Fashion Technology With Creativity And Productivity

There is one man who is able to make connections. Among the connections that he has made is fashion and technology. For one thing, he has seen that fashion and technology have gone hand in hand for people. For instance, glasses is some form of fashion that is made possible through technology. Among the uses that glasses have are protecting the eyes and correcting the vision for people who are struggling with their vision. This is one example of how he has seen fashion and technology work together. However, he is aware of the long standing stigma of wearing glasses that has finally been done away with thanks to Google Glass.

Other two concepts that he has seen go together are productivity and creativity. A lot of people will see this as a rather strange combination since it is commonly believed that these two seem to work against each other. However, he has seen people work and create together. For instance, when it comes to meetings, there are a ton of ideas that are thrown around. It is a good idea to take notes so that these ideas could be remembered as opposed to just fade out into obscurity. Then when these ideas are put into practice, people could be happy that they have allowed creativity a little room at their place of work.

Chris Burch has seen these two and has also used productivity and creativity to move forward with plenty of his business plans. One proof of his productivity and creativity allied in his business plans, is discussed in the article available on   Given that Chris has had plenty of successful businesses, he has a lot of information and knowledge that he could share with others. Check his business investment here. He is also not afraid to share his business ideas with others. This is why he is also very successful as an entrepreneur and an investor.  For his latest innovative contribution in the market, hit on He has a willingness to help others.

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Chris Burch writes content in order to share his insights on many different concepts with others. This is so that people could learn valuable lessons from him that they could take to their business or other activities that they have going. With Chris Burch’s publications, people will be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls of people who have similar pursuits.  Read more of his insights in this interview on

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Sheldon Lavin and his Contributions to the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the acting Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman at the OSI Group, LLC. He has an impressive profile when it comes to the industry of meat and food processing. Sheldon Lavin is also the current President serving at the OSI International Foods Ltd. He is actively involved in all the facets of the many global operations of OSI Group and is committed to ensure quality and efficiency remains as the top priority. Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1970 when it was known by the name Otto & sons. His main responsibility then was to assist in financing the company.

A successful food executive Sheldon Lavin has over years acquired massive industry expertise as well as experience which he applies in his position at OSI group. Under his outstanding leadership and vision, OSI Group has managed to expand rapidly from a tiny food processing startup to a global blueprint. Sheldon Lavin serves as an example to many young entrepreneurs who wish to venture in his line of duty. He believes that serving leading institution requires discipline, hard work and commitment. Due to his major strides that Sheldon Lavin has made in the food processing industry, he was recognized with the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World Academy of India in 2016.

In 2015, Sheldon Lavin was also honored with a Life Achievement Award by RSM US LLP. This was due to his strong commitment in serving the business community of Chicago. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has acquired many awards which include sustainability and environmental awards. Sheldon Lavin mentors entrepreneurs on how they can grow their companies through responsible ways as well as contributing to the global commerce growth.

Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist who is active in various charitable causes. He is particularly involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon Lavin has grown OSI Group to be among the world’s most influential businesses. The academic background of Lavin is in Accounting and Finance. The continued commitment of Sheldon Lavin to OSI Group eventually led him to become the owner of the company.

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The Brazilian Legal Profession and Ricardo Tosto’s Impact

Brief Overview of Brazil Legal Field.

The legal field remains one of the most desired positions in the society today. This post is not new in Brazil but one that has been witnessed for as long as the law has existed. The lawyers in anooy part of the globe play a central role in ensuring justice is upheld in the society. They act as advocates for people who may not have necessary legal knowledge, skills, and attitudes to help them in the courts. Like any other nation in the world, lawyers in Brazil are among the highest income earners in the corporate world. In fact, the impact of lawyers in Brazil has been so significant that they have shaped the ideals and some cultural aspects in the land.

Currently, in the nation of Brazil, there are over six hundred thousand practicing lawyers spread across the country. However, most of them are in the major cities since that is where the courts are, and the populations is also high increasing the possibility of getting clients in need of their services. As such, about 17% of the lawyers are located in Rio de Janeiro and about 33% in Sao Paulo and Ricardo on Facebook.

There are various academic requirements that a person should fulfill to be allowed to practice law in Brazil. First, one is required to complete a five-year course study about the law after which they must pass the bar exams that follow shortly after. These bar examinations are commonly called Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil and learn more about Ricardo.

The reputable Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is among the famous strategists and leaders in the legal field of Brazil. This reputation has been attained after many years of hard work, research and exposure to law-related aspects. His focus on acquiring knowledge and skills related to the law have seen him endure through various obstacles in his pursuit of success.

