Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital. Moreover, he is the founder of the firm. Chris is a renowned entrepreneur. He boasts of more than forty years of practice as an entrepreneur and a very active investor in numerous industries. Chris Burch also served as the president of the Pierre Hotel Corporate Board.

Chris has participated in the growth of several technologies and luxury brands like the Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel plus universe. His success in the entrepreneurship began while he was a student at Ithaca College in the year 1976.

In collaboration with his brother Bob, Chris launched the Eagle’s Eye apparel. In this business, the brothers bought sweaters and sold them at a profit of $5 per sweater. While in his company, Burch came up with an idea of building a factory that would produce a unique type of sweaters.

He then could be able to sell them to the comrades’ door-to-door. He had invested $2,000 in this business. Later on, the business expanded rapidly and then gained a profit of $165 million. After that, the Swire Group hired the company in the year 1989. In the year 1998, the Swire Group bought the Eagle’s Eye business wholly.

After selling their Eagle’s Eye, Burch invested in the Internet Capital Group. He was recognized as one of the earliest investors in that group. In the year 2004, Burch collaborated with a hotelier by the name Alan Faena and an architect Phillipe Stark to start the Faena hotel plus Universe that is located at Buenos Aires.

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A year later Chris Burch bought a luxury home found at Southampton in New York ( He then renovated the house and sold it four months later at a profit of $11 million. Chris then started a business that supplied the construction materials to many real estate developers.

Back then in the year 1993, Burch was the producer of the comedy film by the name Watch It that was directed by Tom Flynn. The New York Times highly reviewed the comedy. In the year 2014 July Chris partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to start a lifestyle brand. On the same year, Chris launched the Cocoon9. Then Chris built the Nihiwatu Resort, check

The Nihiwatu Hotel has dramatically expanded and become the principal local employer on the island. Some cash is withdrawn from the hotel’s profit and deposited in the Sumba Foundation. The Sumba foundation deals with funding the projects aimed at helping the local community.

Welcome to Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort

Welcome to Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort

If there is something more exciting for tycoon Chris Burch than making the dollars, then it would be creating luxury brands. The name Chris Burch is so well a household name in the luxury industry. It’s the name behind major luxury brands; Tory Burch, the Faena Hotel, and Universe, Jawbone is but the few brands associated with the Man (

During a visit to an island –Sumba Island- in Indonesia, Chris Burch with his entrepreneurial spirit and eye to identify opportunity he saw the window of opportunity and grabbed it. He bought Nihiwatu resort and could later build the brand for it to be voted the best luxury resort (

So what does Nihiwatu present to its client that makes it stand out? The resort’s location is enchanting as is relatively unknown hence provides a perfect hideout for people seeking to spend some time is the solace of nature. The view the resort offers is mind-clearing.

From the small hostel, it was before its acquisition by Chris Burch, the transformation is obvious. This transformation is though very careful not to disrupt the peace and ambiance that existed before the change. Because it is here the resort draws the energy that it fills the customers with.

The hotel in the resort is practically the perfect getaway. With a varied price range and the option of enough technology advancement like the presence of WiFi facilities that is a haven for anyone willing to utilize. However, the resort management also acknowledges that some of its customers are out to seek a hide-out from technology. They offer Yoga which is a perfect way to be away from technology.

Besides the food Nihiwatu resort offer is just what it should be, the best. A combination of organic foods and seafood prepared exquisitely by chefs who are well aware that it needs to be the best. The local and exotic cuisine made coupled with the drinks that are offered offer just what the customers exist.

Encrypted in the island’s DNA is the spirit of exploration. Chris Burch recognized this aligned the business model of the resort with exploration. Persons who travel to Indonesia to visit Nihiwatu resort in Sumba Island will never fall short of an adventure. From treks and drives to interact with the locals of the island to the surfing in the waves for surfers, there is just about enough fun for anyone who cares for fun.

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Peter Briger Helping Fortress Investment Group Grow and Flourish

The organizations, as well as individuals, are realizing the importance of managing their finance in an organized manner as it is the first step to wealth creation. Wealth creation is a robust, complex, and time-consuming process, and the investment management companies are expert with it. If the companies do not invest their money in an organized and productive manner, the chances of wealth creation continue to deteriorate. Investment is not secure these days, and there are endless numbers of investment options these days that can confuse anyone. Whether it is an organization or an individual, it would be difficult to judge where to invest and on what. It is where the need of an experienced and reputed investment management firm comes in.

