The Genius Behind Lime Crime

Lime Crime offers an extensive line of very innovative products that are for the individual that likes the free form of self expression provided by the high quality cosmetic line. Some might wonder who is the genius behind Lime Crime. Well, the founder of the company is the wonderful Doe Deere. She is the inspiration behind the products that place a new spin on the way people regard makeup. Doe Deere introduced her fabulous line of products to the public in 2008. The makeup line quickly caught on with people that preferred dazzling colors that blew traditional colors out of the water. Today, the company is a true social media darling with millions of followers on Tumblr.


Metallics Taking Over

True, the genius behind Lime Crime is Doe Deere. She seems to have a natural instinct for the type of cosmetics that inspire her league of unicorn followers. This is probably due to a natural ability along with the fact that she has her ear to the social media grapevine. Recent news surfaced that the metallic Velvetine line of lipsticks were voted to be one of the top 22 lipsticks to shop now by MTV’s UK beauty site. This is an amazing journey for a company that started very small and ended up attracting millions of followers through their social media site on Twitter. They also have millions of satisfied customers world-wide.


About Lime Crime

Their line of cosmetics are preferred because they do not smear. They are extremely long wearing and their dazzling colors do not fade quickly. Lime Crime has set a new standard for makeup. Makeup does not have to be boring. Dazzling colors that last are a way for the individual to openly express their creativity. You can’t beat that philosophy. There is plenty to admire about the company too. Their entire line of cosmetics is vegan and completely cruelty free. Doe Deere remains a very positive figure in the makeup and beauty industry because of her strong beliefs in producing high quality products. Don’t miss your opportunity to try the wonderful line of original makeup. Check out the website and follow the company on social media.

Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

People who have subscribed for Medicare can receive their coverage through either a Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare program. The two options are different and these differences are as a result of the amendments that were done to the Original Medicare plans to form Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare was administered through the federal government, but the new system can be accessed through private insurance companies.

Medicare Advantage plans cover Part A and B benefits just like it has been with the Original Medicare plans. Some plans also cover additional benefits like dental care, hearing and vision. If you need a service that is categorized as not necessary under your plan, you may be forced to cover all costs incurred, but there is also room for an appeal against the decision to deny you the right to enjoy cover. You can request an advance coverage decision, which lets you know in advance whether a particular service will be covered by the plan.

Enrolling for Medicare Advantage does not exempt you from paying monthly Part B premiums. Each Medicare Advantage plan should provide both Part A and Part B services that are offered by the Original Medicare, but there should be different restrictions and rules affecting how the care is administered. Note that every Medicare Advantage plan should specify a limit on your out-of-pocket expenses for both Part A and B services.

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InnocaCare: What we do
InnovaCare is an established managed healthcare services provider stationed in North America. They offer two avenues of care namely the Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage. The provider Network avenue takes care of revenue management and patient services that can help to maximize operations while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The Medicare Advantage avenue offers comprehensive benefits that contribute to emotional and mental health.

InnovaCare: Leadership
Rick Shinto, M.D. is the president and CEO of InnovaCare. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Richard Shinto worked as the president of Aveta Inc., until 2008, from where he gained useful experience. He is the CEO of InnovaCare Health plans within Puerto Rico and he has authored several articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Richard works with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure the plans offered by the company are in line with the expectations of their clients. Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare in 2015, having served as the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta Inc. He boats of over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry and she has extensive expertise and knowledge in creating clinical programs.

Kenneth Goodgame Spotlights Good Products

In order for a retailer to be successful, it has to sell good products. However, it is not going to be able to sell good products if no one knows about them. This is why Kenneth Goodgame is one of the most successful strategist for sales. He knows what is needed in order to provide retailers with the sales. One of the reasons that he is able to bring out the sales of any company that he works for is that he knows how the customer thinks. Therefore, he is able to handle the marketing and selling aspects in a way that is effective.

