The Kindness of George Soros

The world has always been filled with hate. Hate is something that’s just as abundant as love, only worse. It seems like hate is winning these days, which is why people like George Soros are so important. George Soros is billionaire Wall Street genius who’s dedicated his life to philanthropy.

Mr. Soros is up in Nazi-occupied Hungary. As a Jew, it’s understandable why he felt unwanted in his home country. Even after the Nazis left, Hungary was still a Communist nation. He decided to move to London to get away and ended up in the United States.

Once there, he joined the endless hedge fund managers of Wall Street. In 1992, he made one billion dollars by shorting the British pound. Since then, he’s been a huge success on Wall Street. About 30 years, he began giving to charities. It started with a few local organizations and evolved from there, and

Eventually, he created his own organization, Open Society. It’s been that organization that’s received most of his generosity since. Several sources, including the NY Times, report that he’s donated over $18 billion to his foundation. According to Soros, he plans on donating another $2 billion in the next few years.

Open Society isn’t the largest philanthropic organization, but it has the most fans; the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation is the largest. Despite that, Open Society is the most effective and impactful of any philanthropic organization. For the past 30 years, Open Society’s operated in more than 120 countries.

Recently, the foundation’s been acting in the United States. America is the world leader in a lot of things, but it’s been having a lot of issues with hate lately. Open Society is focused on preventing hate incidents from continuing to ravage the nation. Soros even gave $10 million just to stop the violence in Charlottesville, and what George Soros knows.

Part of trying to change the world is getting involved in politics. Naturally, Soros sides with Democrats, as Republicans rub him the wrong way. His public support of leaders like Hillary Clinton made him a target for right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Not only does his support Democratic politicians, he opposes Republicans. JPost recently talked how he once said he’d give up his fortune to prevent President George W. Bush from being reelected. Of course, that didn’t go over well with Republicans or their supporters, and

Thor Halvorssen’s Fight for the Respect of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a household name in the world of human activisms. He started participating in the world of activism at a young age, this was necessitated by the underlying political situation that was being experienced in Venezuela. He was born in Venezuela from a political family. His father served as a minister in the government where he handled high profile cases. During the course of his duty, his father was arrested while undertaking an investigation in a powerful drug cartel syndicate. This was seen as an attempt by the government to cover up corrupt government officials from the illicit trade.

He was jailed without the due process which brought uprising of street protests. Thor Halvorssen participated actively in the demonstration that were all over the streets of Venezuela. This prompted the international and civil society bodies to intervene which resulted in his release. This was one of the major milestone that were made towards realization of political freedom in Venezuela. As a result, many political detainees in Venezuela became aware of their rights and privileges and were later released from prison. Thor Halvorssen developed interest in the civil activism during his life in the university where he studied a degree in English and American literature. During his life at the university, he was in charge as the editor of the school newspaper publication.

His mother was also involved in active demonstrations fighting for the rights and privileges of people to be respected. As a result, many people were shot at including her mother. This brought a lot of sensitization among members of the entire country who stood up to fight the bad regime. These challenges prompted Thor Halvorssen to establish the Human Right Foundation that stands for the respect of rights of people across the world. The organization has been promoting peaceful co-existence of people throughout the world and Thor’s lacrosse camp.

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Head Of Human Rights Group Professes Support Of Bernie Sanders Live To Shocked Fox News Hostess

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the human rights foundation. He started the humanitarian foundation because as a young man he saw the power of humanitarian work in his own life. His father was falsely imprisoned in Venezuela where he was denigrated and beaten before human rights organizations like Amnesty International stepped in. The human rights organizations works to free Thor’s father from the clutches of a dictator.

The aim of the human rights foundation is to eliminate dictators all over the world and to expose, and ultimately end, any of the dictators corruption. So you could see why Mr. Halvorseen was so confused during a recent Fox News interview.

The interview starts with a hostess that says that socialism is bad. She then turns to for Halvorssen to ask him why socialism is bad, trying to tie his work with the human rights foundation to the common conservative fight against socialism. The founder of the human rights foundation responds by saying that socialism is not necessarily an evil. He then goes on to talk about his passion, explaining that some dictators use socialist governments as a means to exploit their people. He then begins to say that there are plenty of countries around the world that have democratic socialist governments that are run well.

The hostess then intervenes because it seems the segment is getting off topic. She then tries to steer the conversation back to why socialism is bad, saying that supporters of Bernie Sanders do not understand the evils of the Senator’s democratic socialist agenda. She then asks Thor to define socialism.

Thor Halvorssen begins to display an intelligent understanding of socialism when he is interrupted again with the hostess saying that she did not want to get bogged down in the details. That’s one for surprises the hostess with an admission — she has donated to the democratic socialist cause of Mr. Sanders in the maximum amount of $2700.

The confusion of the interviewer seems to show that Fox was trying to use the founder of the human rights foundation to smear the potential presidential nomination of Sen. Sanders, and it failed on live television. Find Thor Halvorssen on Facebook to keep up with news and information.

Human Rights Foundation Looking to Improve the Lives of Others

Around the world there are people who are not given the same quality of life as what they might receive in other regions. Often times, this is due to the government in the country. Angola is such a nation that has put down most of the residents in the nation due to the large amount of oil and diamonds discovered inside of the country. The governing family inside of the nation has been labeled a dictatorship and often does anything necessary in order to bring in more financial gain for the family, typically at the expense of the citizens. The family has had opposing government officials, reporters, writers and citizens killed when they voice their opinions about the government. Despite this, Nicki Minaj performed for the family and high ranking government officials on Christmas, despite the pleading of Human Rights Foundation and the founder, Thor Halvorseen.

Thor created The Human Rights Foundation back in the spring of 2005 in order to help oppose apartheid in South Africa. He has also worked with multiple other organizations that support human rights, such as On Now Feet: The Centipede Children and the Foundation of Individual Rights and Education. He currently does everything he can in order to help citizens around the world receive appropriate treatment. It is why he does everything in his power to not support dictators who rise to power at the expense of almost every single citizen within the nation.

The ruling family in Angola became wealthy off of the backs of its citizens. The money the nation makes is blood money, due to the labor of diamonds and oil sold to other nations and businesses that do not have a problem with this. The Human Rights Foundation, as well as Thor Halvorseen, try to educate companies and individuals that supporting the dictator’s family and what it does simply supports the way the country treats its citizens. It is why the organization reached out to Nicki Minaj and asked her to cancel the private concert (once she received millions of dollars to do).

Nicki did not cancel her show and instead went to perform for the dictator, his family and close government officials. She decided to accept the blood money for her performance, despite all of the information Thor Halvorseen offered her. It is yet to be determined what sort of consequences it might have on her career or the people of Angola.