‘WAX’ and Malcom CasSelle

In a recent article ‘The Future of WAX’ Malcolm CasSelle the president and founder of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) explains the future of cryptocurrency and the tokenizing of physical assets. WAX is an internet platform and the producers of a marketplace for gamers allowing them to tokenize in-game items. It allows the transfer of in-game assets to be transferred from game to game on a centralized platform. The WAX platform reduces the cost of transactions between games and creates a place to safely monitor the exchange of assets. Mr. CasSelle sees the future where physical items can be tokenized. For example, it will someday be possible to own a percentage of a baseball card or car.

Mr. CasSelle an entrepreneur holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford. He’s the founder of NetNoir and NetNoir is noted as the first Afrocentric media production website. He served as vice president Pacific Century Cyberworks, as a director at Capital Union Investments, and founder of Groupon, and the Chinese gaming and messaging company Tencent. He has served as a CEO of XFire and Media Pass and Mr. CasSelle is a co-founder of Timeline Labs and he has acted as senior vice president and general manager at Digital Media.

His internet investments include Facebook, Zygna and cryptocurrency companies and he is noted for his early entries into new internet enterprises. He launched and built Groupon when he was a regional manager to Eastern China with Tencent. He is the author of ‘Bitcoin for Beginners’. This bitcoin article explains in simple language what bitcoin is, how it works, and how to protect your bitcoins through passwords and wallets.

His experience with cryptocurrencies is extensive and he has partnered with currency companies throughout the world. He was an early investor in Mastercoin, Omni, and BTC China. Mr. CasSelle is an active blogger and is widely published. He’s based in Los Angeles, California. but he is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is often quoted by Philadelphia newspapers and noted for his philanthropic work in his hometown community and he speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

Video Chat Wins Second Award

From its humble beginnings with video email, Talk Fusion has grown into a full service video marketing solutions company. They offer a wide range of video and interactive tools to help businesses, small to large, connect easily. Now, they are being recognized for excellence in their industry.

The cutting edge Video Chat has received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award is given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and this award will be Talk Fusion’s second award. The Communications Awards reviews products that help to connect people through voice, data, or video and do so in an innovative way. The product has to have been introduced within the last year or received serious upgrades in that time.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, feels great to honor those products that are excellent in their field. He feels that their work should and will get recognition. He feels these products are the best in the field.

Video Chat is a product that uses WebRTC Tech. This technology allows users to communication on any device, any where, at any time. The app can be accessed via Google Play or the Itunes Stores. It is also available for web. This award is the second one that it has received since it went on the market in March.

Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is honored at the award but he knows there are great things to come. His company started with the simple idea of making video easy to send, and now they offer a multitude of communication products. Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page, also feels this award just shows that Talk Fusion is destined to produced bigger things.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing solutions company that believes in their product. They offer a full range of products. Reina allows his employees to gift one free custom monthly account to a non-profit of their choice.

Talk Fusion Wins Award

Digital Friendship Is Connecting the World Thanks to Skout

Computers have been a huge boon to the world in many different ways. But one of the most important aspects of computing is often the least talked about. And that’s the fact that it’s able to bring people together who would otherwise have never met. One of the biggest reasons for this is the sheer ubiquity of computing devices. There was a time when computers were not only rare, but something which would automatically tether a person to a single location. One had to really fit computing time into a schedule in order to use it. But all of this has changed with the advent of smartphones.

A recent survey showed that a full 92% of the population stays in touch with online friends by using their mobile phones. It also highlighted the fact that 76% of people surveyed reported that they had friends online who they’ve never met in person. It also brought up the point that 83% of those people were interested in meeting those online friends one day.

This is one of the reasons why a mobile app called Skout is proving to be so popular. It currently stands as the largest global platform for meeting new people all over the world. But the app also focuses on the fact that people today are so accustomed to online friendships. Skout allows people to easily meet new friends with similar interests. One can choose any location to search for these new friends. And once that contact has been made it opens the doors for any number of possibilities.

