The Leading Entrepreneur in the field of Property Development from the Middle East – DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a famous businessman in one of the leading property development company in the Middle East. Sajwani runs the DAMAC Group Organization where he is the founder, chairman, and the CEO of the company. He is a graduate of the University of Washington in the U.S. from where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. Sajwani’s first job was at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary that was known as the GASCO where he was the contracts manager before starting his first business in the catering industry.

Moreover, after working in the catering business for a while, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) again opted to venture into the property market after he spotted the lucrative opportunity in the estate sector, as there was a rapid development in Dubai in the mid 90’s. With this saw the businessman establish multiple hotels as there was an increasingly high influx of individuals who were coming from all over the world to conduct business in the city. What’s more, over the years his business in the property development expanded, which saw him eventually establishing the DAMAC Properties.

About Hussain Sajwani’s Business in Property Development

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani decided to officially launch his property business, DAMAC, in 2002. Currently, the company is UAE’s real estate firm that is associated with the most flamboyant properties where they even award their buyers with a free Bentley for any luxurious apartment they purchase. One of its most recent projects was the creation of the exuberant golf course for President Donald Trump. Equally important, Hussain Sajwani has incorporated his food business with the DAMAC’s operations whereby he applies the same ideologies that helped his catering business to strategically serve internationally.

Further, as part of DAMAC Group’s growth, as per, the company located in Dubai has been able to develop other projects in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Turkey among others. In its portfolio, the company has delivered more than 16,800 homes and has a track record of the development of the over 44,000 luxurious units that are in various phases. Also, as a top organization in the properties market, DAMAC is publicly listed among the companies that trade their shares in the Dubai Financial Market. The company again operates CSR projects as well, where its most recent philanthropic moves was when DAMAC gave a cheque to support over 50,000 poor children in the world.

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Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties and is looking to expand his business throughout Asia, starting in China. The businessman sees China as a big opportunity with their rising economy, along with seeing the potential in making his business more known to Asia. The DAMAC owner believes diversity is one of their biggest values and bringing different ideas together, as well as blending these together. At the company, they have 77 different nationalities working with them that show their huge diversity. Hussain Sajwani does not follow today’s political climate and is only concerned about his business.

The individual looks to grow DAMAC Properties over time and if politics have any effect on the company or the market they work in, the company is prepared to adjust and adapt. They are not interested in being involved in any negative publicity or energy. According to Saudi Projects, Hussain Sajwani understood business at a young age and knew that he had a knack for it and created DAMAC Properties. The founder sees DAMAC expanding throughout the world and work in other markets. The entrepreneur credits the entire team for the success of his business and agrees that every single person contributes, not just one team. Creative thinking is encouraged throughout his company and staying healthy to maximize thinking. Hussain Sajwani also believes in the power of social media and uses it frequently. He believes that growing an audience over social media can help add appeal and sell products, as well as getting their name out more. It also allows the company to be seen in depth. The founder loves helping people accomplish their dreams and seeing an idea come to life.

Hussain Sajwani notes that the biggest decision he made for DAMAC was going public, as they would have to change around a lot of things with their rules bringing more exposure, which could bring about negativity. The owner of DAMAC believes that the company has a great culture and they have a system in place that doesn’t hold anyone back but that gives them the tools to move up quick. Sajwani believes in the value of education, but he also notes that experience is a big part of it all. Networking with others is also important according to the DAMAC owner.

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Jim Toner’s Ups and Down In Real Estate Business

Jim toner has been a real estate businessman for over 25 years. He thought he had seen it all until, 2010 when he decided to quit on investing on Real Estate. He quit because him and a number of clients money were stolen by a famous national guru.

This wrecked his life and he learnt how dirty the world of real estate is and therefore decided enough is enough and quit real estate investment. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) started to work with entrepreneurs on to how celebrity positioning could increase their business. He also wrote a book which become number 1 in amazon the title of the book is send in the wolves.

According to Ideamensch, when he was still working with entrepreneurs a friend who is a world class marketer approached him. He asked him if he was still in the business of real estate but, he told him he had quit because of the frauds in the industry. A few months later his friend contacted him again to find out if he had reconsidered. That is where his friend opened his eyes to the reality that he was the real deal and walking away was a bad decision.

According to Jim Toner, he decided to go back into the real estate business but with specific conditions.

That he would pick up the market he would operate in.

That the town he would operate in, he would find and recruit the best local investors.

Jim Toner and his team decided on 5 markets in Akron. The next thing he needed a real estate investor who had proven himself and new the city well. He was tired of the lies of the industry and decided that people need a real estate business run by full time investors. He took a team and implemented the system and it successfully worked.

Jim Toner practices what he teaches and to prove to the people he is the real deal he buys as many deals as he can in a chosen market. This proves that he is doing what he wants other people to do but in a larger scale. See the latest books authored by Jim Toner.