Ricardo Tosto began his legal practice in a small office which today is a corporate litigation firm, one whose services are high quality. Later, he started his own firm as he had gained enough experience and exposure to run his own firm. Ricardo Tosto is one of the biggest law firms in Brazil and more information click here.

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NuoDB SQL database: Best Database for Cloud Computing

NuoDB is a US SQL Database Company located in Massachusetts. It creates and distributes transactional database management systems that are SQL-oriented. They are designed for use in cloud services.

NuoDB works by dividing data into units called “atoms.” NuoDB is designed in such a way that it has in-memory caches that create memory elasticity need for cloud computing. This ensures that the data stored therein is secure and can be maintained easily. This system supports MVCC (multi-version concurrency control) that helps in resolving access conflict and eases detection of data deadlocks. It also has in-built elements of message oriented and object-oriented computing methodologies.
NuoDB uses a 3-tier structure; transactional, storage, administrative tiers in its communication. This approach means that NuoDB systems do not have to do close coupling of an application and its data when using a disk drive.

NuoDB was started by Jim Starkey, a renowned SQL database expert and the brain behind MVCC while working at the Digital Equipment Corp. Before NuoDB, Starkey had started two other companies still on SQL database systems. Today, Starkey acts the NuoDB strategic advisor after he retired from active operations in 2012.

Sujit Choudhry and His Working Methodology

Sujit Choudhry is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He was interviewed by Lynn Fosse who is the senior editor of the CEOCFO Magazine. Sujit Choudhry started the interview by explaining the role of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He said that they mobilized knowledge to support the process of building constitutions. He noted that they had worked with experts from more than 20 countries. He was asked to comment on the role of his immigrant background on his development. He said that it has helped to prepare him for different environments. Most of his work revolves around working with other countries and understanding their histories and issues. Choudhry has law degrees from various universities. He was able to get the tools to flourish. He gained experience in decision-making and public policy as a result of this.  More to read on

Sujit Choudhry said that he had changed his approach to working on projects by making it good and not perfect. He explained that he started projects with a fixed goal of how he wanted them to turn out. He has since learned how to use setbacks as an opportunity to regroup and to come up with better solutions. Sujit Choudhry said that he would work on an organization that hosts data on constitutional case law in multiple languages if he had unlimited resources. One of the accomplishments that he is proud of is bringing experts together to create knowledge networks. He said that the networks have been able to outlive projects and have led to many friendships.  Check his latest article on

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Choudhry has law degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Toronto. He pursued his Master’s in Law at Harvard University. Sujit Choudhry has worked as a professor at the University of Toronto and was the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University. He was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of California, Berkeley in 2014. Sujit Choudhry served in this position until 2016. He is the current I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the university.  Source:

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Sujit Choudhry

Leader, Professor and World Renown Speaker Sujit Choudhry Inspires Emerging Constitutional Democracies

The notable Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and a University of California, Berkeley, School of Law professor Sujit Choudhry met with a workshop of other outstanding legal experts in Kiev, Ukraine to deliberate the semi-presidential system of government there. The government of Ukraine faces constitutional challenges, and the scholars met to discuss the options to improve Ukraine’s governing process. The Center of Policy and Legal Reform, a major Ukrainian think tank, joined with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) to host the workshop. Professor Sujit Choudhry’s reputation as an advisor to constitutional processes requires him to keep a busy schedule around the world.

Influencing Democracies through Books and Presentations

As the former dean of the U.C. Berkeley School of Law, Choudhry’s authoring of the first chapter and his co-editorship of “Constitution Making” contribute to the body of knowledge that makes his guidance valued globally. He regards it as a privilege to share his knowledge about constitutions to assist today’s thought leaders to support evidence-based options in the “constitutional reform process.” He notes the prevalence of “constitution-making decisions by transitional democracies.” His high intellect and commitment to furthering the understanding of the constitutional process provide enlightenment for people in countries around the world.

Of the workshop in Ukraine, Choudhry said that it was a “privilege to meet with some of the top researchers and constitutional experts” for discussions of executive powers. He cited some of the reasons that contributed to the instability of Ukraine’s democratization during the past 20 years. The combination of “weak political parties” with the concentrated “power of the presidency” creates an unstable situation. Further hindrances arise from an “electoral system for the legislature.” A primary consideration is the “separation of powers” that exist in the dual executive “between the President and the Prime Minister.”

Learning from Luminaries at the Kiev Workshop

Notable international figures joined Professor Chaudhry at the Kiev workshop, including Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University and Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA. The organization promotes the concept of sustainable democracy and helps consolidate electoral processes on a global scale. A roundtable discussion provided an opportunity for participants to hear from Vladimir Vasilenko who represents Ukraine on the UN Human Rights Council.

