2018 Halloween ideas from Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest ad Kelly Ripa gave all of us some Halloween ideas to think about this season. The Reboot was the co-hosts best Halloween show to date. The two co-hosts gave their fans a debut of some of the best TV costumes that we have ever witnesses.

CHIPS, Charlie’s Angels, I Love Lucy, Saved by the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, I Dream of Jeanie, Friends and All of My Children were just a few of Ryan Seacrest’s choices for the show. As per the Hollywood Reporter, the two co-hosts shared with ET on how they were able to achieve their entertainment line-ups.

Host Ryan Seacrest openly confessed that he found it very painful to go from Shirley to John Baker. Seacrest said that he barely made it through the transition and that he still had glitter and lipstick from the costume somewhere in his possession. Seacrest admitted that he still had makeup remover in his orbital regions.

Ryan Seacrest also admitted that he had some Spanx added to his wardrobe. He also stated that the best part about the Spanx was actually being able to remove them.

Both of the co-hosts were serious about honoring the past TV shows. Kelly Ripa wants to actually bring a couple past TV shows back to the present day and age. All My Children was one of Ripa’s favorites. She tells us that this show is where she came from. Kelly Ripa said that All My Children is what the people want to see. Hope and Faith was also mentioned by Ripa. Ripa states that she would like to debut a Hope and Faith/All My Children TV mashup show.

Fashion line owner Ryan Seacrest affirmed that it would be nice to see Punky Brewster/NCIS mashup. Seacrest added that the franchise could use another show like this.

Ripa specified that she would love to see CHIPS being brought back on air because the guys looked really sexy in those costumes.

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Alex Pall DJing and Show

It was an interview with Alex Pall from the Chainsmokers group and Rosenzweig. After Alex Pall was asked about the ways they are doing to make a change in their live show that has been visually catering for their audience, this is what the former DJ in New York City said.

He said that it will forever be changing as their audience keep expanding and therefore they have to ensure they are pushing themselves. With their song ” Selfie” it took them to the entire world once. At this time, Alex Pall and his duo partner Andrew Taggart have managed to go twice or thrice. This is upon them to ensure that they have brought a show that is new and exciting. It has to comes down to them. They want to avoid doing the same things every time but they want to do things that are exciting and they have to keep pushing themselves.

When you look at their song “Closer” which is coming out, they are planning to dramatically change their shows, and Andrew appears there singing and doing his stuff too. In them, there is a performance element that is in their show and it will start getting bigger and bigger. As they plan to move forward, they are planning to put a festival and it is basically a curated show and at the heart, the show belongs to everyone. The duos are still talking about it with a further step in the production together with the short acts which are an obvious thing that they have been doing. Their first ones which were at the Red Rock, it even sold out like an advance of seven months. Then they speak of the big fall tour and it was planned to be at the spring period in 2017, where they are making plans for mixing videos of lives show together with DJ show.

They are proud of themselves because they have been performing their songs live because it has been transcending their typical DJ. When he talks to them visualize about their shows every day, he tells them about making new things that are unique and have new content in them. This is because if you have a complacent, it is the time someone has taken your spot. That is a common hustle currently.