The Growing Popularity of Charter Schools

As our education system has been called into question time and time again the popularity of charter schools has increased immensely. They are quickly becoming the go to institution for educating the youth. Receiving a good education is especially difficult for children who come from low income homes. This is very concerning considering the American Dream is built on the poor being able to educate themselves to escape poverty.

Rocketship Education (RSED) is making a huge impact in low income communities in the state of California. The Redwood City based non profit charter school network garnered a lot of praise early on when its first elementary school put up strong test scores. People were especially impressed with the charter operator’s innovative blended learning approach. The approach effectively mixed traditional teaching with computer programs. This methods also cuts back on administrative costs.

Since RSED’s founding more than a decade ago it has established 25 upper echelon public charter schools for the purpose of improving education opportunities for those in low income communities. The San Jose area has particularly benefited from RSED. Its effect has been transformative in the public school system. The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University reports students attending a reputable charter learn much more effectively.

Though RSED’s headquarters is located in Redwood City it opened its first charter school in San Jose 10 years ago. Because of the student test scores at its flagship school began to grow rapidly, gaining supporters across the state of California. In just five years it opened six more schools in the area. By 2014 RSED had expanded its network to Nashville, Tennessee. So far it has been able maintain its student test scores despite its reliance on technology. The RSED actively encourages families to be involved in the school.

The Legacy of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a celebrated hero because of his position as the ambassador of Israel to London. This is because this is an honorable position. An intelligent mind can only pursue it. Being an ambassador is not an easy task given the sacrifices that you required to make. The job description is equally demanding. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

As an ambassador, you have to relocate to the country in which you were presenting your country. This means living and mingling with people with different believes. It also means adopting a new lifestyle and different policies. For this with families, it means enrolling their children in new school systems.

Daniel Taub has been able to make all the sacrifices successfully. It is important to note that Tub was born in the Great Britain in 1982. It is later in the years that he migrated to Israel. This is why the queen was concern about the position he was about to undertake.

She knew that one of the requirements was to let go his Britain Citizenship. Daniel Taub recalls his answer to the queen when she asked what he felt representing a country he had only spent 30 years. Daniel Taub said it was a privilege. This was his chance to give back to the society. This was by uniting the two countries. He also saw this as a chance to bring up his children in their historic world.

Four years later, his happy to confirm that he had achieved his mission. The intense relationship between the two countries was visible. This was through the cultural, educational and lifestyle exchange between the two countries.

The economic world is the other thing that has improved in the reign of Daniel Taub. This is because the current annual value of the bilateral between the two countries is $7.7 million. This has been possible because of the diplomatic relationships developed between the two countries. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב

The improved trade is a win-win for the two countries. There are 300 business setups in Britain from the Israeli investors. This has added revenue to both countries. To the Israeli, they have a chance to outsource their products.

To the people of Britain, they have a variety of benefits. They have a range of products to choose from during their shopping. They also enjoy quality products because of the competition brought about by the substitutes.

The other ultimate benefit is employment which happens to be a global issue. Daniel Taub’s legacy will never fade away.

Daniel Taub’s achievement as Israel Ambassador to the UK

In 2011 when Daniel first presented his credentials to the Queen, he was there as the new ambassador and a faithful Jew. You could tell this from the way he was dressed. A morning tailcoat matched with striped trouser, mirror-shined shoes and the kippa on his neatly cut and combed hair. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel was born in Britain in 1962, but he remains an orthodox Jew. Daniel had to give up his British citizenship. The queen asked him how it felt represent Israel a country to which he had migrated about 30 years earlier. But Daniel was pleased to raise his children in Israel after an exile of over 2000. He was grateful to the hospitality Britain offered them and looked forward to working together to strengthen their ties even more.

By the end of 2015, four years after he took office,Daniel Taub believes that he strengthened the relation between Israel and U.K. The Jews community in Britain appreciates the same fact. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

During a farewell reception to send off the Ambassador, the guest labeled him the most successful envoy since Shlomo Argov who barely escaped with his life in 1982 in London. Daniel believes that having strong faith in your life can be helpful when building bridges.

