John Holt’s banking initiative

Chief Executive Officer and President of Nexbank Capital Incorporation, John Holt, served at the fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bankers Association as a panelist in New Orleans. On 7th November 2016, he indulged in the Banker Panel discussion on perspectives based on competing by innovation.

This conference is set up for bank consultants, advisers, and leaders to allow them to discuss and share on the major opportunities and problems that they experience. Through this M&A initiative, participants and panelists can discover more opportunities related to branching and organic growth.

Nexbank holds a reputable reputation for quality, reliable and timely execution of processes. The professionals serving at Nexbank assist clients all through the banking process to ensure that their financing needs are met. To provide specialized financing for the acquisition, construction, refinancing and development opportunities, Nexbank merges with real estate investors, owners, and developers. It is also a nationally entrusted corporation as it allows other institutions to grow. It also allows them to extend their presence in the market, advance efficiencies, and also maximize their income.

The professionals at Nexbank have acquired a wide range of experience in their profession, allowing clients to strengthen their financial status and improve their competitive nature. The credit services at Nexbank provide community banks with portfolio diversification opportunities which facilitate productive yields. They also provide servicing administration and collateral trustee for billions of non-investment and investment loans in a variety of industries. The treasury management services focus on providing clients with tailored products. This facilitates the increment of returns and allows visibility in treasury capabilities and functions.

One of the major areas of focus for NexBank is the creation and maintenance of long-term relationships with their partners and clients. They offer personalized services to meet the client’s specific need. They also provide flexible solutions expected from a mid-sized bank with capital that rivals bigger institutions.


Having Been With The Bradesco For Close To Five Decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Embodies The True Essence Of The Bank

As one of the largest banks in Brazil, the longevity of Bradesco has always been a primary concern of its shareholders, consumers, and even government. Therefore, when the time came to pick a successor to its president Marcio Cypriano in 2009, it only seemed right that the board picked Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Having been with the bank for the entirety of his professional career, four long decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was as Bradesco as it would get. He had been influenced by each of the bank’s previous three presidents and borrowed a few traits from each of them. Consequently, it came to pass and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected as only the bank’s fourth ever president. Since 2009, Bradesco’s performance has remained consistently as Luiz Carlos Trabuco has drawn on his unrivalled understanding of the company and his diverse experience in the various facets of banking.

For long the primary growth strategy used by banks such as Bradesco was acquiring smaller ones in the market. That way, they would acquire the smaller bank’s network, investments and branch network, thus saving the bank months, if not years, of works. However, when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the president at Bradesco, there were little to no viable small and mid-tier banks to acquire. Wanting to remain true to the expansionist strategy started off by his predecessor Marcio Cypriano, Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to concentrate on organic growth. That is, in addition to spreading its branch network, Bradesco has also been engaged in the process of bringing those outside the financial system into it. Consequently, strategies such as growing the bank’s agency network to over 5000 have led to greater banking inclusivity, with the account holders at Bradesco growing by more than 7 million between 2009 and 2015.

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Moving into the future, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is highly hopeful of Bradesco’s performance. By his estimation, Brazil will see an influx of 100 million more consumers between 2015 and 2025. With Bradesco currently laying claim to about 20% of the market share in the banking industry, he believes that the bank is well placed to attract at least 20 million of these new consumers. Given his track record in the various positions he has held at the bank over the years, there is little doubt that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s vision can indeed become a reality.

No one outside the Board of Directors knows Bradesco better than Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Having joined the company aged only 18, he has seen the company’s culture and objectives shaped to become what they are today. Consequently, if there ever is a Bradesco way of working, it is that done by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He is known to be one of the hardest workers at the bank despite his senior position, often spending 12 hours a day dispensing his various duties. He is also greatly similar to Cypriano in that he measures his words and instead prefers his actions to speak for him. Additionally, just like the bank’s founder, Amador Aguiar, he prefers not to openly express his wealth despite being one of the highest executives in the country. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, being the president at Bradesco is an opportunity to honor the bank’s vision and mission as opposed to a chance to make a name for himself or get rich.

Owing to his unquestionable and consistent performance in both the banking and insurance sectors, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has great influence over Brazil’s economy. He long enjoyed the respect and admiration of former President Dilma Rousseff. Additionally, through moves such as offering long-term loans to companies focused on infrastructure development, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has directly contributed towards the country’s economic growth.

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