A Successful Financier and His Company

David Osio, a successful financier, went to school at the Catholic University (Andres Bello), which is one of the top universities in Latin America (and also in Venezuela). He specialized in international banking law at the school, and was part of its prestigious advanced management program. His career got off to a great start in 1981, and he began to work as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprise, which is responsible for coffee exports. He also began a career as executive at LETCO Commercial Companies, which structures marketing programs for industrial products in the United States.

In 1984, David Osio joined the company MGO, which is a law firm in Caracas, and which specializes in banking law, his specialty. While at MGO, Osio was in charge of corporate clients, including Ferro Corporation, Consolidated Bank, and many others. Pretty soon, he was promoted to private banking division at Banco Latino International, which is in Miami, and he moved to the United States to fulfill his duties there. After two years with BLI, he became Vice President. He was responsible for overseeing customer portfolios, which increased in value and strengthened his bank while he was serving as leader there.

In 1993, Osio began life again as a financier, this time starting his own business, Davos Financial Group. This Venezuelan business provided financial advice for a select group of clients. Since the company’s initial success in Venezuela, Osio has expanded to include companies in Geneva, Miami, New York, and Panama.

His objective as a manager is to serve as a boutique for top clients, which in turn help the business to grow. Because Osio has trained with the Swiss Bank Corporation and with the American Banking Association, he is able to do this easily. His companies hold diverse investment platforms and work with brokers around the world, too, making his companies very competitive in what they do for their clients. Osio has been loyal to standards of the highest quality, and he and his staff have also been investigative in new scenarios that benefit their clients in the financial sector, enabling them to bring in much new clientele over the years.

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