Taub was in the UK handling all the crisis that has faced Israel. He has addressed Israel’s cases to the UK government. He was an instrumental force in addressing the media. He has also been actively engaged in the lives of businessmen and women from Israel but operating in Britain. He also addressed the progress and future of education.

For Israel, Britain is a significant country historically and by the fact that Britain plays a very critical role in Europe. Furthermore, Britain media is the world’s media. The UK is the financial heart of the world. Taub’s mission to the UK was easy. He didn’t see the issue of having different opinions on a problem.

His duty was to make everyone understand the position of Israel and its people. According to Taub, the Middle East is undoubtedly in Turmoil, but all the international dignitaries and Israel in specific should focus on how to take advantage of the better side of the estuation.

Daniel Taub was educated in Oxford, London and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. He moved to Israel in 1989 where he served in Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He is also a family man married to Zehava, and together they have six children.

Billionaire Chris Burch Journey to a Successful Venture

Christopher Burch was born and brought up in Wayne, United States of America and happens to be a giant in the renowned and vast real estate industry. He has been on the frontline working for the success of these industries and has worked closely towards ensuring that he achieves his dreams of becoming the leading real estate giants. He was born on 18th March 1953 and has over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has been able to create big business partnerships for the great success of his company and has done marvelously well when it comes to development and achievement of the company. Chris became a billionaire officially in the year 2012, and he has persistently been lusted by Forbes as a leading billionaire in the industry. He has been the chairman and the founder of Burch Creative Capital which happens to be one of the top investment organizations in the world. His great expertise and business skills cannot be matched with anything else.

Burch has vast experience in so many industries and has invested his expertise in both the fashion and the real estate sectors.  According to, he went to Ithaca College, and during his time at the college, he opened his first venture by name Eagle’s Eyes. The company had an initial investment of about 2,000 dollars. The company used to buy clothes at a low price and selling them at a very high price that also made them start producing their brand called Preppy Sweaters. He has also been on the frontline ensuring that he becomes a leader in the industry. He used to sell these products to fellow campus students, and they used to record tremendous sales. They later sold part of the company to Swire group in the year 1989. In 2004, Burch co-founded Tory Burch which was a fashion store they co-founded with his wife.

He became a co-chairman and contributed so well to the success of the company. He then went on to open Burch Creative Capital which was a serious company dedicated to the success. The company was launched so that it could help in managing his overall investments and has been on the frontline working towards great and increased investments. He also launched C. Wonder in the year 2011, but after four years in the business, he sold it to Xcel Brands.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, check on

Burch has also done very well in the real estate business and has partnered with great people in business so that they could be able to come up with ultra modern and best-selling companies. He partnered with Alan Faena who happened to be a great hotelier and also architect Phillippe in the year 2004, and they decided to come up with a great hotel, in fact, one of the best across the world known as Faena Hotel+Universe which is located in Buenos.   Additional article here.

Take a tour to his impressive resort in Indonesia, visit

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Paul Mampilly’s long life career journey

Most people have decided to keep their money in bank accounts due to low rates charged while saving instead of investing in areas like the stock markets today. Paul Mempilly, a significant investor, has decided to share his perception with the prospective investors interested in getting awareness about where to invest their money. He went on to propose that investing in stocks should be the best choice compared to just saving and letting your money idle with little or no return in banks, and more information click here.

Paul Mempilly said that firsthand investors should highly check on technology and ways of innovation. Personnel who bought stock shares in some of the manufacturing firms, especially cell phone companies, are now enjoying unbelievable profits. He went on saying that, in future, Americans are going to advance from their gasoline generated cars to electric vehicles.

The outdated models of the automobiles need expensive spare parts and are costly to maintain. Hence, people are getting frustrated. The modern electric cars, however, are cost effective thus attractive to most users.

Care Medicine, which is the next technological trend, entails testing the genes to know diseases like a different type of cancerous cells in a patient. This information, when discovered, can be used to compare various sources of information to come up with the right decision. It enables a doctor to give a patient the correct dose of medicine instead of predicting which will do better than the other. It will get achieved by getting the stocks from the recommended places like in Genetic testing firms.

