Tragedy in Nepal

Tragedy has struck in Nepal. The crumbles of houses and buildings lay at the feet of people living there. In order to rebuild areas of Nepal we need to be aware of the tragedy and take action.

The GoFundMe campaign’s mission is to raise money to help victims in Nepal that have experienced tragedy earlier this year. The goal of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise 1 million. The 1 million will go towards disaster and health needs. The money will go towards helping the now homeless, hungry, and sickly.

There are several people of Nepal that have lost their homes and only see the crumble of the aftermath. There are several people now homeless and in dire need. The GoFundMe is a great way to be part of a beneficial change for those affected. The campaign helps cause awareness to what is happening outside of our life and become united in donating together.

Majeed Ekbal took a strong interest in Chicago and with great success has become a well-known Chicago real estate investor. He also has tremendous knowledge with campaigns for marketing them globally. His experience for global marketing is over 10 years. As well as marketing Majeed Ekbal has been part of several businesses that are newly branching out and having success.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Even though Majeed Ekbal has tremendous knowledge in global marketing and making individuals aware his efforts for helping out with this campaign come from personal desire. With many friends in Nepal Majeed quickly made this tragedy a priority in his life. He left the comforts of his dwelling and family in order to fully give his all for this campaign. He strongly hopes to help rebuild the areas destroyed by the earthquake to once what they were. Majeed Ekbal hopes that many individuals will donate for this cause. Over 200,000 has been raised currently. Help rebuild the strength and hope of the communities of Nepal whether your donation is as much as $1 or more. Any amount is worth the benefit towards this great cause. Majeed can be found on