Investment management firms are expert in handling assets and investments and can provide a custom-tailored strategy on how to handle funds. The investments need to grow with time, and it is what investment management firms can facilitate. Fortress Investment Group is an investment management firm that has been in the business of investment management for many years. The company began its journey in the world of investment management as an equity firm but soon started providing a range of other services as well, including real estate investment, credit fund, hedge fund, and more. In a short span of time, Fortress Investment Group has come to be known as the pioneers in the field of investment management.

The success of the Fortress Investment Group can be partly attributed to its leadership as well, which consist of Peter Briger, who serves as the Principal as well as the co-chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Currently based in San Francisco, California, Peter Briger has more than two decades of experience in the finance sector and has served a few of the high ranking top-tier finance companies. Peter Briger was selected as the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group in 2009, even though he has been associated with the firm since 2002 and had served at different positions during that tenure.Peter Briger has done his MBA from Wharton School of Business and has completed his graduation from Princeton University. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger used to work with Goldman Sachs, where he served in numerous positions, including Asian Distressed Debt business. Currently, as Principal and Co-Chairman, the primary aim of Peter Briger is to help expand the business and increase the revenue of Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group uses all means they can to grow the business

The asset under management that Fortress Investment Group has is more than $74 billion, and the employees that they have are nearly 6.000. With that, it makes it one of the world’s largest alternative when it comes to the asset managers. Fortress Investment Group headquarters located in New York, but still, the company has other affiliate offices in North America that are located in parts like Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The firm was founded by trio partners that were being led by Wesley Edens in 1998. Wesley Edens had the needed help in founding the firm from Roberts Kauffman and Randal Nardone. There are three business units that fortress operates on since it was founded traditional asset management, principal investment and alternative asset management. The main things that Fortress Investment Group deals with are recapitalization, buyout and turnaround situation.Also, it deals with the investment of so many things from the real estate, leisure, media, healthcare, power generation, energy and so many others.

With all that, they have been able to have a good reputation and managing assets of over 1750 institutional clients. They have been able to achieve all this because of the leadership of Fortress Investment Group. The leadership is committed to making sure that they have maintained strong corporate governance practices and policies. Some policies and procedures have been set by the board of directors so that the firm will be able to achieve the highest level of integrity and accountability.The primary focus of the company is that they will be able to make money for their customer. They have realized that they have an opportunity of being able to provide their customers with the services needed and money at that same time with their investment. Fortress Investment Group knew that for them to succeed they have to give their customers the level of commitment that they need. Also, to assisting customer’s when it comes to the service area, they can help customers choose the right investment.

They know what exactly is happening in the investments plans and they have an idea of what investment to make to get the best.After Fortress Investment Group started to be active on social media, they have done their best in ensuring that any change that will be made will be a positive one. They do their level best in giving the customers grips of how they are performing and what customers can expect from the company. Customer first is what Fortress Investment Group is concerned with, by doing so the customers will see that if they were to interact with the company, they would get nothing but positive results. Fortress Investment Group has not shied away from social media as they have made it a big part of the business. They have used social media to better their business. They wanted customers to know exactly what they were doing. Also, they knew that if they showed on social media what they were doing, that would help with the connection they had with customers. Learn More.

Randal Nardone: The Principal At Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has been a well-reputed name in the financial field and has served as an important name when it comes to investment and asset management. He has been working in the field of finance for several years and has served at notable positions within several companies. The work that he has been doing has helped several companies all over the country who want to improve their financial situation, and who want to be able to develop their businesses in the industries that they are in.After working in the financial field for several years, Nardone decided that it was time to venture out on his own and start up his private company. It was a plan that he had wanted to put into action for several years, and only in 1998 believed that it was time for him to start up a company of his own. He teamed up with a few well-known financialists who together formed a company that would stand to take on the field.

By putting together their years worth of experience, and also by implementing all that they had learned through the course of their careers, Fortress Investment Group was formed.Randal Nardone has been an essential part of the development that Fortress Investment Group has seen through the years. Being with the company all through the journey, he knew the routes that the company would have to take to develop. He was also a part of the transition that the company had made in 2007 when it decided to go public and let people invest in them through the New York Stock Exchange. Because of this move, Fortress Investment Group becomes the first investment company of its kind to do so, giving them a lot of positive recognition. Many other companies followed in the company’s footsteps, but it was only because of the forethought of experienced professionals like Nardone that the company was able to take on this endeavor.Fortress Investment Group was not the first place that Nardone took up an executive position within the company.

