Herbalife Nutrition – Changing Our World’s Nutrition and Prolonging Lives

In 1980, a man named Mark Hughes founded a company that gives jobs to close to 10,000 people across the globe. This company is called Herbalife Nutrition and it is a world-wide corporation with many stages of marketing. This corporation builds up, displays, and advertises nutritional products, management for people’s weight, nutrition for sports, and items for customers’ personal care. Herbalife is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, but its main headquarters are seated in Los Angeles, California. As of July 2015, Herbalife is up and running in 95 countries.

Herbalife Nutrition began very small with its founder, Mark Hughes, actually starting the business by selling weight management items from the trunk of his car. His mother had died young because of weight loss issues which lead to a horrible eating disorder that made her lose weight in a very unhealthy manner. Mark Hughes made that his motivation and made his company’s goal be to change the world’s nutritional ways. Mark’s first product, a shake to help people lose weight, eventually grew and blossomed, turning into one of America’s fastest-growing corporations. As the years went by, Mark spread out his business to different countries around the globe, and, even with many various investigations and charges put against Herbalife Nutrition over the years, it continues to grow and flourish.

An extreme athlete, photographer, filmmaker, and environmental activist named Sebastian Copeland, who is sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition, spoke out about his passion for nutrition – nutrition that is greatly needed for his active, adventurous lifestyle. Sebastian has led many different trips out into the Polar areas of the world, once spending six weeks on a scientific research icebreaking boat all the way in the Antarctic Peninsula. Sebastian even brought a bunch of children to the Canadian Arctic for a whole month as the Young Ambassadors of the Arctic. To add to those activities, Sebastian even went on a big trip to the geographical north pole, filming the whole mission that, later on, won him various awards and prizes. Through all of his most difficult endeavors, Sebastian has always used Herbalife products. “Herbalife has been a part of the most challenging expeditions that I’ve done,” Sebastian has said, “and the products have become a really critical and ongoing part of my diet.” Just like Sebastian, Herbalife Nutrition has benefited and greatly aided many people around the world, changing their nutrition and, probably, even prolonging their lives.



Brian Torchin, the Best Health Care Recruiter

Brian Torchin studied at the University of Delaware where he persuaded an undergraduate pre-med bachelor of science. After he was done with his undergraduate studies, Brian went on to study at the New York Chiropractic College from1992 to 1995 where he obtained a degree as a doctor Chiropractic. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/briantorchin and http://www.topix.com/forum/health/back-pain/TCJ48V9P77348GTUL

After he graduated from the college and becoming a licensed and board-certified chiropractic practitioner, Mr. Brian set up his chiropractic clinic. He would see many patients, which he mitigated their suffering and pain with his skills and his medical knowledge.

Brian Torchin also created a staffing company known as Health Care Recruiting Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. It is a staffing organization that fills the necessities of healthcare firms, hospitals, and legal companies. HCRC Staffing can help to fill various positions for the healthcare firms such as dentists, physical therapist, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and urgent care providers.

HCRC can also help law organizations fill positions for attorneys, secretaries, administrators, assistants, and paralegals, that is for the legal companies. Brian says that HCRC aspires to find an eligible candidate to fill critical job roles and duties in legal and healthcare organization within 72 hours.

With pricey knowledge and skills in what is required to run and maintain a facility of quality customers to the healthcare position, every human deserves, Mr. Torchin knows that to succeed in the field it takes an experienced healthcare professional. With Brian Torchin at the helm, the Health Care Recruitment Counselors would be the right choice for any medical practice. Following are three advantages of utilizing his services.

  • Employers can find qualified assistants by using HCRC services for potential medical

practitioners that will benefit their business.

  • To ensure adequate health professional in recruiting chiropractor position, HCRC works with hospitals and chiropractor private practices.
  • Apart from providing its clients with suitable medical professionals, HCRC also makes the recruiting process easy for the clients by checking the professional background and also training the recruited staff.