Kenneth Goodgame knows how to get products that are lasting. For one thing, it is important to give customers products that are durable and long lasting. This increases the trust in the company. Not only does the customer come back to the company for more products, but more customers come to see if there are any products that they can buy. As a result, customers are happy and business is successful. Therefore, Kenneth Goodgame makes sure that he works on satisfying the customers in order to keep them coming back for more products.

Kenneth Goodgame is very effective at selling because he knows how to drive the sales. He understands that customers tend to be visually motivated. When they see the product that they are interested in being presented in a way that is appealing, it shows a lot of belief in the product. Also, the customer sees that the store takes pride in the displays that it puts up. Among other things that Kenneth would suggest in order to bring forth greater sales is a demonstration of the product. When people see a certain product in action, they will have a better understanding of the product.

The year ahead for Diversant LLC

Diversant is a leading African American owned IT firm that offers solutions in staffing. The company is committed to help others achieve their desired growth. This has been true throughout, even during the economic hard times, the company was thriving. It has a great reputation for being one of the most successful of the fortune 500 companies.

At the helm of the company and acting as principal is John Goullet. He has been a part of the development of not one but many successful ventures in the IT business. He started out working in IT, however, in 1994, he decided to make a career change and try his hand in staffing. The fact that he understands the emerging market trends completely made it simple for him to start off Info technologies, the IT Company that would offer IT solutions to nationwide fortune 500 firms. Barely half a decade after the company was founded, it had grown to a capital base of $30 million. This earned it spot as one of top 10 of the 500 firms that were growing really fast in the country.

After operating alone for a while, he decided to take up an offer to merge his company with that of Gene, Diversant. The resulting outfit was to be known as Diversant LLC. As the principal, he can comfortably carry out his passion of helping people and organizations face the ever changing world of technology.

The company is currently offering a lot of mentorship to businesses that are owned by minority groups. They do this to help the upcoming companies get the motivation to achieve more. In addition to this, the company is involved in a number of community outreach programs. These include the PACE, which stands for the program for acceleration of careers of engineering. The program is supposed to pick students schooling in high schools in underprivileged areas and help them to prepare for technical careers.

Another charity that john and the company are involved in is the Harlem business alliance. This is an advocacy group for the retention of Harlem’s business community. The alliance is supposed to deal with disinvestment and abandonment of the area by the corporations. The aim is to urge the businesses to come together. These and many more are activities which show what an exceptional leader josh is.

Video Chat Wins Second Award

From its humble beginnings with video email, Talk Fusion has grown into a full service video marketing solutions company. They offer a wide range of video and interactive tools to help businesses, small to large, connect easily. Now, they are being recognized for excellence in their industry.

The cutting edge Video Chat has received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award is given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and this award will be Talk Fusion’s second award. The Communications Awards reviews products that help to connect people through voice, data, or video and do so in an innovative way. The product has to have been introduced within the last year or received serious upgrades in that time.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, feels great to honor those products that are excellent in their field. He feels that their work should and will get recognition. He feels these products are the best in the field.

Video Chat is a product that uses WebRTC Tech. This technology allows users to communication on any device, any where, at any time. The app can be accessed via Google Play or the Itunes Stores. It is also available for web. This award is the second one that it has received since it went on the market in March.

Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is honored at the award but he knows there are great things to come. His company started with the simple idea of making video easy to send, and now they offer a multitude of communication products. Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page, also feels this award just shows that Talk Fusion is destined to produced bigger things.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing solutions company that believes in their product. They offer a full range of products. Reina allows his employees to gift one free custom monthly account to a non-profit of their choice.

Talk Fusion Wins Award

The Family Place Benefits from the Philanthropic Tendencies of Highland Capital Management

The Family Place has received a massive boost in raising the final $2.8million in its legacy campaign from Highland Capital Management through its offer of a $1 million grant towards the campaign. James Dondero, president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, announced the grant offer at the Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. The grant will match 50 percent of any funds raised towards the campaign up to a limit of $1 million and will be administered through the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management, the Highland Dallas Foundation.

