How Is FreedomPop Offering A Better Hotspot?

Recode is saying that the FreedomPop global hotspot is going to be the best place for people to go in the UK and US for help. They will be able to offer people the Internet connection they need, and they will also make it easy for people to connect because they make a one time purchase. They can keep using it for free once they make their one purchase, and then they can use it anywhere there is not a good signal.

The signal problem in America and the UK is a big one because it leaves people out of Internet access because they do not have a better way to get online. The SIM hotspot is going to be easy to turn on when people need it, and they can run it for as long as they want. There are many people who will get used to FreedomPop, and they might start using FreedomPop phones because that makes more sense for them. It is also important for people to make sure that they are going to have the help they need when they get to a place where they know it is just not going to be easy to get online.

Someone who wants to be able to use the Internet is going to be able to get to it when they use the SIM hotspot. The SIM hotspot is going to be very simple for people to use, and it is going to be very basic for everyone to set up. They can pull out the hotspot when it is time to get to work, and they can turn it off when it is time. Everyone who needs help with these things is going to be very happy with the results they get because they are using FreedomPop.,2817,2498185,00.asp

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May 25, 2016 | Category: Mobile

FreedomPop Continues to Expand

Based on a recent article previously posted on, FreedomPop, a virtual network operator, has announced that it will give discounted or free services to new customers. This promotion will only apply to new customers and will only last until November 27th. Those who are interested will be able to purchase a Motorola smartphone for only $40, which is only a fraction of the regularly priced $230 product, or a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for $100, which is regularly $450. Even though these are not the most up to date models, they have been completely refurbished and work as if they were knew. This deal also includes a free text messaging, 1 gigabyte of cellular data and month of unlimited voice calling. After a month users will be placed a basic plan.

FreedomPop is a fairly new company, having only launched in late 2012, but it has already hit about 1 million customers. The virtual network operator was able to provide so much to its users because it has teamed up with other companies who are very influential. Intel Capital has given a large, undisclosed, amount of funding which has allowed FreedomPop to expand its services. Axiata Group, a telecom operator that has230 million customers across India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, has also invested $10 million. This allows FreedomPop to continue to use its lower priced business model to continue offer free mobile service plans to millions of its mobile users. These are just some of a few of the many investors that FreedomPop has gotten in the past year. It all started in June with $30 million from Partech Ventures, DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital.

Expanding is the one thing that FreedomPop is focusing on. It has already proven that customers are happy with the services that it is offering and that it is able to get funding from other companies. The next step is to expand from the wholesale relationship it has with Sprint to a commercial partnership, where both businesses work together as equals. This partnership might not be with Sprint. FreedomPop is looking to partner with multiple different carriers that have already established, trying to see which one will be most beneficial. There have been many offers but CEO Stephen Stokols has gone on the record stating that he wants to wait and see how much FreedomPop will grow before trying to find a suitable partner.