Thor Halvorssen’s Fight for the Respect of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a household name in the world of human activisms. He started participating in the world of activism at a young age, this was necessitated by the underlying political situation that was being experienced in Venezuela. He was born in Venezuela from a political family. His father served as a minister in the government where he handled high profile cases. During the course of his duty, his father was arrested while undertaking an investigation in a powerful drug cartel syndicate. This was seen as an attempt by the government to cover up corrupt government officials from the illicit trade.

He was jailed without the due process which brought uprising of street protests. Thor Halvorssen participated actively in the demonstration that were all over the streets of Venezuela. This prompted the international and civil society bodies to intervene which resulted in his release. This was one of the major milestone that were made towards realization of political freedom in Venezuela. As a result, many political detainees in Venezuela became aware of their rights and privileges and were later released from prison. Thor Halvorssen developed interest in the civil activism during his life in the university where he studied a degree in English and American literature. During his life at the university, he was in charge as the editor of the school newspaper publication.

His mother was also involved in active demonstrations fighting for the rights and privileges of people to be respected. As a result, many people were shot at including her mother. This brought a lot of sensitization among members of the entire country who stood up to fight the bad regime. These challenges prompted Thor Halvorssen to establish the Human Right Foundation that stands for the respect of rights of people across the world. The organization has been promoting peaceful co-existence of people throughout the world and Thor’s lacrosse camp.

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Betsy Devos is an iconic figure in the nation. She is a successful American entrepreneur and also the 11th secretary of education in the United States. As a woman with passion and humanity Betsy has involved herself in helping the community by taking part in philanthropic work towards the community. Betsy was born on 8th January and brought up in Holland Michigan. Due to her great personality, she stood up politically, and she has been elected as the Republican National Committeewoman in Michigan from 1992-1997 and on the same work, but on a different seat, she has served as Chairperson in the Michigan Republican from 1996-2000 and later on the same seat she got reelected in 2003. Betsy Devos’s father, Edger Prince, was a billionaire industrialist at the time. This fact gave Betsy the motivations that she needed to work to her level best achieve the best. Read more on

Betsy Devos Philanthropic life

Betsy Devos has committed her life to giving back to the community. Her liberal perspective is perceived through her actions ever since she started working with the government. During Bush Re-election in 2004 Betsy raised a hoping $150000 in short period, and at the time Betsy was in a position as the finance chairperson for the national senatorial committee. Since 1989 to date Betsy Devos have released more than $17million political candidates and committees.

It’s important to realize that Betsy and husband Dick Devos started a charity foundation named Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. It was established in 1989, and so far up to 2016, it has made a contribution of over $189 million contributions in regards to charity work in the community. In 2015 it was named 24th on the Forbes list as a foundation company top givers. In 2015 only the company raised an incredible amount of money ($ 11.6 million). In the period of about 15 years nearly half of the money has been given to Christian groups and spent wisely in helping the community.

Betsy Devos is an icon to reckon. Despite the drawbacks accompanied, she has made many people especially the less advantaged in the community to be happy again.

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The Benefits Of Using Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Cleansing Conditioner

There are many beauty products in the market but not all of them are good for you. Most of the products on the shelves are full of chemicals which are harmful to your health. When you want to take care good of your hair, consider products which incorporate natural ingredients. Most chemicals which are added to hair products always end up stripping the hair of its useful oils and leave it looking bland.

When choosing hair products always choose a good cleansing conditioner. A good cleansing conditioner can make your get a lot healthier and stronger. One of the cleansing conditioners which you should consider trying is the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner.

Those who have used the conditioner swear that it works just like magic. It is made of ingredients which are natural and nutritious to the hair. When you use the conditioner, you will notice that the hair does not break. It is also easier to manage it when you want to style it.

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For anyone who finds it hard to keep their hair looking good and clean at all times, this is the perfect product. it comes with essential oils which add to your hair moisture. It also comes with aromatic properties which make your hair smell good when you wash it. WEN Hair is recommended that you use the recommended number of pumps for the best results. 24 to 32 pumps of the product may sound like too much product but the good news is that it does not leave your hair greasy.

