The Genius Behind Lime Crime

Lime Crime offers an extensive line of very innovative products that are for the individual that likes the free form of self expression provided by the high quality cosmetic line. Some might wonder who is the genius behind Lime Crime. Well, the founder of the company is the wonderful Doe Deere. She is the inspiration behind the products that place a new spin on the way people regard makeup. Doe Deere introduced her fabulous line of products to the public in 2008. The makeup line quickly caught on with people that preferred dazzling colors that blew traditional colors out of the water. Today, the company is a true social media darling with millions of followers on Tumblr.


Metallics Taking Over

True, the genius behind Lime Crime is Doe Deere. She seems to have a natural instinct for the type of cosmetics that inspire her league of unicorn followers. This is probably due to a natural ability along with the fact that she has her ear to the social media grapevine. Recent news surfaced that the metallic Velvetine line of lipsticks were voted to be one of the top 22 lipsticks to shop now by MTV’s UK beauty site. This is an amazing journey for a company that started very small and ended up attracting millions of followers through their social media site on Twitter. They also have millions of satisfied customers world-wide.


About Lime Crime

Their line of cosmetics are preferred because they do not smear. They are extremely long wearing and their dazzling colors do not fade quickly. Lime Crime has set a new standard for makeup. Makeup does not have to be boring. Dazzling colors that last are a way for the individual to openly express their creativity. You can’t beat that philosophy. There is plenty to admire about the company too. Their entire line of cosmetics is vegan and completely cruelty free. Doe Deere remains a very positive figure in the makeup and beauty industry because of her strong beliefs in producing high quality products. Don’t miss your opportunity to try the wonderful line of original makeup. Check out the website and follow the company on social media.

Lime Crime Makeup Is Easy To Use

Many women are looking for makeup that is easy to use, and easy to remove. They want to be sure that they are getting a product that will be safe for them to use on a daily basis. For business and personal use, they want something that can take them from day to nighttime, and Lime Crime is making those products available to them.

Expressing Themselves Individually With Lime Crime Cosmetics

When women buy the Lime Crime cosmetic products, they will be able to personalize their daily makeup routine. They will be able to express themselves differently, so their look is unique.

What Is So Special About Lime Crime Cosmetics?

The products that Dolls Kill offers from Lime Crime makes are safe to use on the skin, hair and nails. They are vegan cosmetics that are made for ultra use and high performance. This allows women to feel confident when they are wearing it because they know it will last a long time without having to reapply it.

Staying Updated On A Variety Of Issues With Lime Crime

On social media sites, women can stay updated on the latest products that Lime Crime is creating. They will be able to see just the greatest picks that they want to try out. This is an exceptional way for them to keep up with the latest from the company, and to find out how to order their latest products.

Makeup is a personal routine for many women. They like to have options that they can use on a regular basis. With the Lime Crime cosmetic line, they will have access to fantastic hair, nail and facial products that will produce the results they are looking for. In many cases, women also buy these products for family and friends so that they too can have the experience of using the Lime Crime cosmetics. Be sure to follow along on Twitter @LimeCrime, and you can also find further information on the official website.