Solo Shah RecapSanjay Shah And His Huge Success

Capula Investment Management has managed to net its founder 92 million pounds from a bonus pool which is to be shared with 18 top Executives with the firm for the year to March 31st, 2011. This money was made by betting on the European sovereign-debt.The investment firm has shown its earnings doubling from 65 million pounds 235 million pounds for the year to March 31st, 2011. Solo Capital also enjoyed a bumper year. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of the city-based company. He has earned 19 million pounds for the year to March 31st, 2011.

Sanjay Shah, the founder of solo Capital, was born in London. His parents were immigrants and at one point thought he wanted to become a doctor. He began medical school at King’s College but then he realized that his career path would take a different direction. He went to work at KPMG Investment Bank. During a market crisis, he took a step away from Investment Banking and decided to try his hand at opening his own Investment Company. Sanjay Shah forms solo capital and has enjoyed immense success.

Sanjay Shah’s son Nikal was diagnosed with autism. He went on to create the concert series autism rocks. Autism rocks use some of the world’s most famous Talent to throw concerts to raise money for awareness and research of autism.Some of the talent that the concerts boast include; Snoop Dog, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble. Autism Rocks is still going strong and enjoying great success in raising funds and awareness for autism.

Only a Matter of Time: Venezuela’s Energy Crisis

Many areas throughout South America are sweltering in the heat. The ongoing drought in Colombia has caused the Magdalena River to recede and food prices to rise. Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia may have a reprieve from the heat but the torrential rain in their forecast may cause just as much damage to their crops. In Venezuela according to insider Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa the Coroni River is crackling with heat, and hitting all time lows. Venezuelans rely on the Coroni River to feed the hydroelectric plant at the Guri Dam. The Guri Dam provides about 60% of the 16,000 megawatt energy demand in Venezuela, but as the drought continues it has gone from powerhouse to power problem.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has decided that time is of the essence. In 2007, Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, turned the clocks back thirty minutes, to give children more daylight to start their school day. Maduro has decided to revert back to their old system, 4 hours behind the GMT. Finding that energy consumption is highest in the evening hours, Maduro is hoping the time change will save energy.
Maduro’s decision has been met with praise and skepticism. Some like Adrian Jose  believe they will consume the same amount of energy no matter what the clock says. With any decision there will be supporters and detractors, but only time will tell if Meduro’s decision can reduce energy consumption. Until then, dance. Dance in the name of rain.

Jennifer Walden: Woman Secures the Number One Spot in an Industry Dominated by Men

Everything is bigger in Texas, including medicine. Some of the greatest physicians in the industry reside and practice in Texas. However, the greatest doctors are not limited to general practice or emergency medicine, but are instead even found in the cosmetic surgery field. When searching for the best cosmetic surgeons in Texas, though, a few common themes were discovered.

The Central Texas Institute of Plastic Surgery was easily discovered, but the most common keywords were Dallas, Austin, and the names of male plastic surgeons. It is no secret that certain fields are dominated by men, and major Texas cities were bound to pop-up in the search engine. While men like Denton Watumull, Rob Rohrich, and Ronald Friedman trumped the list, there was only one doctor at the top of all of the lists, however. That doctor is Jennifer Walden, MD, PLLC.

Fathered by a dentist and mothered by a surgical nurse, Jennifer Walden was destined to be a medical legend. Born in Austin, Texas, Walden lead a prosperous life that carried over to her academic career. Often being the top of her class, Walden graduated high school and went on to succeed at college where she ultimately graduated as salutatorian of her class. She then began her medical career by working at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

Jennifer Walden now dominates the plastic surgery industry in Austin, Texas. “Embrace your Inner Goddess” is her motto; Her hands are her tools. The mother of twin boys has earned countless awards within her field, and has gone to heights that few women have been able to reach.

A member of the board of directors on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Walden is one of the handful of women who have ever earned a chair. Responsible for transforming hundreds of people throughout her career, Walden has no intention of resting from the job she loves and has thrived at.

It is conclusive that men dominate the list of plastic surgeons found not only in Texas, but in the world. However, only one doctor has secured the number one spot, and that doctor is Jennifer Walden. Her success is inspirational to all women. There is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to make great strides within the industry and within her personal life.

Kyle Bass is The Wolf, And The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Playing two sides of a conflict is a great way to make money. The Rothschild family has done that for hundreds of years. They’ll finance both sides of a conflict so that at the end of the day, both sides owe the Rothschild banks. Now, if this financing on the back end were done in tangent to a conflict, then it wouldn’t be so terribly suspect; it would just be opportunism. But what if the Rothschild family were the reason the conflict began in the first place? Then the whole thing was just an elaborate con job. Such speculations are the things of conspiracies, but they are exactly the kind of shenanigans Kyle Bass gets up to on a regular basis, starting well before his public career.