Before coming and working with Fortress Investment Group, Nardone worked with a company known as Springleaf Financial Holdings. He served as the Principal at this company and significantly improved its workings through the numerous developments that he implemented. Another company that Nardone has worked for in the past was Newcastle Holdings, which is also a place where he stood at an executive position. He served as the Vice President of the company and implemented a number of strategic moves to improve its overall workings. Fortress Investment Group might have been the biggest leap in Nardone’s career, but he already had ample amount of experience working with a wide range of clients. During the course of his long career, he has worked with businesses and corporations belonging to an array of different sectors and has helped them grow by implementing a number of plans of action that are beneficial to them and work around the needs that the company might have.

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Chris Burch Tries to Help Others With Positive Resort Opportunities

Chris Burch gives people a chance to experience more while they’re on vacation. With Nihiwatu, they don’t have to worry about the high cost that often accompanies luxury. They also don’t need to sacrifice anything just because they’re saving money. The point of making the resort better is to give people what they’re looking for without the price of the luxury increasing to the point where they have to deal with different issues. For Chris Burch, the resort will continue to offer people the chance to try different things on their own, check

As long as Burch does his best to give people what they’re looking for, he’ll have a chance to try different things. He’ll also make sure people can experience positive impacts after they visit Nihiwatu. The resort will continue growing as more people learn what they can do to make it better. It will also be one of the best options people can take advantage of while they’re trying different vacations. If people want to try something exotic and luxurious, Chris Burch provides them with Nihiwatu ( It is affordable and accessible to most people no matter what type of budget they have available.

Chris Burch worked in another industry that was luxurious. He saw a lot of success in the fashion industry because of the hard work he put into the business he ran. The business he founded is Tory Burch. The company is one of the top fashion companies in the industry. It caters to people who show interest in luxury that is positive and understated. The company provides classic examples of fashion people can use no matter what they like. It has a lot of staples people can purchase and use for years. While it may not be affordable upfront the way Nihiwatu is, it lasts for a long time which means it is affordable.

While Tory Burch is thriving, Chris Burch wants to make sure people see he is still relevant. He makes sure he can show people what they need to do and how they can enjoy different things. Nihiwatu is his chance to offer more opportunities to people who need his help. He also wants everyone to know how hard he works to give others what they need. As long as Chris Burch can give others the chance they need to be successful, he will continue thriving in any industry he chooses to have a business in.

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Billionaire Chris Burch Journey to a Successful Venture

Christopher Burch was born and brought up in Wayne, United States of America and happens to be a giant in the renowned and vast real estate industry. He has been on the frontline working for the success of these industries and has worked closely towards ensuring that he achieves his dreams of becoming the leading real estate giants. He was born on 18th March 1953 and has over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has been able to create big business partnerships for the great success of his company and has done marvelously well when it comes to development and achievement of the company. Chris became a billionaire officially in the year 2012, and he has persistently been lusted by Forbes as a leading billionaire in the industry. He has been the chairman and the founder of Burch Creative Capital which happens to be one of the top investment organizations in the world. His great expertise and business skills cannot be matched with anything else.

Burch has vast experience in so many industries and has invested his expertise in both the fashion and the real estate sectors.  According to, he went to Ithaca College, and during his time at the college, he opened his first venture by name Eagle’s Eyes. The company had an initial investment of about 2,000 dollars. The company used to buy clothes at a low price and selling them at a very high price that also made them start producing their brand called Preppy Sweaters. He has also been on the frontline ensuring that he becomes a leader in the industry. He used to sell these products to fellow campus students, and they used to record tremendous sales. They later sold part of the company to Swire group in the year 1989. In 2004, Burch co-founded Tory Burch which was a fashion store they co-founded with his wife.

He became a co-chairman and contributed so well to the success of the company. He then went on to open Burch Creative Capital which was a serious company dedicated to the success. The company was launched so that it could help in managing his overall investments and has been on the frontline working towards great and increased investments. He also launched C. Wonder in the year 2011, but after four years in the business, he sold it to Xcel Brands.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, check on

Burch has also done very well in the real estate business and has partnered with great people in business so that they could be able to come up with ultra modern and best-selling companies. He partnered with Alan Faena who happened to be a great hotelier and also architect Phillippe in the year 2004, and they decided to come up with a great hotel, in fact, one of the best across the world known as Faena Hotel+Universe which is located in Buenos.   Additional article here.

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Jason Hope On the Future of Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a futurist and an ardent believer of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is also a writer, an entrepreneur and a commentator on latest technology trends. Jason Hope writes extensively about the topic of Internet of Things on his blog According to him, the Internet of Things is the best technology advancement to have ever hit the tech world. Jason Hopes predictions on the direction that the technology is taking are usually taken as an authority by his readers. Those who have followed him for a long time understand that he is very passionate about technology and spends most of his time analyzing what is happening currently and what impact it will have on the future and resume him.

