company stocks and causing their prices to fall while also looking to get new deals with pharmaceuticals and potentially cut the middle out of its sales where they would usually otherwise go through en-route to drug store shelves. While consumers may enjoy lower prices for this, Mampilly says this could cause a major disruption in the stock market and healthcare stock holders could see their value go dramatically down. Mampilly also says while it may look like a deals are there to buy low-priced healthcare stocks, he warns against it.

Paul Mampilly is a newsletter author and personal investor who moved away from the big money on Wall Street to tell people how to invest the right way on Main Street. His newsletters are published at Banyan Hill and they all focus on how to start and manage an investment portfolio without going through the big banks or brokers as was traditionally the case. The investing information Mampilly provides has been reviewed as easy to understand, and most of his followers have reported high earnings on stocks they’ve purchased thanks to Mampilly’s words.

Paul Mampilly came to the US back in the mid-1980s after his family from India was able to support his college education there. He graduated from Montclair State University and started learning the basics of investment advice as a researcher for Deutsche Bank. He became a full-time accounts manager at ING and had built a great reputation as an advisor for clients at Banker’s Trust. Mampilly took his investment knowledge to the next level as a managing director for the Kinetics International hedge fund during which he oversaw over $25 billion in assets under management which made investment returns over 26%. Mampilly also won the Templeton Foundation award in 2009 when he gained 76% on a $50 million investment without shorting any stocks during the recession, and he also bought several early stage shares in Sarepta Therapeutics which Mampilly surprised many investors with how fast he predicted it would grow. He joined Banyan Hill in 2016 and saw his subscriber base grow to 60,000 within months. His facebook page

Texan, Mother, and Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Austin, Texas-based plastic surgeon, who has been recognized as a Texas Super Doctor by Texas Monthly. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern. Dr. Walden owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, where, in her operating suite at Westlake Medical Center, she specializes in soft tissue injectables, celebrity plastic surgery,vaginal rejuvenation, breast implants, mommy makeovers, teenage plastic surgery, non- and minimally invasive procedures, lasers, and general medical procedures.

Her practice is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and she’s dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of patient safety. She also operates at the hospital at Westlake Medical Center, Seton Hospital, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls.

Dr. Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and she serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Since 2016, Dr. Walden has been one of Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors. In 2016, Dr. Walden was honored to be selected for membership into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Walden writes her own lifestyle segment “Looking Good and Living Well With Dr. Jennifer Walden” on KVUE-TV, Austin’s ABC affiliate. She makes guest appearances on Fox News and has been featured on CBS’s The Early Show, NBC’s The Today Show, ABC’s 20/20, E! TV’s 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories and Dr. 90210, and VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession. In 2014, Harper’s Bazaar magazine named her one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Walden makes Austin her home with her twin sons Rex and Houston.


Chris Burch Has Turned A Remote Indonesian Island Into A World Class Hotel Property

Nihiwatu Resort was formerly a hostel located on Sumba Island, a remote place in the Indonesian island chain, but it’s now become the hot new destination listed in Travel & Leisure magazine. Chris Burch decided to become the majority owner of this resort in 2013 and added the property to the portfolio of his Burch Creative Capital firm, and he’s had the property developed into a world class hotel ( From the moment you enter this remote location and set foot in your hotel room, you’re bound to fall in love with the immensely beautiful scenery there and enjoy the comforts of their first-class amenities. The property has several hideaways where you can go to get a massage such as in poolside locations and behind waterfalls. Burch decided to have a part-time home constructed here and explained once how he hopes to pass it on to future generations.

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital in 2008, but he began starting businesses back in 1976 during his college days. He invested about $2,000 in purchasing sweaters that he would sell door-to-door around campus, and before long the business became quite successful. Burch named the company Eagle Eye Apparel and expanded it to over 50 retail stores and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and it was later merged into the Swire Group’s brand.   Check for a related article.  Burch took on his next investments during the mid-1990s becoming a board member of the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners, and in 2004 he co-founded his next fashion company with his then wife Tory Burch. He also helped start the ED brand in 2014 that markets lifestyle products from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Learn more about the diversity of his investment, visit

Chris Burch has purchased hotel properties and private residential homes over the years including the 2004 partnership he formed with Argentinian mogul Alan Faena and the construction of the Faena Hotel + Universe. He also was president of the co-op board at the Pierre Hotel, and he accumulated several properties across New York including a $14 million home in Southampton that he made an $11 million profit on reselling in 2005, check this.  He also started a building supplies company known as J.B. Christopher which served thousands of contractors. Burch invested $30 million in Nihiwatu Resort to build it into the property it is, and other companies he’s been the main investor for include Nu Label Technologies, Nanoleaf, Soludos, Snowe Home, Powermat and Pypestream.

