Fortress Investment Group uses all means they can to grow the business

The asset under management that Fortress Investment Group has is more than $74 billion, and the employees that they have are nearly 6.000. With that, it makes it one of the world’s largest alternative when it comes to the asset managers. Fortress Investment Group headquarters located in New York, but still, the company has other affiliate offices in North America that are located in parts like Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The firm was founded by trio partners that were being led by Wesley Edens in 1998. Wesley Edens had the needed help in founding the firm from Roberts Kauffman and Randal Nardone. There are three business units that fortress operates on since it was founded traditional asset management, principal investment and alternative asset management. The main things that Fortress Investment Group deals with are recapitalization, buyout and turnaround situation.Also, it deals with the investment of so many things from the real estate, leisure, media, healthcare, power generation, energy and so many others.

With all that, they have been able to have a good reputation and managing assets of over 1750 institutional clients. They have been able to achieve all this because of the leadership of Fortress Investment Group. The leadership is committed to making sure that they have maintained strong corporate governance practices and policies. Some policies and procedures have been set by the board of directors so that the firm will be able to achieve the highest level of integrity and accountability.The primary focus of the company is that they will be able to make money for their customer. They have realized that they have an opportunity of being able to provide their customers with the services needed and money at that same time with their investment. Fortress Investment Group knew that for them to succeed they have to give their customers the level of commitment that they need. Also, to assisting customer’s when it comes to the service area, they can help customers choose the right investment.

They know what exactly is happening in the investments plans and they have an idea of what investment to make to get the best.After Fortress Investment Group started to be active on social media, they have done their best in ensuring that any change that will be made will be a positive one. They do their level best in giving the customers grips of how they are performing and what customers can expect from the company. Customer first is what Fortress Investment Group is concerned with, by doing so the customers will see that if they were to interact with the company, they would get nothing but positive results. Fortress Investment Group has not shied away from social media as they have made it a big part of the business. They have used social media to better their business. They wanted customers to know exactly what they were doing. Also, they knew that if they showed on social media what they were doing, that would help with the connection they had with customers. Learn More.

Enjoy Affordable Stock Loans from Equities First South Africa

Equities First South Africa is a financial services company providing equity-based lending services in South Africa. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equities First Holdings based in Indianapolis, the US, with offices in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong among many others. It provides business capital and non-purpose loans to high net worth individuals and targeted institutions. Securities such as stocks are used as collateral to guarantee the loans.

Equities First offers products in business and personal finance and portfolio management. An in-depth understanding of the available products and market demand for alternative investment ensures they offer innovative products that deliver.

Businesses and high net worth individuals are increasingly turning to security-based lenders for capital funding and liquidity options. Equity loans are getting popular because of their fixed interest rates, protection from market fluctuations on the collateral used and a security guarantee from a global institution. Their non-recourse nature means there is no possibility of penalties on defaulting to clear the balance. Equities First South Africa’s services are quick and expedited, cutting out most of the red tape involved in conventional lending institutions.

Equities First is a great option for the discerning borrower who likes the convenience of less stringent credit checks. There are a lot of benefits to stock loans which is making them gain more traction in today’s global economy.

Stock loans are great options for those looking to improve their credit rating without incurring penalties or cutting back on lifestyle expenditure. They are manageable due to the low-interest rates. Your individual credit score is not the biggest factor to getting affordable credit. There is no request for business plans or use-purpose documents. The application and evaluation process is simple, allowing you to make quick decisions for faster business growth. At loan maturity, you claim back the stock at current market values.

The Success Of Martin Lustgarten In Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most interesting fields of banking. It involves generation of capital for various entities such as companies or even governments. In most cases, investment banks offer informed advice regarding evaluation and placement of investments. In addition to these, the investment banks facilitate business developments through acquisition, reorganization, and mergers. Typically, investment banks work in collaboration with numerous large banks to meet the interests of investors. They are also involved in developing fundraising strategies for businesses, determining the net-worth of entities, and advising on the most effective approach that would derive optimum results.
A career as an investment banker is one of the most admirable roles presently. However, attaining the position of a financial analyst or an investment banker always requires patience in addition to advanced research, observation, and analytical skills. Besides, one must develop excellent interpersonal skills to ensure effective application of all the other skills. For these reasons, only a few people become successful investment bankers.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prominent investment bankers that have transformed the industry. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the famous Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking entity based in Florida. The firm is not only renowned in Florida but also one of the leading investment banking companies in the history of banking. The great company receives accolades due to the exemplary leadership of the founder Mr. Martin Lustgarten who has been in the investment banking for several years, gaining experience in equity trades and security exchange.

As one of the best financial analysts and investment bankers in America, Mr. Martin’s firm is a top choice for investors. Additionally, Lustgarten Martin has set a record of achievements, created a good reputation and attracted a good number of clients over the years. Although several qualities set Mr. Martin apart from other investment bankers, critical evaluation of investment options and effective communication are perhaps the most admirable. He has a noble way of passing information to the clients and strives to improve and sustain excellent customer service. In addition to these, he influences the staffs at a personal level to enhance their productivity and service to the customers.

Madison Street Capital COO Receives Industry Honor

The Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala was recently recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The 40 under Forty program recognizes those under the age of forty for their extraordinary contributions in advancing the field. This includes advancements is business valuation, litigation consulting, expert witness testimony, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions and other related fields.

