San Francisco D.A. George Gascon Under Fire for Racially Charged Remarks

A racially-theme charge was brought up on Gascon–D.A. in San Francisco–in a time where police department and officers are being scrutinized for possible racial divides. The charge was brought to him by an ex-police union leader by the name of Gary Delagnes. This comes to a surprise to many who knew Gascon when he was the police chief.

Is There Merit to the Charge?

George Gascon always had a close relationship with police unions, but this was only when he was the police chief. Gascon was promoted to D.A., and many say that his true nature came out. Some police unions have criticized him for obstructing their efforts to diversity the police department to reflect the community better. Others say he is simply just not concerned about diversifying the department.

What is clear is that Gascon had a very eventful night during a union party not too long ago where he was heard saying racially charged comments. Gary Delagnes presented these allegations as evidence in the sworn declaration on March 1st, which was just eight days after a panel where Gascon accused party union leaders of influencing “the ability for a chief of police or frankly even a Police Commission to effectuate reform.”

The declaration was submitted to a task force that was assigned Gascon to ensure that possible homophobia and racism was appropriately dealt with and uncovered.

The dinner that Delagnes was referring to was a police union leadership forum organized by Harvard Law School. Gascon began to drink a little too much and started to recount his time in the LA Police Department. This is where he made some offensive statements against minorities. The situation got so bad that an African American in attendance had to get up to ask Gascon to quieten down, as his remarks were offending him and his family.

Delanges and others are ready to testify against Gascon in order to expose a man who simply should not be holding a position such as the D.A. and have racist tendencies. Gascon has not denied these allegations nor has he made a statement regarding the declaration.


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