Are Kabbalah Centres True to the Essence Of Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah way of life and philosophy had never been popular among non-Jewish celebrities before Madonna the pop star took an interest in it. In fact, Madonna took so much interest in it that she opened several Kabbalah centers and invested time and energy into fully assimilating and inculcating the doctrines of Kabbalah in her lifestyle. Soon after, other celebrities developed the interest and eventually converted to Judaism, shunning Christianity. Some of the celebrities who followed Madonna’s suit included Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Sammy Davis, Sandra Bernhard, and Paris Hilton.

Since the Kabbalah doctrine has been a preserve for an elite class of Jewish men, the popularization, and monetization of Kabbalah centre did not auger very well with esteemed Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who wrote in protest to the Los Angeles Orthodox Jewish community. In the letter, they expressed concern that Kabbalah was being taught to non-Jewish students who clearly did not meet the criteria of the preserve expectations. True to their complaints, some of the individuals that had been propagating to charge tuition fees to teach the philosophy and way of life were not genuine but money oriented.

Also, some of the celebrities that had been rushing to join the Kabbalah way of life had neither been committed or genuine. Some had joined the Kabbalah centers for the sake of satisfying curiosity while some did it for the attention that it attracted. Such were the likes Britney Spears who went on to denounce it after she split up with her husband. She then went on to join some other religions, denouncing them too when she couldn’t abide by their doctrines.

Madonna, one of the truly committed subscribers to Kabbalah defended the centers and the reason she had opened them. She said that Kabbalah helped her understand God and life in totality. She went on to clarify that Kabbalah is helpful for a person to lead a good and moral life. She claimed that since Kabbalah requires people to help other people, she could not have helped people better than to introduce Kabbalah to them.

True to the description of understanding of Kabbalah, Madonna and other truthful celebrities found peace and remained consistent in their persuasion to help people. Indeed, the teaching of the Jewish mysticism dictates that we only thrive on earth through helping others. The true essence of life, according to the ancient doctrine, lies abiding by the wishes of God and living here on earth like siblings, or rather, one big family.

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