Bass used to work as an executive for Bear-Stearns, one of the top-five investment banks on Wall Street before the 2008 financial collapse. Bass quit working for Bear-Stearns at some point, and gave operational information to a CSPAN representative who used that information to intimate Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns on Live TV through a leading question posed to one of Bear-Stearns’ chief officers. Though at that very moment, the operational minutiae Bass had reported on was being corrected via an e-mail time-stamped 9:04 AM and sent from Goldman-Sachs to Bear-Stearns, the damage was already done. By the end of the week, Bear-Stearns had collapsed so completely that they were absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase. But the story doesn’t end there. Bass would very soon thereafter predict a financial collapse on Wall Street no later than the end of the year. He was right, but then again–he was kind of responsible.

Mortgage-backed securities based on sub-prime loans were the invisible suit of the emperor before the child yelled: “You’ve got no clothes!” Only, in this case Bass was both the con-man tailor and the tattle-tale child.

Bass is from Argentina and works as a hedge fund manager in Texas. But Bass has incredibly close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country. He also uses a special interest group he’s developed called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to politically pressure big-ticket pharmaceuticals into dropping prices such that their stock plummets and Bass can profit via short-sell. All these things are the trappings of a con-man manipulating the market. That Bass is involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner indicates a larger mandate likely geared at socialist overhaul.  Read more about Kyle Bass’ career decisions on Useful Stooges.

The early life and rise of George Soros as a Financial Expert

Though born in Hungary, he emigrated to England and later moved to the United States and is based in New York. He has dual citizenship for the United States and Hungary. George Soros is famously known for two things, the Soros Fund Management, and the Open Society Foundations. He started the Soros Fund Management because of the experience he had in setting up and running hedge funds. The reason for founding the Open Society Foundation was because of the influence Karl Popper, a philosopher he met when he was attending his undergraduate and graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary till 1947 when his family moved to England. His parents, Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz, named him Gyorgy Swartz, but he later changed to George Soros when he moved to England. Growing as a child in Hungary was not one of his easiest moments in life. During that time, there was a war going on in the country. In fact, his father, who was also a lawyer by profession, was a prisoner of war in Russia. However, George Soros on politico escaped and returned home to join his family. At the age of 13, he was separated from his mother and two brothers because his father feared that they may be killed together.

When he moved to England in 1947, he joined the London School of Economics on He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951. He immediately registered for a master’s degree and finished in 1954. While studying, he worked as a railway porter and waiter. While at the London School of Economics, he met Karl Popper, who became his “spiritual mentor.” It is the concepts that Karl Popper advocated that influenced the philanthropic activities of Soros such as the Open Society Foundations.

Immediately after finishing his studies he had a tough time finding a good job and settled to work as a travelling salesman, an experience he described as one of the lowest moment in his life. However, George Soros managed to get a job at Singer and Friedlander, where he started working as a clerk and then an arbitrage trader. He specialized in buying stocks in one country and selling them in another country. After a suggestion from Robert Mayer, a fellow employee and whose father owned F.M. Mayer, he applied for a job at F.M. Mayer. He got the job and moved to New York in 1956. While working for F.M. Mayer, he became a specialist in European stocks, which caught the attention of many institutional investors in the United States. This earned him a job at Wertheim & Co where he worked from 1959 to 1963 before moving to Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. He held the post of vice president at the firm and quit in 1973 because of conflict of interest with a hedge company, the Soros Fund Management, that he established in 1970. The Soros Fund Management is his greatest achievement that has enabled him to many other things such as founding the Open Society Foundations, which is a philanthropic organization.


Where did you get those shoes? Slyce and Shoe Carnival make it easier than ever to find out!

NASDAQ has reported that Slyce, Inc., a leader in visual search technology, has teamed up with Shoe Carnival to create a shoe lover’s new best friend. The pair have given mobile users a fully automated 3D visual search option, allowing customers looking for a certain shoe to snap a picture and explore Shoe Carnival’s entire inventory for the closest match. A customer will have the ability to take a photo of any shoe they see, e.g., take a picture of a shoe from a magazine, off a favorite website, or even a picture of shoes on the person standing next to them. This technology will revolutionize the customer’s shoe shopping experience. Never has it been so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, quite literally, with a snap.

Slyce was founded in 2012 by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, and is now headquartered out of Toronto. The company launched their visual product recognition technology in February of 2013 for retail website and mobile app use. The technology uses images of products for detailed product identification, giving you a near perfect product match for every search run.

Slyce, which has often been referred to as “The Shazam of all things shopping,” has generated similar services for retailers in the past. SnipSnap, a paper to mobile coupon converting service and Pounce, a real-world image to purchasing options app, are among their most familiar services. In the US, Slyce is currently working with many Fortune 1000 companies, and the list is ever growing.

Coriant Gets a New CEO

Coriant used to be a part of Nokia Siemens Networks that’s owned by Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant was created in March 2013 and became an independent company on May 6, 2013. Coriant presently has approximately 3000 employees. Coriant specializes in computer transport information, including cloud storage. The computer technology company has offices in the United States and in Munich and Naperville, Germany. This digital technology company sells hardware and software to companies who need service in data, voice, and mobile networks. The key people in this industry are Shaygan Kheradpir (CEO),Robert Leggett (Chairman), and Pat DiPietro (Vice-chairman).

