How Stream Energy Assists the Community Apart from Business

Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas-based company involved in offering services like wireless connections, protective devices, energy, and other home services to its clients. Stream was founded in 2005 and is today one of the largest energy selling companies globally. The company has many associates worldwide who help it reach its customers smoothly. The company’s unique plan compared to other companies is Stream Budget Power Plan. Under this plan, the customers enjoy monthly low-cost energy throughout the year. The company is not only involved in direct energy sales but also in philanthropic activities. Stream Care is the company’s charity foundation that the company uses throughout Texas and other parts across the world. Stream has supported the community for more than a decade in many ways.

During the devastating situation brought about by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, many companies kept a distance from the floods that swept away homes, people, and other valuables. However, Stream Energy Cares stood in the gap and helped the victims in a big way assisted by the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The company uses its energy-selling associates to connect with the community through Stream Care to deliver its philanthropic agenda. As the company provides the energy products, telemedicine, and virtual doctors, the associates earn commission on the sales. Additionally, they choose different support causes as per their wish and implement it together with the company. In matters concerning homelessness, they do a field study in Dallas to find out the number of homeless individuals. Stream care tackles homelessness through its project called Hope Supply Co.

Through Hope Supply, Stream Energy employees and the management meet homeless children across Texas and provide them with cash, diapers, school supply, and clothing. The project has taken place for more than four years. Stream Energy also assisted the Texas tornado victims in 2016 after the tornadoes wreaked havoc in North Texas during Christmas holidays. The company raised a lot of money through the American Red Cross to assist the victims. In the same season, Stream Care also provided December lunch to the old less fortunate ex-military people together with their families. Not only does Stream enjoy doing business with people, but also supporting them.