What is the purpose of the Internet of Things? Internet of things enables electronic devices to connect to each other. In technological terms; it allows syncing of devices. These devices could be anything from kitchen appliances to cars, street lights, and any other electronic device. The services that are connecting do so by connecting to the same network. This enables them to share data hence improving their efficiencies as well, as reducing wastages. According to Jason hope, Internet of Things presents a platform for the business industry to benefit from the many advantages that it creates. He continues to add that the Internet of Things will be the biggest tech advancement to have ever been witnessed and more information click here.

Jason Hope thinks that the wave of Internet of Things will be so huge that corporations will be in stiff competition to outdo each other on which could come up with the best applications to be used together with the internet of things. He believes that as more and more companies embrace this trend, it will necessitate many other companies to keep pace with the trend. Hope predicts a time in future when every device will be able to sync with each other and

Jason Hope says that the current smart technology that we are experiencing today will take another twist for the better. Current smart technology revolves around phones and computers, but this is set to get a boost with other devices having abilities to sync data hitting the market and learn more about Jason Hope.

The biggest advantage that Internet of Things will bring is that it will reduce wastages by a huge mark. Our current lives are accompanied by wanton wastages that can be eliminated by the internet of things. A good example is its use in streamlining the transport system. Internet of Things can be used to map roads and relay data to road users. Mapping will give road users firsthand information of incidents happening on the roads. In cases of congestion, alternative routes will be provided and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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Jason Hope and the SENS Research Foundation

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the idea that everything will eventually be connected through technology. This includes things like smartphones and tablets but also branches out to things like everyday appliances, traffic lights, and cars. Jason Hope believes that this will be the only way forward shortly. Mr. Hope stated that all big corporations would take this on as their biggest investment ever, and smaller companies would either adopt to too or risk being left behind. As everyone embraces the Internet of Things, it will streamline everyday life. He cites improvements in emergency tracking systems, GPS, and transportation. Eventually, this will all come down to less pollution and less waste, which will be even better for the planet.

Jason Hope Early Life

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who calls Scottsdale, Arizona home. He grew up in Tempe, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. While Mr. Hope was attending Arizona State University, he majored in finance. He went on to get his MBA from the Carey School of Business in Arizona and to know more click here.

SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is a company that specializes in researching anti-aging solutions. It is focused on creating a better quality of life for people, and it was founded in 2009. This foundation is trying to find links to cell damage and diseases like Alzheimer’s, and seeking to repair the damage or stop it from progressing. The SENS Research Foundation focuses on seven categories:

To date, there is one project for each type currently being carried out. This organization relies heavily on donations to expand its research. Jason Hope pledged $500,000 in late 2010 to help the foundation expand it’s investigating power. He has become more passionate and more involved with the SENS Research Foundation and continued to advocate for its advancement.

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Does Igor Cornelsen Suggest You Invest in PIIGS or BRICS?

Economists have grouped two sets of nations together to identify present financial realities: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are the PIIGS and Brasil, Russia, India, China and Spain are the BRICS. So which is better to invest in, according to wealth advisor Igor Cornelsen.

“PIIGS Are Old Money”

In 2008, the term of PIIGS was coined to describe certain European nations on, whose economies were in dire straits. Having a downturn is natural during a recession, but some countries had deep systemic problems. Portugal has a primarily agricultural workforce, which does not produce many manufactured goods.

Ireland has some of the highest late mortgage payments in the world; plus a very high foreign debt. Italy has a vast bureaucracy. Greece is terminally in debt, it has already sold off most of its valuable resources. Spain had a horrible boom and bust in its real estate market.

Some financial analysts like Igor Cornelsen suggest that you “invest in the PIIGS because with their high debt, they also have high interest rates on their bonds.” This might be acceptable, if you have a high risk tolerance and believe the PIIGS will repay their debt.

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“BRICS Have Potential”

This historical parallel is somewhat apt because Brasil was colonized by the Portuguese. But when given a chance, the Portuguese royal family chose Brasil in the 1800s. Why?

Europe has great technology, but after centuries, its natural resources have been used up. Brazil has a wealth of untapped resources, including oil according to Igor Cornelsen. Russia is #1 or #2 for many petroleum resources. India is a sub-continent with tremendous intellectual potential – many IT professional are from that nation.

“Made in China” is the new label for so many products on Planet Earth. China and India have the highest growth rates in the world. South Africa has tremendous gold mines and leads the continent. The BRICS have vast potential for high growth.

“What Does Igor Cornelsen Say?”

Investment consultant Igor Cornelsen will talk to you about your “Risk Tolerance.” What do you want to achieve? Can you handle high-risk and high-reward? Would you like to invest in future BRICS growth rates?