Make Wen By Chaz Your Choice For Hair Care

If you are like most women, one of the most important parts of your look is your hair. You want it to be able to go from day to night, and to any type of event that you need to attend looking good. For so many women, problems occur with their hair, and it isn’t easy for them to find a product that will assist them in getting it in shape. They need a product like Wen by Chaz that will make their hair behave.

Wen By Chaz Is A Hair Care Product That Really Works

The Wen by Chaz hair care product works well for all hair types. If a woman has oily or dry hair, it will work for her. This is the beauty of the product. It helps all hair types to become healthier, which allows a woman the ability to make it look great at all times. This product shows results in a very short time, and many women use it all the time, giving them fantastic results.

How Does A Woman Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product, And Is It Safe To Use?

Since Wen by Chaz Dean is a shampoo and a conditioner in one, it is very easy to use. In one or two applications, a woman will have her hair needs taken care of. This will save her time and money, and it will allow her to have the hair that she always wanted to have. It will look good, and feel soft to the touch. She will be able to style it easier too.

When you try Wen by Chaz, you will want to stock up on some bottles. You never want to be without it, and you might also want to give some to your friends or family as gifts so they can enjoy it too. For more info, subscribe to WEN’s YouTube channel and view the company profile at this page:


Foreign Bank Earnings Increase In Brazil In The Third Quarter of 2016


Brazil is quietly pulling itself out of the recessionary hole that has kept the country in the news for the last two years. Foreign banks like Spain’s Banco Santander reported an increase in earnings in the third quarter of 2016 in Brazil. The bank also reported losses in Britain and at home. The positive banking news is not a surprise to business executives like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the building material supplier, Eucatex. Maluf sees the bright spots in the economy as well. Eucatex is a leader in the eco-friendly initiative in Brazil. The company is all about teamwork, respecting the environment, and social responsibility. The mission statement of the company can be summed up in a few words. Eucatex wants to use natural resources in a sustainable manner and produce products at reasonable prices.



Maluf decided to turn his family-owned business into an environmentally conscious company when he was named president in 1997. Flavio played a key role in the reforestation project in Brazil. Eucatex owns a eucalyptus tree forest. The company plants new trees every year to replace the trees they use to make doors, floorboards, ceiling tiles and other products. Maluf believes in transparency, ethical behavior, team building, and the value of every human being. For the last 20 years, Flavio Maluf has fostered creativity and innovation in the members of his team and in the country of Brazil.



Eucatex wasn’t always a renewable energy user and a company that abides by the principles of recycling, reusing, and reducing. In fact, the Eucatex concept was born from the company, Americana Sawmill Americana, owned by the Maluf family in the state of Sao Paulo. In 1954, Flavio’s grandfather wanted to come with a product made out of the excess eucalyptus wood that was lying around the sawmill. Eucatex is now considered one of the top building material suppliers in the industry. Flavio opened offices in key cities around the world. The offshore Eucatex team sells doors, paint, varnishes, floorboards, MDF panels and the famous eucalyptus ceiling tiles to home improvement stores and construction companies.


Entrepreneur Keith Mann And The Growth Of Dynamic Search Partners

New Yorker Keith Mann is a project manager, business consultant, entrepreneur and the co-founder and director of the executive employment services company Dynamics Search Partners. The company specializes in finding executive staff for hedge funds and companies involved in alternative investments. Founded in 2009, the company has helped to fill over 2,000 positions. It is known for its ability to identify and place some of the best executives in the financial services industry. Dynamic Search Partners now has among the country’s largest databases filled with top-quality investment executives.


Keith Mann has spent over 15 years involved in executive searches for major financial services companies. During that time he has developed a great deal of expertise in hiring and staffing strategy as well as hedge fund compensation. Before co-founding Dynamic Search Partners, Mann was one of Dynamic Executive Search’s managing directors. His job was to recruit experienced, well-trained executives to meet the needs of global financial services companies. He identified the growing need for executives in the hedge fund industry and created a section of the company which dealt with the alternative investment practice in 2002. By 2006 he expanded it to serve the private equity industry.


