As The CEO Of The American Institute Of Architects Robert Ivy Promotes Health Through Architecture

Robert Ivy has been referred to as wise, warm and soft spoken. He serves the AIA or the American Institute of Architects as the CEO. He focuses on the industries of design, construction and building but encourages architects to think beyond their respective fields. He believes architects can have an impact on everything from improving health to providing solutions for disaster relief.

During the annual meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative an announcement was made by the AIA regarding a commitment for ten years to develop programs and solutions regarding the health of the public, natural disaster resiliency and sustainability in urban areas. AIA is a professional group of architects in the US. Robert Ivy backs this commitment 100 percent.

Robert Ivy has explained the integral role design has played in public health throughout United States history. This includes Central Park in New York and draining Washington D.C.’s swamps. Central Park was designed to provide normalcy and eliminate substandard housing in one of the city’s most challenged areas. Central park was not designed as a recreational space but to improve the health of the public. AIA focuses on numerous themes at different periods in time. Formalism was emphasized during the last decade. The new architects are focusing on health. This may be the new trend but history stands behind the concept.

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Robert Ivy believes the public health issues of a community can be influenced by architecture. The rate of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can be slowed. The design of a building can promote exercise simply by making walking upstairs necessary. Architects are always incorporating health into their designs with the concepts of fresh air, sunlight and clean water. Robert Ivy feels the materials selected impact public health as well. An unhealthy system can negatively impact the health of the public while a healthful system can enhance life.

Robert Ivy’s designs promote safety, health and welfare. This is the same mantra held by all designers. The architects may not think about the mantra but it is promoted by their actions. He sees well being as human potential and it encompasses the physical, spiritual and psychic states according to He has stated architecture and design are powerful due to their ability to link potential, health and well being. He believes the design community and architects are comfortable with comparative discrimination and contests such as hackathons. These concepts have simply become entwined with their professional lives. This type of phenomenon is growing and used by the tech community to find solutions.

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