The people in America are getting interested in consuming healthy meals, but there is a challenge in finding restaurants that provide health-conscious meals. Paul Mempilly emphasized on food delivery methods which are the best for that person willing to eat healthy and nutritious food. It has become a substitute for taking meals in restaurants. Paul Mempilly has been able to make it apparent to those willing to invest and those who have been afraid before about capitalizing on the stock fair, and Paul Mempilly’s lacrosse camp.

Paul Mempilly has never misused his knowledge as a highly educated individual. This has profoundly contributed to most of his achievements. He made a great effort in all that he has gotten involved. After many years of working, he resigned and went to spend time at home with his entire family. Paul Mempilly has been an excellent source of help to many by helping people raise money for their living, and

Fabletics-The New Way to Shop

Activewear for many years was a sea of black, ill-fitting stretch clothes that women hated to wear but needed for an active lifestyle. Two men, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg recognized this void in fashion. They both had business backgrounds with a fashion influence and they wanted to change the way activewear was viewed and sold. Ressler and Goldberg started an online company called, Fabletics. Everything about Fabletics was different from the way customers were treated to the ease of online shopping. The company needed a spokesperson to get the brand out to the public. The first choice was Kate Hudson, a popular actress who was known for her movie, Almost Famous.


From the beginning, Kate Hudson was a passionate advocate for real customers. As an active person herself, she was able to lend her thoughts on design and set up a new concept online. Ressler and Goldberg said they chose her because she is approachable and active, and they knew right away that she would not support anything she didn’t believe in.


Fabletics burst onto the online shopping scene and changed the way to interact with customers. The brand believes in getting to know customers and giving them what they want. This is a membership driven company as shoppers are given the chance to join and have clothes picked out just for them. An online quiz helps Fabletic’s customer service get to know a member’s preferences and fashion styles. This new concept online store has risen to a $250 million-dollar business in the first three years.


One of the secrets of Fabletics is they encourage and seek feedback from their customers. This invaluable feedback and positive reviews is key to their success. The online shopper of today is very interested in reviews and as the data becomes more and more detailed, Fabletics is using this information to shape and customize their products. The convenience and ease of their website are also an important factor is making sure that members feel special and appreciated. Meeting the specific needs of shoppers help Fabletics to shape activewear fashion.


The membership model allows Fabletics the opportunity to key in on the most popular buys and provide high value for half the price of its competitors. Kate Hudson adds the warmth and genuine support to make members feel they are on the inside track in a great company. Fabletics is also expanding its regular brick and mortar stores with new ones added to the 16 already in states like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


At least 30%-50% of people who walk into these stores are already members which provide a solid base for the in-store shopping. These regular stores can also focus on clothes that they already know their members like. These advantages are huge in helping Fablectics take the shopping world by storm. With attention to detail and customizing the shopping experience, Kate Hudson and Fabletics continue to grow their brand and use the crowd to change the way we all shop for activewear fashion.

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Equities First Holdings Offers Many Loan Products

There are many loan products offered through Equities First Holdings, and the company ensures that they have the highest level of customer satisfaction of anyone in their industry. They know that they may offer their clients something that will help them save money, and they will help people feel much better about the choices they have made when selecting loans. Each loan that is taken must be chosen to ensure that it will be as cheap as possible, and someone who is hoping to keep the loans as cheap may use this company right away.

The company has offered may select loan products to customers around the world, and they have opened up a number of offices around the world that are in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Each of the people who comes to this company for help will save money when they take out their loan, and learn more about Equities First.

Bruno Fagali: Brazilian’s Favorite Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a very big name in the law fraternity and happens to be a very famous Brazilian Lawyer. His practice is based in Brazil and happens to be the founder of Fagali advocacy. He has specialized in various law branches such as electoral, regulatory, compliance, urban ethics, and administrative law. He has a wide range of expertise in the field and has great skills that have branded him a great tag in his niche of expertise.

Bruno Fagali, before establishing the famous Fagali advocacy whereby he has been practicing as an independent attorney. Besides that, the great attorney possesses great management skills and is the current Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova. He has done tremendously well in the industry and has been pushing for better laws in the industry. He has prowess in dealing with public laws, and also the world greatest enemy called corruption.

