Chris Burch Establishing Nihiwatu and Taking it to the Top

Serial and global businessman Christoper ”Chris” Burh is among the most popular people in business. He is versed in a variety of ventures such as fashion, design, consumer products, hospitality, investment, and more. The most recent passion of the serial entrepreneur has been the industry of hospitality. Chris Burch made quite the entrance into the grander scale of the business with his purchase of the former Nihi hotel in the Indonesian island called Sumba island.  Read and now his views on business related matters, hop over to

Nihi Sumba Island was established by a couple that set up a small camp for themselves decades ago on the beach of the island to surf the famous waves. Over the decades, however, the business slowed down too much for them to be able to keep it and hey later closed down the resort. Once abundant with visitors and surfing enthusiasts, Nihi Sumba Island was empty and desolate.

Chris Burch purchased the resort in 2012 with his business partner James McBride who is a world-renowned hotelier. For his new and follow on investments, click on  The following renovation cost them $30 M, but the stunning result was well worth the price and time it took to get there. In 2015, Nihi Sumba Island opened doors again under its new name Nihiwatu as a five-star resort. A year later, the Nihwatu was recognized and voted to be the best hotel in the world.  Take a tour to an entrepreneur’s getaway, check on this.

Nihiwatu sports 27 private villas and dozens of facilities for sports, beauty, and relaxation. The surrounding jungle is pristine and rick with exotic wildlife and flora. Near the rest, there s a larger waterfall as well as a few smaller ones. Due to its location, the five- star resort was nicknamed ”The Edge of Wilderness”. Nihiwatu combines wilderness with luxury in the most seamless of ways.  For more related reading, hit on

Nihiwatu pays a lot of attention to the local community of Sumba Island. A portion of the profits regularly goes to the Sumba Island Foundation.  Refer to for an additional article.

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