Entrepreneur Keith Mann And The Growth Of Dynamic Search Partners

New Yorker Keith Mann is a project manager, business consultant, entrepreneur and the co-founder and director of the executive employment services company Dynamics Search Partners. The company specializes in finding executive staff for hedge funds and companies involved in alternative investments. Founded in 2009, the company has helped to fill over 2,000 positions. It is known for its ability to identify and place some of the best executives in the financial services industry. Dynamic Search Partners now has among the country’s largest databases filled with top-quality investment executives.


Keith Mann has spent over 15 years involved in executive searches for major financial services companies. During that time he has developed a great deal of expertise in hiring and staffing strategy as well as hedge fund compensation. Before co-founding Dynamic Search Partners, Mann was one of Dynamic Executive Search’s managing directors. His job was to recruit experienced, well-trained executives to meet the needs of global financial services companies. He identified the growing need for executives in the hedge fund industry and created a section of the company which dealt with the alternative investment practice in 2002. By 2006 he expanded it to serve the private equity industry.


In 2009 the burgeoning need in the alternative investment industry led Mann to create Dynamic Search Partners. Dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of alternative investment firms, DSP is now one of the industry’s premier executive search companies. The company helps firms find the best marketing, investment and internal strategy executives and other personnel. DSP has clients throughout Europe, Asia and the United States in the alternative investment industry and is responsible for filling more than 200 executive positions each year. And Keith Mann handles the daily operations.


One key to the success of Dynamic Search Partners is Mann’s ability to identify, understand and meet the needs of his growing international client base. He’s driven by the desire to be able to provide the industry’s best executive candidates. Plus his willingness to learn and grow has helped to set his company apart. That learning is informed by research, technology and collaborating with his staff.