In 2009 the burgeoning need in the alternative investment industry led Mann to create Dynamic Search Partners. Dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of alternative investment firms, DSP is now one of the industry’s premier executive search companies. The company helps firms find the best marketing, investment and internal strategy executives and other personnel. DSP has clients throughout Europe, Asia and the United States in the alternative investment industry and is responsible for filling more than 200 executive positions each year. And Keith Mann handles the daily operations.


One key to the success of Dynamic Search Partners is Mann’s ability to identify, understand and meet the needs of his growing international client base. He’s driven by the desire to be able to provide the industry’s best executive candidates. Plus his willingness to learn and grow has helped to set his company apart. That learning is informed by research, technology and collaborating with his staff.

New Vegan Snack HIPPEAS Seeks to Inspire Change

HIPPEAS is a new organic chickpeas puff snack that seeks to unite the modern day hippies to promote a more healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and earth. Designed to provide a healthy alternative to snacking, HIPPEAS are made free of harmful ingredients such as MSG’s, GMO’s or other added preservatives. Instead, HIPPEAS are packed with essential nutrients to make sure even snacks can be healthy.

They are an excellent source of fiber as well as protein. HIPPEAS are Vegan-approved as they are certified gluten free, organic and always packed with good vibes. In Herbs We Trust, Sweet & Smokin’, Far Out Fajita, and Pepper Power are some of the tasty different flavors that HIPPEAS come in. Each delicious serving packs 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber with only a total of 130 calories. Chickpeas were chosen as the key ingredient because of their plant-based nature as well as their ability to give back to the earth by the release of nitrogen.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO and founder of Green Park Brands, the company that created and operates HIPPEAS. Originating from Italy, Bisterzo attended the University of the Arts in London and has several years of experience in entrepreneurship. Before founding Green Park Brands in 2015, Bisterzo was involved in several successful companies in a variety of fields ranging from lifestyle to hospitality.

With the advent of Green Park Brands and their feature product HIPPEAS, Bisterzo sought to revolutionize the snacking culture and create a brand that would promote overall health and impactful social change. In that way, HIPPEAS partnered with Farm America to donate a portion of their profits to this organization to help farms in eastern Africa get out of poverty. HIPPEAS is also working on a long term project to create a supply chain in Ethiopia by supporting local farmers and creating a fair-trade network. Being a millennial-driven business, HIPPEAS shares the global perspective that this generation shares by making efforts to improve health and create a more socially conscious world.

In an interview withForbes Magazine, Bisterzo said that he “wanted to create a very powerful, culturally relevant brand” through HIPPEAS. Although already proving to be wildly popular with consumers, HIPPEAS is just the tip of the iceberg for Green Park Brands as they seek to create more products in the health and nutrition market that will promote the same ideals and positive change that HIPPEAS is spreading now.

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Securus Showing Industry How To Run Ethical Business Through BBB Accreditation

There are all sorts of ways to serve the criminal justice system. Just take a look at a company called Securus Technologies. This awesome company provides telephone and telecommunications services to prisons and jails through exclusive government contracts. If you have ever watched a documentary concerning a criminal, like Making A Murder, you have probably listened to some recorded phone calls into the prison. Those phone calls are serviced by companies like Securus. View the company profile on


But Securus goes above and beyond. They have this technology team that keeps updating their software and offering law enforcement different tools in order to make our community safer. They have come up with this crazy new software that allows law enforcement officials to search through an entire database of recorded phone calls. All they need to do is get the vocal signature of one person and the algorithm goes ahead and searches for every phone call that person ever made.


And the coolest thing about this company is that they do not take advantage of their customers. Their customers are the prisoners and they are literally locked up behind bars. Businesswise, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. They could choose to charge whatever they want but they keep the rates reasonable and keep offering new technologies to prisoners and their families.