Those chosen to receive this honor are selected by the NACVA Executive staff and the judges reported that they felt “overwhelmed with the quality of candidates which made the decision-making process very difficult.” The honorees were chosen from more than 125 nominees.

“The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute are founded on excellence, superior quality, and the spirit of pioneering with visionary leaders across all spectrum of the accounting and financial consulting professions regardless of affiliation with NACVA and the CTI. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was designed to give voice and opportunity to the next generation of industry mavericks recognizing their contributions to the profession, their communities, and their contributions yet to come,” states Brien K. Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for NACVA and the CTI.

This is one of the highest honors in the industry and Mr. Marsala and the other honorees to be named to the 40 under forty list should be held high regard in their respective fields.

Madison Street Capital, which was founded in 2005, is an investment banking firm providing its clients a wide variety of services including business valuation, financial opinions and valuation for the purpose of financial reporting among other services.

Madison Street Capital provides advisory services for clients interested in mergers and acquisitions by providing a true understanding of the value of the company. This a necessary first step in any merger and acquisition and provides a clear picture of the companies present state and future prospects.

With offices in North America, Asia and Africa is a leading advisory firm that possesses the relationships, knowledge and experience to unite potential buyers and sellers and match parties with the most appropriate form of financing for the client.

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Chicago’s Madison Street Capital Is Outperforming Other Funds In The Investment Industry

There has been a lot of talk lately about hedge funds and insider trading lately. The popular CBS news reporting show, “60 Minutes” recently did a segment on the largest hedge fund in the country. In that news report, hedge fund managers were not viewed as the most trusted individuals in the financial industry. In fact, some hedge fund managers were painted as insider traders that made millions at the expense of ordinary citizens. But Madison Street Capital’s CEO and founder Charles Botchway is not one of those hedge fund cheats. Botchway has an unblemished record in the merger and acquisition industry and for being an outstanding hedge fund manager. Not all hedge fund managers try to beat the system, and there is no better example of sound investing than the executive team that Botchway put together at Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital recently released a report that mentions the 42 hedge fund transactions that the company completed in 2015. In 2014, Madison Street completed 32 hedge fund deals, so even though the hedge fund industry is taking a beating, Madison Street Capital is doing better than most financial institutions. The reason for Madison Street’s success is simple. The company keeps their investment and merger and acquisition divisions in sync with what is happening around the world, according to an article published by

In that article, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha said that the hedge fund industry is trying to adjust to the global economy. D’Cunha said consolidations and opportunistic partnerships were in the works to offset some of the uneasiness that hedge fund managers are experiencing. In 2015, hedge funds didn’t perform as well as they did in 2014, and D’Cunha thinks 2016 will be another soft year for hedge fund investors.

There are several factors that are hurting big money investors. The main factor is China, but the migration issue in Europe and the dysfunction that exists in the European Union are also playing a role in the poor performance of hedge funds. Corporate profits are off around the globe, and if the economists are right, the United States is on the verge of another 2008 type recession that could hurt investors.

But Madison Street Capital is still optimistic about 2016. Botchway thinks 2016 will turn out to be one of the company’s best years for mergers and acquisitions because of the looming recession. Recessions don’t always mean fewer profits according to Botchway. Some of the company’s best profit producing years were during recessionary periods.

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Demystifying Investment Banking

The very impervious nature of Wall Street is that which also serves to keep people somewhat out-of-the-loop about exactly what goes on in the our most wonderful capitalistic center. Unfortunately most people could not fully grasp what goes on there anyway. That being said, investment banking helps nearly every individual in this country, yet few know even loosely how this comes to pass. When companies need to raise money to grow, they need agents to help them explore all available options.

The local branch banker is not the person to handle this task. Companies also eventually get to the point where, if they’ve had a modicum of success, are contemplating becoming a publicly traded company as a means to raise funds, or the only reason a company goes public at all. Investment bankers also help with this transaction as they work to garner rounds of funding for a company en route becoming publicly traded entity. Investment banking leaks from Wall Street to every nook-and-cranny across this country, and they are a beneficial, albeit completely bottom-line motivated, force.

There are many unsung heroes in this space, and largely because they are not seeking wide-acclaim for their work, but rather are just getting the job done, and quite well at that. Martin Lustgarten, and his eponymous investment banking firm, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is doing just that. He has brought the complicated world of Wall Street and investment banking to an area where his services are required, and where he can educate people on exactly what their options are. Invariably this would not be the case, and to get counsel from an investment banker one would have to travel to a major metropolitan area, at the very least, and would likely be caught up in confusing jargon during this encounter, adding to a possible sense of apprehension about things unknown, or investment banking at large.

Mr. Lustgarten is there to breakdown the complicated notions of investment banking, and use his acumen to provide banking solutions, in layman’s terms, to an appreciative, and likely otherwise underserved, clientele. He is going where no investment banker has gone before, and where no New York banker would. There is altruism in Martin Lustgarten’s efforts, and he is revamping the reputation of investment banking in a small corner of Florida, perhaps for only a few, but his efforts are surely not lost on those few. Check out his Instagram for more information an photos.