Fabletics-The New Way to Shop

Activewear for many years was a sea of black, ill-fitting stretch clothes that women hated to wear but needed for an active lifestyle. Two men, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg recognized this void in fashion. They both had business backgrounds with a fashion influence and they wanted to change the way activewear was viewed and sold. Ressler and Goldberg started an online company called, Fabletics. Everything about Fabletics was different from the way customers were treated to the ease of online shopping. The company needed a spokesperson to get the brand out to the public. The first choice was Kate Hudson, a popular actress who was known for her movie, Almost Famous.


From the beginning, Kate Hudson was a passionate advocate for real customers. As an active person herself, she was able to lend her thoughts on design and set up a new concept online. Ressler and Goldberg said they chose her because she is approachable and active, and they knew right away that she would not support anything she didn’t believe in.


Fabletics burst onto the online shopping scene and changed the way to interact with customers. The brand believes in getting to know customers and giving them what they want. This is a membership driven company as shoppers are given the chance to join and have clothes picked out just for them. An online quiz helps Fabletic’s customer service get to know a member’s preferences and fashion styles. This new concept online store has risen to a $250 million-dollar business in the first three years.


One of the secrets of Fabletics is they encourage and seek feedback from their customers. This invaluable feedback and positive reviews is key to their success. The online shopper of today is very interested in reviews and as the data becomes more and more detailed, Fabletics is using this information to shape and customize their products. The convenience and ease of their website are also an important factor is making sure that members feel special and appreciated. Meeting the specific needs of shoppers help Fabletics to shape activewear fashion.


The membership model allows Fabletics the opportunity to key in on the most popular buys and provide high value for half the price of its competitors. Kate Hudson adds the warmth and genuine support to make members feel they are on the inside track in a great company. Fabletics is also expanding its regular brick and mortar stores with new ones added to the 16 already in states like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


At least 30%-50% of people who walk into these stores are already members which provide a solid base for the in-store shopping. These regular stores can also focus on clothes that they already know their members like. These advantages are huge in helping Fablectics take the shopping world by storm. With attention to detail and customizing the shopping experience, Kate Hudson and Fabletics continue to grow their brand and use the crowd to change the way we all shop for activewear fashion.

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E-commerce Fabletics Creates Comfort, Style and Quality Athletic Wear

Founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013, Fabletics takes a fresh approach to product marketing. While Fabletics does have eighteen brick and mortor store fronts where customers can openly shop, internet shopping is the main way to purchase Fabletics active wear. Fabletics e-commerce sales approach targets women looking for athleisure style clothing. These are outfits or specific wardrobe pieces that can be worn for athletic purposes or leisure.


Fabletics has sizes available for all body types, ranging from xxs-3x. As a busy mother of two, Kate Hudson wanted to inspire other women and moms to live an active life style in comfortable and fashionable clothing. The Fabletics line was designed with price and comfort in mind. Outfits are adequate for all types of work outs from cross fit to zumba and they will even provide comfort for a busy mom life style. Every month Kate Hudson highlights two of her choice outfits and some outfits are available for as low at $19 to new VIP members. Those new to fabletics get free shipping on their first order of $49.95 or over within the continental United States.


To get started with Fabletics, new members can take the Fabletics pop quiz. This quiz helps them to create personalized outfit suggestions for each individual customer. You can shop as a guest or as a VIP member. The VIP membership is an autoship program where customized outfits will be shipped monthly to VIP members. Credit cards are charged every month on the 6th but VIP members do have the opportunity to opt out of a month by “skipping the month” prior to the monthly billing cycle. New VIP members also can get two pairs of leggings for $24 and are able to opt out of the VIP program at any time.


In the 3 years since the launch of Fabletics they have grown to a $250 million business. Surving an mostly internet based business when Amazon controls most of the online market place is a major achievement. The combination of convenience, membership and fashion has launched Fabletics to the frontlines in womens athletic wear. Due to the ease of internet shopping, 30% to 50% of the shoppers who visit one of the 18 Fabletics locations are already current internet shoppers of the brand. By creating a comfortable internet shopping experience with reverse marketing, Fabletics has created a large client base.

Lip Balm Reinvented- Good Enough to Eat

For a century now, Chapstick has ruled the lip balm market. Everyone can recognize the familiar cylindrical tubes of lip medicine. The look and smell of Chapstick reminds us all of our grandmothers. Now, that’s not always a bad thing, but a twenty-first century girl needs a twenty-first century lip balm. The three standard flavors of Chapstick have definitely grown boring, luckily EOS came in and changed the game.