After almost three years, Pat Di Pietro stepped down from Coriant’s CEO and became the Vice-Chairman. Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the new CEO on September 28th. Kheradpir works in the San Francisco Bay branch of Coriant. Born in London on December 19, 1960, his father was an ear,nose, and throat specialist. Kheradpir grew up in Iran. He came to Ithica, New York to attend Cornell University where he earned a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a PhD in electrical engineering. After getting his PhD, the new CEO had held executive positions in such high profile companies as GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. These companies boasted that Kheradpir had impressive cost effective ideas that saved the companies lots of money.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s first job was in 1987 when he was employed at GTE, a communications company that merged in 2000 with Bell Atlantic to create Verizon. Kheradpir was hired to work with network routing, control, and management. Kheradpir GTE’s core computer systems. He worked his way up to Chief Information Officer. In January 2011, Shaygan Kheradpir was employed as Barclay Bank and saved the bank almost $ 4.5 billion in costs. His greatest achievement was the development of the Pingit mobile payments software for Barclay.

At his brief time at Juniper Networks, Kheradpir created a cost cutting plan that returned $3 billion to the shareholders while cutting $160 million in costs for the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir spent the first part of 2015 working with Coriant’s parent company, Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir brought Marlin his 28 years of broad knowledge and experience in technology, telecom and financial service industries.

Kheradpir’s on Cornell’s Engineering Council advisory board and US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Shaygan Kheradpir holds several patents that include media and telecom. He’s a welcome speaker at various business and technology forums.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Discusses The Demise Of The Penny

Philip Diehl, who is currently the president of US Money Reserve has offered his insight into the demise of the penny and its uncertain future during interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Mr. Diehl also debunked several myths on the penny, including the assumption that getting rid of it would increase prices and lead to a disruption of the economy.

The president of US Money Reserve can be considered an expert on such matters. He has served as the director of the US Mint from 1994-2000 and was also a former US treasury chief of staff. Mr. Diehl also served on the senate finance committee where he was the majority staff director. If there is a person that can be considered an expert on the affairs of the US Mint and its coins, it is Philip Diehl as he knows the minting process, the value of currency and its affect on the economy in depth.
The interview, which took place Ispot TV mentions how it actually costs more money to make the penny that what it is actually worth. Mr. Diehl revealed that the penny has been costing the US Mint losses for the past 25 years now, and he believes it should be removed from circulation. He estimates that such a move would save the US government more than a hundred million dollars a year. The penny which is thought by many to be made out of copper, is now actually made out of 97% zinc, with the remaining 3% copper. This was done to prevent people from melting the penny down and selling the copper at higher prices.

Another critical point discussed in the interview with US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl is the idea some economists have that taking the penny out of circulation could raise prices and increase inflation. Mr. Diehl responded by saying that the effect should be minimal, and prices most likely will remain the same. “Companies” he says “Can raise or lower the price as they see fit.” The removal of the penny could actually lower prices, if prices have to be rounded. While the penny is slated to remain, it is costing more to produce than it is worth and most of its production is actually done by private companies and not the US Mint.

This is What Happened after Using the Cleansing Conditioner on My Hair

Definitely most of us have witnessed the QVC infomercials concerning the hair care line at some point in their lives. Actually, you might be aware of all the gorgeous looking ladies shaking their hair around and arguing that the cleansing conditioner is just but a magic put inside a bottle. As one of the great hair fanatics, I had to do everything possible to try figure out if the rumors were indeed true.

So, I decided to place the WEN Cleansing Conditioner in order to carry out the test and see if it could change my thin hair into the TV- worthy luscious strands.

In case you have never heard of the Wen cleansing Conditioner, they are products which are basically all in one shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment. The brand usually boasts that these products can always work better for any type of hair depending on the type of formulation you try to use. This made me try to use the sephora fig version since it has promised to provide my hair with shine, moisture and bounce.

Though there have been not so great news concerning the side affected of using the products, I decided to take the risk. As someone who is always interested with beauty products, I decide to use the opportunity though I was well aware of the risks associated with using the products.

About the Wen by Chaz

Chaz has been developing new products like WEN for some time before tending to the clients at his salon and styling for the award shows and fashion shows. Being an inspiration to many people around the globe, Chaz Dean has managed to transform so many lives by assisting his clients attain the type of hair they have always dreamt of having

The passion being witnessed by Chaz Dean all started by his love for photography. He registered for several commercial photography courses which managed to motivate him to register in a school of cosmetology immediately after he moved to Los Angeles. However, his interest in the hair quickly turned into a professional career where he managed to specialize in both color and cutting. At the same time, Chaz was working on developing his skills and he later started assisting successful firms come up with a product line. This is where he developed the interested in coming up with products. Chaz quickly climbed up the ranks becoming a manager.