They recently acquired a company named JPaythat is a leader in the telecommunications industry. This acquisition should allow prisoners more access to technology while keeping prices for the technology very reasonable. And it is customer service like this that has kept Securus at an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


But the BBB recently bestowed accreditation on Securus. Accreditation is only given to companies that show high marks for integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, a commitment to privacy, and a commitment to honoring promises.


Meet the Great Musician; NorkaLuque who has Inspired Many People

Norka Luque is a great motivator who has created a new air of positivity for people to pursue their dreams. Her story is one full of inspiration, where the impossible world exists. This sweet Venezuelan is a dreamer who discovered her passion and love for music when she was eight years old. Norka Luque has always been clear on her goals bringing through a positive message full of hope through her music.

With unconditional support from her parents, Norka started her music training with voice practice classes while she was pursuing her academic education. This included classes for piano, ballet as well as flamenco classes. Her educational background allowed her to become part of a band, which connected her to her dreams of becoming a singer.

Four years before Norka joined the music band, a musical producer; Emilio Estefan Jr. was impressed by her work and was interested in opening a door for her long life dream of singing. The great musician had a belief that she could make the world a better place. It also helped her in overcoming her personal crisis she endured as well as comprehending the simple fact: that being alive is a miracle itself.

The Production of her First Song

Under the direction of Emilio Estefan and a composition of HermanosGaita’n, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo and a great team of producers, Norka created the MILAGRO and El Carta song. The song has been a major hit in the US, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. It is one of the favorite songs in the prestigious Latin Music Billboards. Being a mixture of Caribbean sounds, Mediterranean traces, reggae and combined with a beautiful message, MILAGRO has been a recipe for success.

In 2011, Norka produced her first single music – as you do, which was composed by Archie Pena. This earned Norka a lot of fame, and she was selected in the Premios Lo Nuestro as the Female Pop Musician of the Year. In 2012, Norka performed her next single called Miracle. The song honored her album’s name and was written by composer Archie Pena.

It was produced in several versions by the renowned arranger, Cucco Pena who made the salsa version. NorkaLuque also performed an English dance version of Miracle, which was remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario. Norka is currently working on the relaunch of the third single; Tomorrowland.

Looming courtroom battle between the former Hawks ownership and AIG insurance firm.

The previous ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise has taken legal action against AIG. According to the previous Hawks ownership group, which includes UCG founder Bruce Levenson, the lawsuit filed against the New Hampshire Insurance company alleges a violation of a contract agreement with the insurance firm concerning the settlement of claims. An official press release statement on Forbes by the current Hawks ownership led by the principal owner Tony Ressler, claims that the new regime is fully aware of the lawsuit although they are not part of it. The statement further adds that the principal parties behind the lawsuit no longer have existing connections with the NBA franchise.

The legal action taken by the previous Hawks ownership was prompted by the refusal of AIG to admit receipt of a notification of claim forwarded by Danny Ferry, the previous general manager of Hawks organization, and agree to settle the covered claims. The Hawks organization had taken insurance coverage with AIG against losses pertaining to employment practices. The cover included, but not restricted to, particular acts of unlawful termination as well as workplace torts.

In regards to the claim notice, there are court materials that prove that Hawks organization notified AIG that Danny Ferry had stated claims that in Hawks’ judgment were covered. So based on the aforementioned facts, the previous Hawks ownership firmly believes that AIG had no concrete reasons to neither argue that it wasn’t given a claim notice nor refute that its insurance policy didn’t cover the claim. Although the claim is confidential as proven by, the court documents, the claim seeks to obtain a further 50 % fine for the due loss and legal fees and expenses.

Bruce Levenson is the previous proprietor of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. He boasts of a rich educational background having earned a law degree from the American University. He is the husband to Karen and a father of three sons. Apart from business, he also takes part in philanthropic activities and helped fund the center for Philanthropy and not-for-profit leadership at the University of Maryland.