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Beautiful Hair with Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

Most people do not really care about what goes on their hair. Most of the time, a visit to the salon would suffice. The truth is that in a hair salon, most people, especially non-professionals, do not care a bit about your hair. In fact, they will use different products on it and cause you more problems. One of the end results of such hair management practices is that your hair is left weak and unhealthy.

The good news, however, is that you can transform the ways your hair looks and feels with good hair cleansing practices. It all starts with finding the best hair cleansing product. There are very many hair cleansing products in the market and for someone who wants to start taking care of their hair for the first time, choosing from this wide range can be overwhelming.

One of the products which you can try if you are a first-timer is the WEN hair by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner. This is a product which has been used by many other people since it was launched into the market. The good news is that it has helped these users to restore their hair health. The fact that it contains healthy nutrients from herbal extracts is also good news to those who want to avoid buildup.

A product like Wen by Chaz Dean works well with all hair types and textures. You do not have to look for a different product for shampooing and another for conditioning or treating. The cleansing conditioner combines all these benefits and much more. One user who has fine hair and who was looking for a lasting solution for her hair also found out that the cleansing conditioner made her styling easier and with less breakage.

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How Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is Helping to Fight Title Defect

The title defect cases in real estate have been rising at an alarming rate. This increase has resulted in a slowdown in the transfer and transition of assets in the market. Due to this problem, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has launched a website that will help combat this issue. Clients will be able to access property reports with much more ease.

A title defect scenario happens when an individual or corporation claims full ownership of a property that is under the ownership of someone else. Simple mistakes like wording and leaving out an important spouse signature can also result in title defect. Filing documents that don’t follow the procedure required by real estate can also lead to title defect.

John Hillman, who is the CEO of NTC, expresses the importance of addressing the title defect issues. He said the new website would help people acquire all the property documents efficiently hence eliminating the title defect problem. Among the many documents that the clients will be able to access, will be the tax status reports, as well as current ownership reports. According to Hillman, this process will create a transparent situation where all parties involved are aware of the situation of the property in question. The reports will be acquired from different sources, particularly the counties. The reports will undergo human verification, which has managed to raise people’s confidence in NTC.

NTC have labeled their website as user-friendly and fast. Clients are provided with accurate reports that are tailored to meet their needs. This process has come in handy to ensure customers don’t incur extra charges on reports they don’t need. Hillman showed his confidence in the new system by estimating a reduction of title defects in the future. He said that the website was created with the user in mind, hence eliminating all the technical parts.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a document research and processing company based in the Palm Harbor, Florida. Since its formation in 1991, the company has managed to serve investors, mortgage lenders and some of the biggest residential mortgage services in the country. With their high-level accuracy, NTC is considered the best in the industry. Their human verification process of the documents has managed to help them protect homeowners as well as redefining the mortgage industry. They were ranked 26th in the 2013 Fast 50 Awards which recognizes the fastest growing firms. The company has over 450 employees and has opened offices in Dallas, Texas.

What Is The Meaning Behind Beneful

When you think of the word beneful you think about something being beneficial, whatever it is. Most people think about Beneful dog food. A simple Google search of the term will bring up several brands of the popular dog food product. Others have mistakenly pronounced the word beneficial as beneful. The latest incident was an episode of the reality television show “I Love New York.” Beneful has also been used for a girl and a boy in British culture. However, what lies behind the true meaning of the term beneful.

What Does The Name Beneful Mean

Beneful means impressive, a sacred entity with magnetism. If you’re name beneful or run across the word, it means the ability to present yourself in an interesting manner. It also means plentiful and harmonious. You demand a well balanced lifestyle and are very capable. You enjoy having friends because they contribute to the balance that you seek. Benefulmeans faithful, loyal and you maintain your life long connections with your friends. You’re also a very family oriented person that is protective over your love ones and vulnerable people.Learn more Beneful :  Click here .