About EOS Lip Balm

EOS is known for its unique and eye-catching globe shaped lip balms. These rounded balms come in a variety of colors and corresponding flavors. This makes it so easy to find the perfect balm for each individual. The flavors that EOS lip balm offers are different that any other lip balm flavors on the market. For example, one of the more popular flavors is blackberry nectar. This flavor is completely unique and tastes absolutely amazing. It has a deep berry flavor with a sweet undertone that anyone would love. The packaging looks as sweet as it tastes with its dark and light purple swirl design. The purple egg shaped balm is as stylish as it is fragrant,go here.

Another popular EOS flavor is coconut milk.  This flavor is subtle and tropical which makes it perfect for summer, or any time of the year! This flavor is more subdued, but still an awesome choice for someone who doesn’t want such bright and vibrant flavors. This sweet scent comes in a pink swirled package making it perfect for all you pink lovers out there! Check this online store, amazon.de.

There are so many different EOS flavors to try, and try you should! It’s almost impossible to not find a flavor you enjoy, not to mention these organic balms do wonders for you lips. These balms moisturize your lips like no other balm can, and they look cute while doing it. Go out and start experimenting with the EOS flavors today!

Read more about EOS on thebrotalk.com.


Fabletics Uses Innovative Technique to Gain Customers

Fabletics is one of the leading apparel companies in the fashion industry. The company offers a number of athletic apparel for women to wear when exercising. In its short time of existence, it has emerged as one of the top companies in the fashion industry. In fact it has surpassed Amazon as the top online fashion retailer. Therefore it has overcome some considerable odds since Amazon currently owns nearly 20% of all revenue of the fashion retail market. What has enabled Fabletics to become a top fashion retailer is its reverse showroom technique. With the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics has been in position to establish loyal customers before they even visit one of the retailer’s physical locations.


When looking to get customers and make steady revenue, Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique which consists of getting consumers to begin making purchases online. As well as establishing a customer base online, Fabletics looks to offer a number of incentives such as discounts and subscriptions. When a customer subscribes to the company, they will have the opportunity to purchase items in bulk at low prices. As a result, consumers are then able to get a number of quality products on a regular basis. Along with providing customers to make purchases frequently, Fabletics is able to make higher revenues.


While most retailers have consumers visit a physical location and then take advantage of discounts and subscriptions, Fabletics does the exact opposite. The company allows consumers to begin shopping on the internet along with getting access to discounts and new merchandise. As a result, consumers are in position to make more purchases and get discounts once they visit a physical location. They are already very familiar with the company product line and therefore have a better idea of what they want to get. This helps provide more efficiency for Fabletics when it comes to making sales and establishing a customer base.


With the success of Fabletics, Kate Hudson has expressed her satisfaction. She looked to establish a company that would provide comfortable, stylish and affordable athletic apparel for women. After starting the company, Kate looked to ensure that she builds a quality brand that meets the needs of her customers. Since the company has been very successful and achieved lots of positive recognition, she is very happy. She is looking to continue making Fabletics one of the top fashion retailers by providing new products and offering more incentives to customers.

How Startup EOS Became an Innovator in the Beauty Aisle

In October 2016 Fast Company published a start up report about Evolution of Smooth. This company is better known as EOS. The Fast Company report outlines EOS’ story of how they became the second best-selling lip balm in the country.

Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (Dubitsky eventually left and did not see EOS launch) decided the lip balm category in the beauty aisle could use a bit of a makeover. They conducted in-depth consumer research and found that women use lip balm on a routine basis. They asked women about their lip balm preferences when designing EOS lip balm.

EOS creators brought in a clay artist to create different shapes before settling on the sphere we know today. They wanted to create something different from the cylindrical tube of Chapstick but did not want anything that would be a fad. They considered all five senses when designing EOS lip balm. They contemplated how it feels in your hands, the color of the spheres, the smell and taste of the lip balm and finally the clicking sound the little round container makes when you close it.

Next they had to sell the product to stores and decide on a marketing strategy.

For more of EOS lip balm, hop over to this

EOS creators say it was not easy getting the lip balm into stores but thankfully they met a female buyer with Walgreens who gave them their first order. Later on, Target and WalMart started selling the lip balm. The popularity of EOS lip balm only grew from there. The creators used influencer marketing to reach their target audience of millennials. They talked to beauty bloggers who advertised on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Useful link on ebay.com here.

Now the EOS company sells over a million lip balms a week. They found a way to become innovators in the beauty aisle. For more details check on ulta.com.

