What Chris Burch Finds ‘Bland’

When Chris Burch tells you something is “bland,” he would definitely know because he has seen many things in his travels across the globe and also owns one of the world’s top dream vacation destinations. Burch, in this case was specifically referring to one of American Express’s credit cards, the company he has been proud to be a member of for over 30 years. But after growing a bit discontent with the company’s services, Burch decided to try a new credit card at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. that he says offers more of what he wants. American Express, while a bank in name is trying to run things a bit differently in order not to look as much like your typical Wall Street bank, but it seems they may need a little help in bringing in more revenue to make its products appeal both to the wealthier customers as well as to millennials who are their new target group. Burch may be able to tell them a thing or two about this since his businesses cater to both groups.  Related article on architecturadigest.com.

Chris Burch currently is the Chairman of Burch Creative Capital where he not only invests in ideas that become businesses, but also mentors the entrepreneurs along the way to their own success. Burch started out with a small idea himself that paved the way for his big investments. Burch began in 1976 when he started Eagle Eye, a company that grew from a sweater sales business he and his brother began on a college campus and turned into a million-dollar operation that they ran for over 20 years. Burch sold the company for $60 million in 1998. Burch made side investments into various e-commerce and home products companies including Voss Water and Poppin while still running Eagle Eye, and after selling it he bought several other major fashion retailers culminating in the founding of Tory Burch, a women’s luxury fashion line.  Check bjtonline.com.

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Chris Burch’s real estate investments started really taking off in 2004 when he became the partner in a deal that saw the construction of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also started looking into flipping residences in the mid 2000s when he bought a $14 million house in Southampton, NY and turned it into a $25 million sale, and he followed this with several other on the east coast. But none of these investments even compare to his 2013 purchase of Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia, which has become one of the top-rated vacation resorts to visit in the world.  More to read about this top-rated resort on businessinsider.com.

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