The Legacy of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a celebrated hero because of his position as the ambassador of Israel to London. This is because this is an honorable position. An intelligent mind can only pursue it. Being an ambassador is not an easy task given the sacrifices that you required to make. The job description is equally demanding. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

As an ambassador, you have to relocate to the country in which you were presenting your country. This means living and mingling with people with different believes. It also means adopting a new lifestyle and different policies. For this with families, it means enrolling their children in new school systems.

Daniel Taub has been able to make all the sacrifices successfully. It is important to note that Tub was born in the Great Britain in 1982. It is later in the years that he migrated to Israel. This is why the queen was concern about the position he was about to undertake.

She knew that one of the requirements was to let go his Britain Citizenship. Daniel Taub recalls his answer to the queen when she asked what he felt representing a country he had only spent 30 years. Daniel Taub said it was a privilege. This was his chance to give back to the society. This was by uniting the two countries. He also saw this as a chance to bring up his children in their historic world.

Four years later, his happy to confirm that he had achieved his mission. The intense relationship between the two countries was visible. This was through the cultural, educational and lifestyle exchange between the two countries.

The economic world is the other thing that has improved in the reign of Daniel Taub. This is because the current annual value of the bilateral between the two countries is $7.7 million. This has been possible because of the diplomatic relationships developed between the two countries. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב

The improved trade is a win-win for the two countries. There are 300 business setups in Britain from the Israeli investors. This has added revenue to both countries. To the Israeli, they have a chance to outsource their products.

To the people of Britain, they have a variety of benefits. They have a range of products to choose from during their shopping. They also enjoy quality products because of the competition brought about by the substitutes.

The other ultimate benefit is employment which happens to be a global issue. Daniel Taub’s legacy will never fade away.