How Hussain Sajwani Became a Prominent Property Developer

If you are to succeed in business, you have to be dedicated to it and be patient with how it grows. Any big business you admire today started from somewhere. The real estate industry has been a great source of inspiration for many business people. Hussain Sajwani is among the people who have succeeded greatly in the real estate field. He has built many exclusive luxury units since he joined the business. He founded a Dubai-based real estate company called DAMAC Properties. Under his leadership, DAMAC has continued to expand in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, North Africa, and Qatar.

According to Al Jazeera, Hussain went to Washington University before he got into the real estate business. The university studies helped him to understand various economic aspects, which he applied to the business. Hussain Sajwani served as the contracts manager at GASCO where his business career started. Hussain got into the catering business in 1982 and started a catering company. His catering company serves about 150,000 meals a day, and the company has ventured into Africa where it’s managing some projects. The projects the company manages in the Middle East, CIS, and Africa are about 200.

According to Hussain Sajwani, you cannot excel in property market development without excellent business skills. His exceptional business skills have made him a successful property developer in the UAE. He got convinced that Dubai would one day be a great business hub attracting people from every part of the globe. For this reason, he came up with an idea of building many hotels in this region.

Many business people like Hussain Sajwani  (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) know that every business opportunity needs to be grasped when it’s time to do so. If you fail to take it then, you miss whatever benefit you would have derived from it. DAMAC would not have attained the global presence it has today if it were not for Hussain’s legal skills, finance expertise, marketing abilities, and sales aptitude. Although there were some other real estate companies in the Middle East before, DAMAC was the first company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since it was founded, DAMAC has established more than 20,000 luxury homes.


Todd Lubar Gives The Rundown On The Baltimore Real Estate Scene

Baltimore no doubt attracts an unfair amount of negative press both locally and nationally. But if one only took into account the negative press about the city it is a certainty a lot will be missed. There are many trends taking place in Charm City that is fueling many booming real estate opportunities. This has caused excitement for all parties involved with the Baltimore real estate scene.

One of these exciting trends is that real estate developers are taking blighted buildings and transforming them into newly designed interiors that have become much desired apartment buildings. There are many examples of this happening throughout the city of Baltimore.

Baltimore is now a much desired location a younger, hipper, crowd. The cost of living in the city fairs favorable to nearby areas. This makes Baltimore particularly attractive to young professional looking to purchase their first home. For more details visit Inspirery.

Baltimore is also a favorable atmosphere for the founding of start-up businesses. Entrepreneurs in the city find a community that is unwavering in its support for local businesses. Baltimore is ripe with the success stories of local start-ups. From micro business, to mid-level start-ups and larger, there is not many places in the country more favorable than Baltimore to take this plunge.

Harbor East is an area of town that continues that catch the fancy of young professionals. Current construction projects in this area are projected to greatly increasing housing availability for the city of Baltimore.

Lubar operates at the helm of TDL Global Ventures. Todd Lubar is a well-known fixture in the Baltimore area where he has provided valuable services to the local real estate community for decades. Todd’s commitment to helping others and his diverse understanding of the local real estate scene has made him one of the most sought after real estate consultants in the area. You can visit his Twitter page for more.

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Real Estate Legendary Investor Todd Lubar

In the year 1995, Todd Lubar made the bold step of starting his real estate career after completing his graduate degree in speech communication from Syracuse University. With the real estate predicament that was weighing down the residents of Baltimore, Todd has been able to bring significant change in the sector by creating friendly terms and policies. His desire to be of great help to other people propelled his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He spent time creating good and close relationships with different professionals in the real estate business such as agents in real estate business and insurance, CPA’s and even financial planners. In 1999, Lubar acquired an equity role at Legacy Financial Group. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Lubar decided to explore the world of real estate in another dimension by starting his corporation by the name Legendary Properties. The company focused on the residential development and thus, facilitated selling, purchasing, and rehabilitation of homes. In 2008, he included other businesses such as commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling investment. After getting hands-on experience in real estate for 12 years, it became clear to him that there was a group of people who needed dire help. The realization led to the birth of Legendary Financial, a subsidiary of Legendary Properties. Click here:

Lucrative Lubar

Todd Lubar is a real estate heavyweight investor who has helped thousands of people to develop their homes for over 20 years. Today, he serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has gained a wide range of experience after working in different fields such as entertainment, construction, and even mortgage banking. Over the years, he has been passionate about helping people to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, he started TDL Global Ventures to help people get the loans they needed to develop their businesses.

Lubar looks forward to becoming a better person every day. He has become quite influential in the world today by creating opportunities for most people that have dreamt of owning homes one day. Today, Lubar resides in Bethesda Maryland with two children. He loves traveling and spending time creating great memories with the children.

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