Rona Borre is The Example to Follow To Build a Business

If you are interested in building a successful business, Rona Borre is a good example to follow. She is the owner of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting company. Her attributes include lots of hard work and application of smart principles, but there is much more that can’t be set down on paper, but still, need to be mentioned.  More to read about Borre on

Borre has a great deal of belief in her own talents. She is a terrific sales person, but a lot of that has to do with the belief in her mission as well. When asked what it is that keeps her motivated, she answered that she never seems to be satisfied with anything, and she is always looking for a better method of getting something done.

Rona also can see a problem and come up with a solution to that problem fairly quickly. For example, early on she hired experienced staffing account executives from a large firm who were considered to be experts in their field. The only problem was that they were used to a great deal of support, a luxury that is usually not available in a smaller, start-up company, so they failed miserably.

Borre knew right away that she was going to have to hire and train her own talent, her way or the highway. It worked well in a fantastic way which turned out to be one of the keys to the success of the company.  Follow Borre on her page.

Borre has always worked best by forming and developing strong relationships with her clients who will be hiring employees. She has taught that to her account execs, and the results have been off of the charts. Instant Alliance hires candidates for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, and smaller firms too, and the common denominator is that strong relationships have been solidly built, so Borre knows who to hire and who will fit the company culture. Talent is fairly easy to find, but if the candidate doesn’t fit the culture, it won’t work.

Borre is very much in demand as a speaker and is also in leadership roles in many civic clubs and business organizations around the Windy City.  Be sure to read this interview of Borre, click on

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