OSI Group: An Evolving Story of Success

The current status of OSI Group as a market leader in processed goods starkly contrasts to its humble beginnings. Starting as a family-owned butcher shop located at the corner of the street, OSI has grown into a global business empire with operations spread across continents. The company currently employs over 20,000 who work diligently to deliver quality processed foods to its ever-growing customer base. By continually evolving and responding to customer needs, OSI Group has grown from a corner butchery into a multinational conglomerate with over 65 facilities spread across geopolitical regions including the United States, China, Japan, and the UK among others. Founded in 1909 and currently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has founded its growth and development into a global brand on capacity building. The company has continuously implemented innovative food processing ideas that have allowed it to deliver highly customized foods that meet the tastes and preferences of their customers. Read more about OSI Group at Wikipedia.

Versatility beyond Product Portfolio and Markets

OSI Group boasts of well-managed supply and distribution channels spread across seventeen countries which have enabled it to expand its product portfolio to non-meat products. To further improve and secure across its supply chain management and support customer needs, the company in August 2018 announced the launch of Elementum; a SaaS-based supply chain orchestration platform. The new platform announced by the group’s senior vice president in charge of its global supply chain, Mark Richardson, underlines the company’s commitment to modernize its operations. The new system will enable the company to effectively manage its multi-enterprise inventories and share information with its suppliers and distributors in real time. The company’s responsiveness to market needs is also reflected in its leadership hierarchy. Both Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, the company’s CEO and president, respectively, joined the company as junior managers but rose the ranks of its leadership. Through their visionary leadership, OSI Group has established even a greater operational footprint domestic and overseas by acquiring businesses and opening facilities in strategic markets and locations. OSI believes in enhancing sustainability to cater to clients from from different backgrounds. With the help of the two leaders, the organization has succeeded in expanding its portfolio.

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Talos Energy Becomes Public and Offers Investment Opportunity

Talos Energy is a growing oil drilling company located in Texas. The company recently acquired a small energy company called Stone Energy. As part of this deal, Talos Energy has decided to become a publicly traded company. There are numerous implications for a company that goes public. In the past few years, many people have looked for investment opportunities in the oil industry. In early 2014, the price of oil crashed to below $30 per barrel. That was the lowest level of oil prices in many decades. During this time, multiple oil drilling companies went out of business.

Oil drilling companies generally carry high levels of debt. Drilling for oil in various parts of the country is expensive. New technology requires additional capital to develop. The good news for the energy industry is that oil prices are now above $80 a barrel. High crude oil prices result in higher profits for companies like Talos Energy.

Reporting Sales

One of the stipulations of becoming a public company is reporting sales to shareholders. Reporting sales and profits is an essential aspect of managing a publicly traded company. When Talos Energy goes public, it will offer shares of stock in the company. Once the shares are sold on the open market, the company will have hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to utilize. Most oil drilling companies invest extra money into land and equipment.

Future Plans

The leaders of Talos Energy have multiple plans for the future. While oil prices are high, it is essential for companies to pay down debt and build a large cash reserve. Some people get greedy during strong economic growth. Being too aggressive can result in financial issues many years in the future. Although Talos Energy is still a small drilling company, some oil experts think it could become a significant player in the oil industry over the next decade.

Their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

Talos Merger with Lafayette to Enhance Massive Growth for Talos Energy

The prime goal of any investment is to skyrocket by cultivating every opportunity through strategic plans to achieve a desired goal. One key great milestone a business can make to attain such success is identifying partners with similar goals and teaming up not only to compliment but also fill a partner’s gap to steadily accelerate the speed of achievements. Talos energy is an ideal illustration of a great Company that has considered acquiring Lafayette to rejuvenate their strength towards obtaining their goals.

The Background Information

Talos energy based in Houston is keen to acquire Lafayette, a stone energy corporation, based in Louisiana in a $1.9b merge. The united company will be baptized Talos Energy Inc. and it will use a symbol “TALO” in the New York trade.

The promising unity is a backed move towards becoming not only a production company, but also a superior offshore exploration. Bringing together all that wide resource base, skills and expertise to a common pool is a major realization. This resulting combination of companies therefore will only position the newly created company in a better place to pursue new opportunities vehemently and more zealously. With the close of the deal, the stakeholders of Talo will be entitled to 63% ownership on the other hand shareholders from Stone will claim 30%. The capitalization market equity at the start is projected to be roughly $1.9 b and the value of enterprise approximated to $2.5 in accordance to the November stock price ($35.49) for Stone.

Details of the Merger

The new company, Talos Energy Inc., will therefore have 1.2 million total acres in Mexico’s Gulf, 47,000 barrels of oil daily as well a great financial flexibility. The CEO will be Duncan and directors’ board would constitute 10 members, 6 from Talos while 4 from Stone and the head quarter will be based in Houston.

Company Profile

Talos energy is a company dealing oil and gas through the use of exploration, processing and oil and natural gas production in Mexico. Riverstone Holdings together with Apollo GM helped, through funding to create the company in the year 2012, and the founder was Timothy Duncan.

The Outline

Together with Sierra oil and gas, Talos energy made an announcement concerning the Zama-1 drilling field that exploratory uncovered 1.4-2 billion barrels since oil in that form can be entire recovered hence more millions of barrels could still be realized in the same exploration field.