According to James Dondero, Highland’s offer of the grant was in response to a call to action by Police Chief David Brown and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to the Dallas community to help solve the problem of family violence. James continued to add that he felt proud to support the campaign alongside a generous community and was impressed by how The Family Place had managed the campaign from inception to its current final stages. The Family Place CEO, Paige Flink, was of the opinion that the Legacy Campaign provided a great platform for anyone who had wished to help the victims of family violence and did not know how to do so.

The goal of the Legacy Campaign is to fund the construction of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center that will target family violence victims. The building will include multipurpose spaces for job training, 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, multiple private and group counseling rooms for children and adults and a centralized hotline/call center. Its capacity will be 2,000 victims annually, thus it will greatly support the already existing Family Place’s emergency shelter. The new Central Dallas Counseling Center also has in its designs an animal shelter that will cater for family violence victims that felt like living their abusive homes for the center and wished to tag along their pets.

James Dondero is an expert at equity and credit markets dawning experience of over thirty years in the field. His greatest achievement was helping Highland Capital Management pioneer the development of credit-oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors internationally. He also facilitated its development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation Market.

Other than being president of Highland Capital Management, James also serves in other capacities such as chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank. He has also had the chance to work for American Express and GIC Subsidiary. James is an active philanthropist.

Secrets of Digital Marketing with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an established company dealing with AdWords. The company can be referred to a digital marketing agency as it specializes in offering online market solutions to small and medium enterprises. In fact, White Shark Media is among the fastest growing digital market agencies in the Northern American. This fast growth is as a result of its reputation for offering customer friendly search marketing campaign as well as ensuring their customers get a world class experience. The company designs marketing tactics and comes up with proprietary marketing tools that have proven very effective by those who have tried them.


The success of the organization can also be attributed to the way that the organization tracks its customer’s market effort. White Media Shark pays close attention to customers’ keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software as well as Google Analytics integration and even competitive intelligence to ensure that the company can be fully held responsible for every client. White Shark Media was established in the year 2011, and its success is attributed to three Danish entrepreneurs. Currently, the main Goal of White Shark Media is to conquer all small and medium business enterprises in Latin America and North America. The company has a history of combining domestic and offshore presence and believes in employing the most talented and customers who can speak several languages.


Today, the company has over 150 employees and operates in three different countries. The company recently opened offices in Miami, Fl. Some of the services that the company specializes in includes Bing ads, Google Analytics as well as display advertising and being the champions in mastering AdWords search. This rapid growth is also evident everywhere. Google recently recognized the effort of the company, and as a result, they were invited to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View California. At this invite, a special support team was assigned to White Shark Media to help the company continue to grow.


Over the years, White Shark Media has received several awards due to the impact it has had on the market. In July 2014, the company was honored with the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. This is a great honor as very few institutions get to be honored this way. White Shark Media was also recognized by Microsoft due to the firm’s good record as well as success in running market campaigns. The company was, therefore, chosen to be to be Microsoft’s partner in Bing Ads program.


According to the Chief executive officer Gary Garth, White Shark Media will continue its dedication to its clients and at the same time continue offering innovative solutions at a customer friendly cost. The CEO of this great company noted that to be successful in digital marketing; there is the need for experience, dedication, and creativity to offer the clients the best services in the market. The company double in size during the financial year 2014-15.

How to Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management goes beyond public relations and the management of social media pages. This is a strategic business move, which can guarantee long-term success. There are certain strategies that you need to put in place in order to ensure that they maintain a positive online image. Besides handling negative reviews, you should ensure that there is an aura of positivism about your operations.

Taking Care of Negative Reviews

It is normal for a company to attract negative reviews at some point. There are clients who might get disappointed with the quality of services offered. Whereas this is normal, you need to act swiftly to ensure that such negative reviews do not hurt your company’s reputation. Repairing the outlook that you have will go a long way in helping you maintain a good reputation. Negative reviews might lower your Google search rankings.

When affected by such a situation, Forbes recommends that you open as many social media pages as possible. Link positive reviews to these pages. This will ultimately help you push the bad reviews down. Besides this, ensure that you are active on these pages. This can be done by regularly posting positive content about your products and services. Positive customer reviews should equally be magnified through the use of social media pages.