Sergi olovaty, a member of the Venice Commission as well as the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine contributed to the roundtable discussion. Viktor Musika represented the president in the 1996 Supreme Council and participated in the deliberations by world renown luminaries. A former MP and advisor to Ukraine’s president from 2005-2006, Thor Koliushko of the Center for Policy and Legal Reforms contributed his unique ideas among many that the highly knowledgeable group presented at the workshop.

Reviewing the Remarkable Career of Professor Sujit Choudhry

The extraordinary accomplishments of the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions include serving as the Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California as well as a stint as Dean of the Law School. His academic achievements led to his appointment as the Cecilia Goetz Professor of Law at the New York University and a similar honor at the University of Toronto where he served as the Scholl Chair. His stellar accomplishments make him an internationally recognized authority on the complex aspects of comparative constitutional law. For further reference, check on

As an advisor on the constitutional building processes, he offers extremely valuable assistance to countries around the world. He shares his in-depth field experience with diverse cultures that have a common goal of building a constitution, including Egypt and Ukraine, Tunisia and Jordan, Libya and Sri Lanka, South Africa and Nepal. His lectures and speeches have informed and fascinated people around the globe. Refer to for related article.

His rich background forms the basis for his multifaceted achievements in education and in advising governments. He was a Rhodes Scholar and earned law degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions that include Harvard, Oxford and Toronto. As a law clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court, he expanded his knowledge of the courts.  For update of his timeline activities, hit on

Understanding the Work of the Center for Constitutional Transitions

Professor Choudhry’s position as the Center’s director places him at the ideal pinnacle where he leads with intellect, motivation and inspiration. The Center produces evidence-based policy options that work. Programs that have an evidence based approach must rely on rigorous research and evaluations. They benefit from verifying systems that work, eliminating inefficiencies and delivering reliable methodologies.

The work at the Center is field-driven, and its designs make it useful in the field. Projects contribute to the success of constitutional transitions by focusing on issues that have enormous importance. Professor Sujit Choudhry’s leadership in spearheading the Center’s efforts to produce agenda-setting research makes it a model that guides government officials to achieving positive outcomes. The Center brings theory and practice together by examining issues that do not receive adequate attention even though they have contemporary significance.

Following an Exceptional Leader

The groundbreaking research that Professor Choudhry conducts addresses a range of issues that confront the development of comparative constitutional law and related political matters. The use of constitutional design as a tool that helps countries transition from violence and lawlessness to peaceful democratic politics opens avenues to progress.

The Center addresses complex but realistic conditions that include constitutional design in societies that experience ethnic divides. The issues of federalism, secession and decentralization confront emerging democracies today just as they did when they appeared on the American landscape. Matters that require decisions and resolution seem to multiply under examination, calling for consideration of an official language policy, group and minority rights, constitutional courts and semi-presidentialism. The Center and its clients benefit enormously from the wisdom and experience of Professor Choudhry in guiding countries on the matters of bills of rights as well as proportionality.   For more of his insights and point of views, click this.

transitioning from an authoritarian rule that exists in many countries to democratic governance requires the broad understanding of an experienced leader. The list of concerns extends to methodological questions that the study of comparative constitutional law examines. Professor Choudhry brings his experience in writings about Canadian as well as United States constitutional law and his in-depth knowledge to every presentation that he makes.

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Bob Reina: He Is Here For All

A lot of people really only appeal to one specific demographic. That is not the case with Bob Reina, as he likes to appeal to as many people out there in the world as humanely possible. He knows that the broader the reach, the more people he can help. Bob Reina has gone on record in talking about the importance of helping people and truly making a difference in their lives. This is not simply lip service and it is not him looking to get his name in the papers or get extra attention in the world. Bob Reina has never played that game and never will play that game. Learn more:


That is not his M.O. His M.O. is to make a difference for people when they get the chance to use Talk Fusion, which is a video communications companythat is award winning and simply breathtaking. Customers are shocked by what it can do and how it has changed their lives in ways they never thought possible until they sat down and actually put this product to use. Now, they can’t get enough of Talk Fusion, and it has become a way of life for them. These are people that are beyond grateful for Bob Reina.


