New Vegan Snack HIPPEAS Seeks to Inspire Change

HIPPEAS is a new organic chickpeas puff snack that seeks to unite the modern day hippies to promote a more healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and earth. Designed to provide a healthy alternative to snacking, HIPPEAS are made free of harmful ingredients such as MSG’s, GMO’s or other added preservatives. Instead, HIPPEAS are packed with essential nutrients to make sure even snacks can be healthy.

They are an excellent source of fiber as well as protein. HIPPEAS are Vegan-approved as they are certified gluten free, organic and always packed with good vibes. In Herbs We Trust, Sweet & Smokin’, Far Out Fajita, and Pepper Power are some of the tasty different flavors that HIPPEAS come in. Each delicious serving packs 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber with only a total of 130 calories. Chickpeas were chosen as the key ingredient because of their plant-based nature as well as their ability to give back to the earth by the release of nitrogen.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO and founder of Green Park Brands, the company that created and operates HIPPEAS. Originating from Italy, Bisterzo attended the University of the Arts in London and has several years of experience in entrepreneurship. Before founding Green Park Brands in 2015, Bisterzo was involved in several successful companies in a variety of fields ranging from lifestyle to hospitality.

With the advent of Green Park Brands and their feature product HIPPEAS, Bisterzo sought to revolutionize the snacking culture and create a brand that would promote overall health and impactful social change. In that way, HIPPEAS partnered with Farm America to donate a portion of their profits to this organization to help farms in eastern Africa get out of poverty. HIPPEAS is also working on a long term project to create a supply chain in Ethiopia by supporting local farmers and creating a fair-trade network. Being a millennial-driven business, HIPPEAS shares the global perspective that this generation shares by making efforts to improve health and create a more socially conscious world.

In an interview withForbes Magazine, Bisterzo said that he “wanted to create a very powerful, culturally relevant brand” through HIPPEAS. Although already proving to be wildly popular with consumers, HIPPEAS is just the tip of the iceberg for Green Park Brands as they seek to create more products in the health and nutrition market that will promote the same ideals and positive change that HIPPEAS is spreading now.

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