Added info on http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-summer-fruit/-/A-13352556

The Markets That Fabletics is Going to Impact

Fabletics is known for moving into the unknown with fashion. However, one thing that could be said about the industry is that there are a lot of markets that are yet to be explored. One of these markets is the male market in fashion. Men are starting to show more interest in fashion and Fabletics has taken part in the expansion. Even though Fabletics is mainly a woman’s clothing, it has opened a men’s line for sell. The men’s line of athleisure clothing is only the beginning. There is a lot of territory that can be covered with TechStyle.


Men’s fashion is especially ripe for this type of treatment because of the growing interest in fashion. One thing that should be considered is the history of men’s fashion which is a very interesting history. One thing that people would say about men’s fashion is that there is a limited selection when it comes to styles and colors in many cases. If men want to find something unique, then they are going to have to go towards the designers. They could also find tailors. However, that could probably only take men so far because they tend to have very limited comfort with a tailor.


Fabletics is already off to a good start with their men’s line because they offer clothes that are durable. They also enhance performance. At the same time, they are not very hard on the eyes. Men can also feel good about the clothes they are wearing because of the care and the creativity that goes into the products. As Don and Adam take on the market of men’s fashion, they are going to slowly bring forth some new and unique designs that are going to gain a lot of attention in among men.


Fabletics has already brought forth a lot of impact in the athletic section of women’s clothing which was plagued with some of the same issues that men’s fashion as a whole was plagued with. As more men take advantage of what is there for them, Fabletics is going to keep growing. TechStyle may also look into some more areas for fashion.

Wengie Beauty In Focus: Coachella Braids

Coachella is the most talked-about music festival of the year in the United States. It takes place in Indio, California and all the stars come out to hear the top musicians. Since cameras are everywhere at Coachella, everyone puts their best fashion forward for this epic event.

This year, one of the hottest beauty trends out of Coachella was definitely braids. There are so many different kinds of braids, such as Fishtail braids, French braids, Celtic braids and Half-Crown Braids. Boxer Braids and Twisted Side Braids are in fashion as well. Although many types of braids were spotted at Coachella, the most popular style seen this year was Double Braided Ponytails. It takes practice to make braids that look even, so it is a good idea to view a YouTube video tutorial at the Wengie official channel.

Wengie was born in China and lives in Australia. She has extremely popular YouTube channels that are called wengieofficial and LifeOfWengie. Wengie demonstrates how to make proper braids as well as many other hair care tips. She also “opens up,” about her life and helps teenagers with advice on issues that young girls face. She is very available on her many social media accounts to answer any beauty questions.

Wengie performs helpful product demonstrations in the area of makeup. She tries many products and shows which work and which do not. She shows how to get the most out of each skincare product purchased. She also shows her favorite lashes and has a healthy diet plan available. When it comes to makeup, as her audience is diverse, she always has a multi-cultural focus and perspective.

With a bit of practice and some help from Wengie, it is quite possible to get proper braids and total beauty upgrades. Also, after viewing wengieofficial and LifeOfWengie it will be much easier to select makeup and skincare products. All of her playlists are arranged for your convenience. Simply subscribe to the channels and spend some time watching Wengie explain the best products and demonstrate hair tips, such as braids. You will have Coachella-cool braids in no time.

Best Looking Fans in the Stands

Whether or not they win the big game the Pittsburgh Steelers will have the best looking cheering section up in the stands. With a new clothing line, high on the wow factor, and jewelry and other items to accessorize, there’s something for every fan to show their support. Snazzy new designs that update the usual sports team sweatshirt and sweatpants have caught the eye of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, both young and old, big time. Updates to the clothing, such as thumb holes in some of the sweatshirt designs and eye catching style updates are catching on big for the organization The change in Steeler apparel can be accredited to one woman, Susan McGalla, the new Steeler’s director of strategic planning. Susan McGalla was previously the president of American Eagle Outfitters and went on to be the former CEO of Wet Seal. Working for trendy, fresh organizations means she brings a feel for what younger people want in fan wear and what looks good on them. Creating a brand and clothing that other sports merchandisers desire for their own teams, she says something else they are doing new is relying on social networking to spread the word about the new Steelers lines and other items that are for sale. Facebook and other Internet sites have been very successful in debuting the ew lines. Focus groups are another new tool the Steelers merchandising machine is using to find out what fans are looking for and what they desire in spirit wear. Some of the tips that helped design the new line include men desiring clothes they could wear to work, and women looking for clothes that supported their team and still looked feminine.