George Soros Warn Of UK Recession Upon EU Exit

George Soros has been very vocal about how an exit of the UK from the EU would have an impact on the economy of the Europe, and he is warning again today in an article in USA Today. He is concerned that the economy of the country could start to bend because of an exit, and there would be a lot of problems with currency and overall trade. A referendum on the topic is occurring in the UK, and George Soros does not want to see the country throw the rest of the world into a financial crisis.

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George Soros is familiar with how world economies work, and he has even made a lot of money trading on the British pound. He knows what it takes to have a healthy economy, and he does not want to see the economy come grinding to a halt just because there are some people who do not want to be a part of the EU anymore.

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He knows that many in the UK do not look at the economy the way that he does, but a fracturing of the relationship between the nations of the EU and the UK would further serve to make trade very hard. Volume would go down, and that is why George Soros is issuing such a stern warning. He knows that there are a lot of people who do not see what they would be doing to the economy, and he is going to the press to make his voice heard. There is a lot of educating that needs to go on if George Soros is to have his way, and he hopes that reason prevails as he fights against a loss of stability in the world economy.

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