Why You Need Online Reputation Service For Your Business

Over a year ago, one of the executives at Status Labs made a small mistake that almost cost the company their reputation. The owner of the company stepped in and immediately resolved the issue, and prevented any further damage.

Most people do not realize the negative impact a reputation crisis can have on a business or personal profile. People posting negative comments, derogatory comments on social media and forums, and a barrage of negative articles definitely can take a big toll on your organization or company, and you can end up losing a lot of valued customers and potential clients as a result. You can’t blame them because nobody wants to associate with a company that has a negative reputation.

As a business person or organization leader, it is imperative that you let the experts handle your reputation matters for you and resolved any damaging impact. Companies that operate without hassles, always protect their image and ensure that their reputation is top notch. They utilize the services of online reputation professionals to monitor conversations and online content, including reviews, blog posts, forum discussions and other social media messages.

When there is a threat or damaging information, reputation management and public relations professionals step in immediately to take care of the matter and protect their clients’ image and brand. They have systems in place that are designed to detect threats or devastating content, and then immediately take actions to mitigate damage and promote positive content.

Status Labs has a team of well-trained professionals who can help you deal with online threats and reputation issues. These professionals have great expertise in search engine optimization and digital publishing, which enables them to suppress negative content. Clients are impressed with the quality of service they receive from Status Labs.

To learn more about the vast range of ways that Status Labs help clients address reputation matters, visit their website, have a look around the various sections and then get in touch with them to schedule a consultation.

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Darius Fisher: A Premier Digital Reputation Doctor

Bad publicity is like a disease when it hits a company or company leader. Even though company executives and their employees are only human, sometimes mistakes they make bring them under the microscope, and scandal stories circulate on the internet that they can be hard to cure. When this kind of disease strikes an organization or an individual, a digital reputation doctor like Darius Fisher can help find the cure. Fisher knows when something damaging has happened to a person, there’s no way you can bury it, but you can change the narrative so that the person is once again seen in a positive light.

Fisher founded Status Labs 6 years ago when he had found himself in the middle of a public relations incident. Fisher knew one of the most difficult things someone going through a situation like that is feeling alone, or feeling that nobody cares about your side of the story. So Status Labs was started as a company that sought to get the client’s side of the story, and bring to light the facts that could change public perception about the client. Status Labs has helped restore the reputations of many celebrities, businessmen, politicians, and respected figures.

But Status Labs hasn’t only helped other companies in crisis, they’ve even had their own to deal with and battle back from. Through their own experience, Status Labs knew that it wouldn’t be enough to simply seek restitution with the public, but it was important that they themselves changed for the better. In the aftermath of their incident, Status Labs started becoming a greater part of their local community and helping philanthropic organizations. They also started changing leadership and making sure that future hires were reputable people who would represent positive aspects of the company in their social life as well as on the job.

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Talk Fusion, Proving its Innovative Edge, Launches Web RTC Program

Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing company, is always expanding its product line in order to stay on the technical cutting edge. Therefore, it’s no surprise the online innovator recently announced the launch of its brand new RTC (real-time communication) video recorder. With this RTC capability, Talk Fusion clients are now able to advertise themselves, through video e-mails and personalized video newsletters, powerfully and efficiently.
The new RTC recorder, which any prospective customer can try with no obligation for 30 days, is designed to be utilized, with nothing more than a single mouse click, directly from the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, no add-ons or plugins required. Since this technology is integrated completely with the customers’ web browsing software, as opposed to being offered through external downloads, Talk Fusion clients can begin producing high-quality video material intuitively and immediately. As Bob Reina, Talk Fusion founder and CEO notes, this RTC capability is being built into all Talk Fusion products, which will ensure the utmost convenience and streamlined user experience. With this groundbreaking, innovative RTC technology, RTC customers can expect a whole host of new features. These include, but are not limited to, seamless synchronization, instant recording, and lightning-fast playback. This robust functionality is designed to make Talk Fusion RTC technology as simple as possible for the end user, while increasing the quality and flexibility offered through each specific product.
Talk Fusion, a pioneer in online video-based marketing, offers a wide variety of products to suit customers’ specific needs. Among its popular offerings, Talk Fusion offers video conferencing software, virtual meeting platforms, video-based e-mail and newsletter services, and video chat solutions. More than likely, Talk Fusion has just the right product to suit any prospective client.