Why Beneful Is Great For Your Pet

Your dog deserves a heat healthy meal that will help him lead a happy and productive lifestyle. Beneful means your dog will get the finest all-natural meats and vegetables to live an abundant life. Give your pet companion the perfect blend of nutrition and a beneficial amount of wholesome ingredients packed with taste. Beneful is committed to keeping your pet happy with top best wet and dry dog food along with wonderful treats. Give your pet companion the benefits of a heart healthy meal that they’ll love.


Dr. Greg Finch: The Backbone Of Your Spinal Health

The medical field of orthopedics covers all points of the musculoskeletal system. There are an array of injuries that may send you to an orthopedic surgeon. Your particular injury will determine the surgeon you will see. While most orthopedic surgeons specialize in one area of the body, some will also cover many others as is the case in pediatric orthopedics like Dr. Greg Finch.

The most common procedure is knee surgery and the reconstruction of the main ligament when it is ruptured or torn. Even serious arthritis can send you to an orthopedic surgeon. At times, the knee will need replacement surgery if the damage is extensive enough, removing part of the bone and reconstructing it.

Another popular procedure is spinal fusion. This is necessary when the disks or vertebra are damaged or out of alignment. The injured part of the spine is readjusted, and frequently, rods or screws are inserted to hold the spine in the proper position. Dr. Greg Finch has dedicated his career to this field, specializing in spinal surgery.

Pediatric orthopedics umbrellas most all childhood injuries and issues, and doctors who specialize in this field have studied all the unique challenges presented by a growing little body.

In the field of spinal surgeries, Dr. Greg Finch is an authority in adult deformities, disk replacements, spinal fusion, and noninvasive surgery. With an MBCHB from Auckland Medical School and FRACS Royal College Surgeons Melbourne, you can feel confident and secure placing your health in Dr. Greg Finch’s capable hands.


Dick DeVos’s Support Of Public Initiatives And Grassroots Activists Amounts To $139 Million

Dick & Betsy DeVos have never been known to put a price on the importance giving, and it’s perhaps for that reason that they’ve usually refrained from saying how much they’ve given during a fiscal year. But during the hearings for Betsy’s nomination to US Secretary of Education the DeVos’s let the pubic in on the big secret. Excluding most of their political campaign donations and activities in the Michigan Republican Party, the DeVos’s have given around $139 million in lifetime philanthropy. Some of the philanthropy is conducted through their company The Windquest Group while the rest has come through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and other groups they own.


Much of the work Dick DeVos does today at The Windquest Group involves investing in startups including clean energy companies, household closet and storage space manufacturing, restaurants, and venture capital firms. But he also was on the executive board at Amway Corporation for many years. Amway was cofounded by Dick’s father Richard DeVos Sr. and Jay Van Andel and has been a major direct selling business for 60 years. Richard DeVos Sr. also worked closely with former President Gerald R Ford’s administration and in 1991 purchased most of the shares to the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick grew Amway‘s overseas presence and generated billions in annual income over the course of his tenure as CEO from 1993 to 2002.


Dick and Betsy DeVos began most of their philanthropic work in education and civic projects. Dick won election to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 and held office for two years working as a school-of-choice advocate. But he and Betsy also contributed to local private schools through their foundation’s scholarship funds at Education Freedom Fund in partnership with Children’s Scholarship Fund. While the scholarships helped some families afford private schools the DeVos’s wanted to help many more do so through voucher and tax credits, but came short of passing a state initiative for that endeavor. They did later establish a charter school with a curriculum based in technology, mechanics, liberal arts and other sciences known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


One of Dick DeVos’s major contributions to Grand Rapids, MI was supporting and serving on the board of Grand Action Committee, a development program that helped bring business and fun activities to the downtown area. He and Betsy also support the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, ArtPrize and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Betsy was the chair of the Michigan Republican Party for several years in the early 2000’s and Dick ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race but lost on election day. In conjunction with Heritage Foundation and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy he did help get a right-to-work law passed in 2012. Dick DeVos also authored the book Rediscovering American Values.