One of the most popular features of Skout is called Travel. It makes the friend search heavily dependent on a specific location. For example, someone might have a strong interest in Paris. Skout would then list potential friends in the area who are interested in talking. Many users have even used these connections to give or receive virtual tours of the area with their new friends. And it’s not at all uncommon for these online friendships in a location to turn into real world meetings. It’s a great excuse for people to finally take a trip to all of the exotic locales they’ve dreamed of visiting. And one of the greatest advantages in having Skout along is that it instantly brings along people happy to act as a guide to the region. Nobody knows an area like the people who live there. And having a friendly face waiting to show one around can make a trip far more rewarding.

February 9, 2016 | Category: Apps

Skout- Dating Apps Made Simple

Dating apps are very useful in the modern dating scenario. Send the right message through this app and you will find the right person to be with. Wrong message or vibe will set up to a disastrous relationship.

Dating apps are available in various sizes and from different creators, but finding the best one in a competitive market like this isn’t a hard task. However, there are certain etiquette when it comes to dating and ignoring them will not get you anywhere. For example, using emoticons if you are a woman can go a long way when approaching your potential partner. Men shouldn’t incline more on this concept as it will show their insecurities during dating. Certain other protocols that should be used during dating are daunting as well, especially if you are new to the game. According to experts, the beginning of the year is the time to hop onto the dating scene because this is the time when most people want to leave back previous encounters and start fresh.

Dating apps let you start and end conversation with unique features that are easy to use. When using these apps, be as genuine as possible. Write about yourself to let the potential suitor learn what they want to know. Hit them with the right note. Show interest in what they have to say and be appreciate of their talents and hobbies. Things that you would never say in person shouldn’t be said online either. In other words, show respect to the person you are talking to and keep the conversation going in a positive way. Dating and relationship advisers have many things to recommend for those people using dating apps or other dating websites. These recommendations in Cupid.com and SpeedDater.co.uk have attracted many people and made them pursue their dream relationships. Many companies have come forward with dating apps to be used in such websites, and Skout is one of them.

Skout is a company that develops location-based dating applications, websites and social networks. This is one such developer that has helped users become familiar with dating apps while emphasizing on user location. Skout is available for both Android and Apple phones across various platforms. Some of the properties that Skout has, that are worth mentioning here are Nixter which is a nightlife application, and Fuse which is an ephemeral group messaging application. Over 500 million connections were made using Skout as of a report in the year 2013, which is significant for a startup company in the mobile technology industry given the high rate of competitiveness.  It does not identify the precise location of the user but gives a rough idea about where he or she is located. Users can also choose opt-out feature of the app. Users get to view other users’ profiles as well.

Skout Allows Anyone To Communicate Internationally For Free

When text messaging became popular, many people would send all kinds of texts to those who they couldn’t currently talk to on their cell phone. The problem is that text messages can be expensive, especially if they are sent to certain international destinations. Even if a text message only costs five or ten cents, the price can easily rack up, especially when each text message has a limited amount of words that can be sent. Many people love the Skout network because the messaging service is free of charge, and people can easily message someone in another country on Skout and not worry about the fees.

Some people have a text messaging plan that allows them to text another country, but these plans can still be expensive, and if there is no texting plan it can be more expensive to send individual text messages. Imagine being able to use a smartphone and text any country that is available on the Skout network free of charge? Skout is extremely popular for the fact that it allows people to communicate with anyone in the world that joins the Skout network. Skout has services in over 180 countries, and this means virtually the entire world can join Skout.

Since so many people around the world can join the Skout network, there is no reason to pay the high fees that cell phone companies are charging for text messaging other countries. Those who are interested in the list of countries that Skout is available in can go to the Skout website and check out the information there. A person who may have a friend in a different country that they haven’t talked to in a while can let the friend know that they can join Skout, so both persons can talk with one another through Skout free of charge.

Those who want to use the messaging service that Skout has on their cell phone will have to download the Skout application. The Skout application is completely free to download, and in fact, Skout has one of the most downloaded dating applications of all time. Skout is well known for its dating services, although socializing is very popular as well on the network. Some people simply go to the Skout network as a way to blow off steam from a long day and to meet other people on the network for fun.

Some who choose to go to the Skout network are looking for a friend who can hang out with them and go different places with them. There are some who even take the time to go to the Skout network to look for others who might join in an exercise group or other types of activity that the person enjoys. Skout has multiple uses, which makes the network very valuable to anyone who likes to communicate with others online. Skout has a thriving community of over 220 million people, and even teenagers are allowed to join the Skout network as well.