The Online Conversation about Your Company

With the advent of technology, there has been a rapid growth in the number of company review websites and blog sites. In as much as these sites are useful to businesses, they can be detrimental to those that have negative reviews. Blog sites and other interactive platforms give customers a platform to interact and share their thoughts and sentiments about products offered by different companies.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be observant to ensure that whatever is being said about you does not hurt your operations. Customers are increasingly getting active, and have the freedom to express themselves about the quality of services and products. PR teams ought to keenly follow such sites to ensure that whatever is being talked about their companies is positive. The generation of positive content should be every entrepreneur’s priority. Always ensure that customers’ feedback is acted upon promptly.


How Jennifer Walden is Revolutionizing Plastic Surgery in the U.S.

Plastic surgery is a male-dominated field. However, a female plastic surgeon has defied expectations to become one of the most sought-after practitioners in this field. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s career has made her a recognizable leader. Her recent recognition by Harper’s Bazaar as one of America’s best cosmetic surgeons is clearly the highlight of her impressive career. Dr. Walden honed her skills while working under the supervision of New York’s finest plastic surgeons.

Before making a comeback to Austin, Jennifer was running a successful facility in Manhattan. This practice counted A-list celebrities among its clients. Dr. Jennifer Walden remains one of the few women who have served on the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. During her career, she has received numerous awards, besides having tens of publications under her name. She also makes frequent appearances on national television to debunk common myths and misconceptions that are associated with public surgery.

The Secret Behind Dr. Walden’s Success

While Jennifer might appear to be assertive and strong, she has a warm and caring personality. In addition, she possesses one of the most brilliant minds in practice. Her ability to put those around her at ease, is her strongest asset. Despite being busy, she does not come across as a person who is in a hurry. Jennifer points out that she always strives to be in control of everything that happens around her. Since returning to Austin, he practice has been successful due to the unwavering support that she receives from her family. Her two sons are her main source of inspiration.

Dr. Walden graduated with a biology degree from the University of Texas. Thereafter, she studied medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She had the opportunity to undertake her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During this time, her interest in cosmetic surgery was aroused. Jennifer had a highly successful career in New York. She was part of a team that undertook clinical trials, which preceded the restoration of silicone breast transplants. Since returning to Austin, she has established herself as America’s go-to plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden is a consultant for various aesthetic companies including Venus Concept, and Ideal Implant.

The Success Of Martin Lustgarten In Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most interesting fields of banking. It involves generation of capital for various entities such as companies or even governments. In most cases, investment banks offer informed advice regarding evaluation and placement of investments. In addition to these, the investment banks facilitate business developments through acquisition, reorganization, and mergers. Typically, investment banks work in collaboration with numerous large banks to meet the interests of investors. They are also involved in developing fundraising strategies for businesses, determining the net-worth of entities, and advising on the most effective approach that would derive optimum results.
A career as an investment banker is one of the most admirable roles presently. However, attaining the position of a financial analyst or an investment banker always requires patience in addition to advanced research, observation, and analytical skills. Besides, one must develop excellent interpersonal skills to ensure effective application of all the other skills. For these reasons, only a few people become successful investment bankers.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prominent investment bankers that have transformed the industry. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the famous Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking entity based in Florida. The firm is not only renowned in Florida but also one of the leading investment banking companies in the history of banking. The great company receives accolades due to the exemplary leadership of the founder Mr. Martin Lustgarten who has been in the investment banking for several years, gaining experience in equity trades and security exchange.

As one of the best financial analysts and investment bankers in America, Mr. Martin’s firm is a top choice for investors. Additionally, Lustgarten Martin has set a record of achievements, created a good reputation and attracted a good number of clients over the years. Although several qualities set Mr. Martin apart from other investment bankers, critical evaluation of investment options and effective communication are perhaps the most admirable. He has a noble way of passing information to the clients and strives to improve and sustain excellent customer service. In addition to these, he influences the staffs at a personal level to enhance their productivity and service to the customers.