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Bruno Fagali has had an awesome time in the profession, and this has been of great impact to his career. After Bruno finished his high school, he had performed exemplary well and decided to venture in the field of law. He has the passion of becoming a great and a famous Brazilian lawyer. It is as per the Brazilian statutes that anyone willing to join the profession must undergo thorough training. A person must join a reputable institution for an undergraduate degree and then later join a school of law recognized for professionalism training. That is when one is required to pass the Bar exam so that he can qualify to represent them in a court of law to represent a client.

Bruno Fagali was not left behind and joined the famous Pontifical Catholic University that is based in Sao Paulo for a bachelors degree in law. He specialized in administrative law and later pursued his master’s degree at the University of Sao Paulo based in Sao Paulo City. He has perfected his skills by doing the relevant research required to make one a great lawyer in the Brazilian law sector. He has also changed the lives of so many aspiring lawyers who have been working on making their lives better.

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What Chris Burch Finds ‘Bland’

When Chris Burch tells you something is “bland,” he would definitely know because he has seen many things in his travels across the globe and also owns one of the world’s top dream vacation destinations. Burch, in this case was specifically referring to one of American Express’s credit cards, the company he has been proud to be a member of for over 30 years. But after growing a bit discontent with the company’s services, Burch decided to try a new credit card at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. that he says offers more of what he wants. American Express, while a bank in name is trying to run things a bit differently in order not to look as much like your typical Wall Street bank, but it seems they may need a little help in bringing in more revenue to make its products appeal both to the wealthier customers as well as to millennials who are their new target group. Burch may be able to tell them a thing or two about this since his businesses cater to both groups.  Related article on

Chris Burch currently is the Chairman of Burch Creative Capital where he not only invests in ideas that become businesses, but also mentors the entrepreneurs along the way to their own success. Burch started out with a small idea himself that paved the way for his big investments. Burch began in 1976 when he started Eagle Eye, a company that grew from a sweater sales business he and his brother began on a college campus and turned into a million-dollar operation that they ran for over 20 years. Burch sold the company for $60 million in 1998. Burch made side investments into various e-commerce and home products companies including Voss Water and Poppin while still running Eagle Eye, and after selling it he bought several other major fashion retailers culminating in the founding of Tory Burch, a women’s luxury fashion line.  Check

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Chris Burch’s real estate investments started really taking off in 2004 when he became the partner in a deal that saw the construction of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also started looking into flipping residences in the mid 2000s when he bought a $14 million house in Southampton, NY and turned it into a $25 million sale, and he followed this with several other on the east coast. But none of these investments even compare to his 2013 purchase of Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia, which has become one of the top-rated vacation resorts to visit in the world.  More to read about this top-rated resort on

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The Excellent Services in Litigation from Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned high-value litigator who has achieved in settling many complex disputes. He has an undisputed reputation from his clients who says that he had an impact in their lives by helping them solve issues in their companies. Up to date, he has handled multiple cases all of which he emerged with great solutions that satisfied the parties involved. He came out with the mass action model which has been used by many groups to advocate for their rights. The model has spread all over the world where it has been used to force companies to establish more transparency in external management.

His efforts have seen the banking services diversify in many ways through his mass action model. The model has been established in an organized manner appreciated by his clients. Ricardo Tosto says that his legal services have been fostered by combining the skills, agility, efficiency, and dedication that drives his work and feels much comfortable in recommending his clients adopt the model as it has helped many people achieve their goals. He says that the success in bank industry come from a combination of banking techniques together with litigation skills revealing that his main aim is to focus in the business world and the financial markets.

Ricardo Tostoknows that if your senior partners and lawyers are dynamic, then achieving your objectives is much easier as it becomes easy to find the path on which to pursue your goals. The ability to assess and analyze the credit recovery and business opportunities lies in the hands of-of a good litigator who can be able to deliver a decisive approach that needs to be played out in achieving your goals. When you need the services of such a person in Brazil, it becomes tough to find such a person with such unique skills, this is why his services have been so demanding, but he always finds a way to attend all his clients with the only motive of helping in building a successful business community. It becomes difficult to hire the services of a good lawyer from Rio de Janeiro because it’s not easy to find a legitimate one who has got the required skills and this is where the services of Ricardo Tosto has been so demanding.