Keep up with him, visit LinkedIn.

What Whitney Wolfe Herd Has In Mind For Bumble

The future of dating apps is going to look very different if Whitney Wolfe has her way. She wants to make Bumble the definitive app for a generation by making it clear that we need to change how we think about things. That devotion to making something new and impressive is certainly a departure from others out there who have decided to make their apps run in the same mold of the others out there. By making women the starters of all conversations Bumble is turning itself into something that just about anybody can look at and truly appreciate on their own terms.The need to create an entirely new way of thinking about our dating world is apparent. Only the best Online dating has brought so many things to the forefront and we haven’t addressed them.

The only way to have things change is to change the dating dynamics we accept. We can no longer bother with much of what we tolerate today. We have to start changing our ideas about how women and men interact. That’s what Wolfe is doing and why her app is as successful as it is today. It’s proving itself to be a formidable for in tech.Bumble is more than a dating app and she wants to try to expand it into a multifaceted app for general use. We use different apps for dating, social media, networking but that doesn’t have to be the case. We can use all of the apps for ourselves to create all sorts of things. It doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz are examples of how she manages to bring those things together. With all of these things together it’s no surprise that the app is growing and showing more signs of appreciation by the public.Being able to have a legacy by her age is an amazing thing. It’s something that others are able to get a general idea about but haven’t fully appreciated. Wolfe is on the brink of creating an empire and she isn’t even 30 yet. That ability reflects a determination that knows no bounds and will not allow anyone to turn her down. Wolfe is going to be remembered for her pioneering ways in the long run. Bumble is a departure from traditional gender norms and what we expect. That impact is going to mean so much in the coming years.

The Gift of Giving: Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a creative investor who has helped get more than 50 businesses off the ground. His career began when he was just in undergrad. Burch and his brother invested in a clothing company, Eagle Eye’s Apparel. Their $2000 investment turned into being worth more than $165 million after being sold. Chris Burch has invested in several lifestyle companies such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has invested in several industries, including fashion, retail, and hospitality. Chris Burch has more than 40 years of experience in financial investments and entrepreneurism.  Additional article on explains ideas Chris Burch has for year-round giving. Inspired by his travels, business ventures, and personal preferences Burch’s list is made up of quirky but thoughtful presents. Many of the gifts listed, Burch has given to his own loved ones throughout the year. A candle set, comfy jacket, and a massage chair. Burch gives his family and friends the items that would not necessarily purchase themselves. Also included on the list, a charitable donation made in the name of the recipient of the gift.

Burch Creative Capital, which Chris Burch is the CEO of, was founded in 2014. The company has pride in providing the brightest entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop their ideas. He has partnered with several names in multiple industries. Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to create her lifestyle brand ED. Faena Hotel + Universe is another company supported by Burch Creative Capital, along with many others (

Chris Burch also serves on multiple boards including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. Burch also funds research initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the Sumba Foundation, and the Child Welfare League of China to name of few. He has dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs become successful as well as giving back to those in need.

Know him better, read his views on this interview on

Equities First Holdings News: Funding The Right Company

Are you tired of finding only news that is not very good? Are you tired of hearing about all of the bombings, wars, and deaths? If so, you are probably ready for a change, like reading this article. Not only will this article not talk of war, bombings, or deaths, but it will instead be talking about Equities First Holdings news and it is all good. With Equities First Holdings partnerships are very important to maintain, so that they can keep on building their great business up. The newest partnership that you will be hearing all about is the one between the ETC company and the EFH company. The EFH company will even be providing funding for projects with the ETC company.

About EFH

With Equities First Holdings you can throw away your fears of getting lost in a system of clients that no one really cares about. They are a company that relies on their clients happiness, and therefore will do anything to ensure the happiness of their clients.