George Soros, a man with a big heart

George Soros is an American-Hungarian well-known philanthropist, business mogul, and author. Some recognize Soros as the most successful investor in the world, with his total net worth hitting $25.2 billion by May 2017. He is known for using his wealth to help the poor fight for their rights.

For instance, it is reported that Mr. Soros gave over $33 million in only one year to activists groups in Ferguson protests. Through his funding and mobilization, the whole country was able to stand against the criminal event that had occurred.

Through his open societies, George Soros was able to inculcate into the communities the spirit of togetherness, and they were able to fight for fair treatment by the government. More just and all-inclusive community that values democracy.

Also, through his organizations, he was able to help groups combine efforts and execute fruitful research through data collection. These made the societies involved feel more accountable. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Besides ground support, Soros- sponsored organizations also mobilized groups through online and social media campaigns. The groups became interdependent, sharing information, these kept them together and fought towards one goal of demanding justice for the Ferguson murder case.

All the protests activities, both online and social media campaigns were aimed at attracting the media’s attention on the injustice, and digging the interrelated causes. This helped broaden the focus on the issue.

With Mr. Soros help, ‘Black Lives Matter’ was able to transition from just a hashtag to a social media storm that gave rise to the #BlackLiveMatter bus tour, which helped turn a local injustice into a national outcry.

Colorlines, an online News site that highlights racial discrimination issues, was able to publish adequately the Ferguson activities, thanks to Mr. Soros’ foundation. This site helped promote the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and quest for justice.

Mr. Soros gave $5.4 million to Staten Island and to Ferguson to help them accelerate and implement the police reforms, accountability and to help them regain public trust.

Mr. Soros is also known for his interests in politics. He is a supporter of progressive and liberal causes and was a political donor for Mr. Obama, where he donated over $1 million to Mr. Obama’s campaign team back in 2012.

He also supported churches, like Representatives of Sojourners, a national Christian and religious organization that fought for social justice.

During last US elections, allies close to Mr. Soros reported that he was more politically motivated and engaged. This saw him commit more than $25 million to further Democratic political ambitions. He was even willing, for the first time, to attended Democratic Convention to watch Clinton accept the Democratic presidential flag bearer. Know more on about George Soros.

Mr. Soros move made him among the leading donors that supported the Democratic bid for the presidency. This step helped Clinton gather massive advantage regarding finances over Trump, and this allowed Clinton build a massive campaign that dwarfed Trump’s.

Sanjay Shaha Looking to Rise Money for Autistic Cure

This is a defect often detected at birth which can hinder the development of motor skills and other issues within the growing child. Sanjay Shah is a major investor and philanthropist, yet his son battles autism. Sanjay understands first hand how it affects not only the child but parents as well. This is why he has set out to help find a cure. While he does not have the scientific capacity to research treatments himself, it is his goal to raise money to search for a cure. This is why he is creating the Autism Rocks program, in hopes of raising money for the cure.

Private, Big Time Concerts

Just about everyone loves to take in concerts and go see their favorite musician. Often times, the money goes directly back to the musician and the venue. However, what if these concerts gave back in a different way. With thousands of fans coming out to a concert, they are able to raise money in the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) every single concert with the proceeds going towards a search for a cure.

Sanjay created the organization in 2014 as an invite only performance to bring individuals into London in hopes of raising money. During the initial concert, rock music legend Prince performed. Other private shows have included other performers in a variety of music genres, including Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble. In order to continue putting on these invite only performances though, Sanjay does need help raising money. There are musicians willing to donate their time and talents, but it still costs money to put on a show and to also donate funding to the Autism Research Trust (ART).

Funding for ART

In order to increase the amount of funding available for ART, Sanjay Shah created a Go Fund Me crowdfunding page. It is his hopes of raising money to continue to fund research into the disease in hopes of finding some form of treatment. Beyond just finding a cure, he wants to help understand the condition and assist others who are going through the situation.