Bob Reina is a former police officer, so he knows all about helping people. He takes a personal interest in people’s stories and he goes out there and he likes to make them happen for people. In addition to that, people are well aware of all of the good he has done for the animals over at the Tampa Bay Humane Society, including his record-breaking donation that saved a number of animal lives. When Bob Reina’s name is attached to something, people know they can expect greatness. He does not settle for anything else out of life. Learn more:


He wants the same attitude and approach to come out of his customers as well. These are people that have tremendous skills they can use to help out others as well. When everyone is helping out each other, the world works in harmony. That is the best way for the world to work. Learn more:

Greg Secker’s Foreign Exchange Trading Expertise

Greg Secker is one of the world’s most recognized forex traders. Individuals who would like to start venturing into forex trading can consult him and or read the tips that he offers online. Secker loves assisting other people to be as successful in the forex trading world. He has currently established several companies that provide helpful resources to individuals who would like to generate wealth from forex trading.

Secker comes from Norfolk, England. He is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Nottingham where he was awarded a degree in agriculture and food science. After graduating from the institution, he was hired by Thomas Cook Financial Services and later started his career as a foreign exchange trading expert. Greg founded the pioneer actual online forex trading software that is known as the Virtual Trading Desk.

A few years later, Secker created his trading floor, which he operated from his house. The business grew to become a company that is called Learn to Trade. Greg’s firm has been offering workshops and training seminars in the past 13 years, and it has improved the skills of more than 200,000 aspiring forex traders. He owns a software that is known as SmartCharts, and it is regarded as the best in the market.

Greg believes that venturing into forex trading should be easy for anyone. One is, however, required to have sufficient information and resources to trade. Traders can attain success by using SmartCharts, Learn to Trade, and many other programs that he offers. According to Sucker, there is a lot of information about forex trading on the internet, but people need to understand that the software that they use significantly determines their chances of making profits. Individuals should spend enough time analyzing the available options and select what they can use comfortably.

Starters should utilize the demo accounts that are offered by various forex trading software companies before they start putting in any real money. Individuals can also signup to attend workshops and seminars to gain more knowledge about the field. Greg Secker is one of the world most reliable forex trading consultants.


Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero’s Role In The Mexican Media Scene

     Televisa is currently the top media company in Mexico. The have heavy investments in Univision, which broadcast its shows into Hispanic speaking sectors of the U.S. Televisa is one of Mexico’s most popular soap opera institutions. It is one of the biggest in all of Latin America. Televisa first heavily invested in Univision in 2010 in order to help a relationship between the two companies that had been damaged by years of legal battles and management fights. The partnership of the two companies was a moved that proved extremely beneficial for both, driving their stocks upward. It gave both a firm hold of the Hispanic sector of the U.S.

And it looks like the already good things are getting better with the Hispanic sector of the U.S. growing all of the time. At least it did for a good while. The 2010 deal was not the first time Televisa had had investments in Univision. They held shares until 2006 when they sold them for $12.6 billion in 2006. However, it was seen as a mistake and just resulted in money loss and endless disputes between the two companies. The 2010 deal fixed all that. Televisa has also been helped by the financial leadership of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero.

In 2002, Viadero was made the director of Innova, a role which he still holds. During that same year Viadero first joined the Televisa team. By 2014, he was Vice President of Finance and Administration. He currently serves as Televisa’s CFO. All in All, things continue to look extremely promising for Televisa.

Glen Wakeman Helps Businessmen Build the Perfect Road Map

Entrepreneurs that have been looking for a better way to build a business plan will have a lot of success with Glen Wakeman and the LaunchPad toolkit. This is where many entrepreneurs are getting access to a plan builder guide for starting a smart business plan. There are so many aspects to building a business, and Glen Wakeman has become the business entrepreneur that has created a way for people to make better business development decisions.

There are a lot of key performance areas for Glen Wakeman to help entrepreneurs focus on. A lot of concepts like marketing, risk management, human capital and execution that are put into focus with Glen Wakeman. He is a writer and investor that has been able to help lots of people that were looking for ways to help people understand their financial statements and create better priorities for building their business.

Glen Wakeman is someone that helped create a web-based software for entrepreneurs that allows people to build better modules for business planning. There are tons of entrepreneurs that are able to change the way that they work when they utilize the LaunchPad Toolkit. Glen Wakeman helps people prepare what is called the 100-day execution plan. This is done with the LaunchPad Toolkit software. It helps people create a better risk assessment analysis.

Very few people are able to create a business idea without helping Glen Wakeman is the person that helps people reduce their risk when it comes to succeeding. With LaunchPad people will have a much better way to organize their ideas. It is through this toolkit that people are able to develop a business plan in less than an hour. There are a lot of business advisers that are going to help clients build a better business plan.

There are all types of areas like risk management and capital raising that are crucial to business development. Wakeman has guided many people that are starting businesses. He has helped many people become successful businesses. Glen Wakeman has helped people build a better business plan with a greater level of efficiency.