Rodrigo is an exemplification of what passion for cars can achieve. Having been raised in a family where racing was a household name, Rodrigo developed an interest in racing cars and went on become a legend himself. His skill and experience in the sport have earned him many accolades.

Rodrigo was born and raised in Brazil, where he nurtured his interest in driving. He finds his drive from his family which is a mostly a racing family. His brother is also a race car driver and a close teammate.

He has a colorful record of achievements in racing. Rodrigo Terpins has participated severally in main rally championships in Brazil. In the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally, he was the 7th, in the T1 prototype category.

He attributes his success to perseverance and hard work as well as the support of family and friends. His family has also been supportive and very conducive to nurture his interests. His father, Jack Terpins has influenced him a lot, both in racing and in entrepreneurship. The same drive that his father has is seen in Rodrigo, who is known Rodrigo Terpins recognizes the importance of social media in building his career. He uses various social media platforms to connect with his fans including giving updates on the racing sport. It has come with significant achievements and visibility. It is very encouraging to get the cheers of fans, and Rodrigo does not take this for granted. Through his social media accounts, he has often mobilized his supporters. He is also keen to maintain a professional look, which he has cultivated through his LinkedIn account.

Teamwork has been a core element of Rodrigo’s success package. He has always enjoyed the teamwork of his brother, with whom they have achieved a great victory. Having such a brother is not a typical thing, and Rodrigo appreciates the contribution of his family to his career growth.

With success comes challenges of maintaining a suitable balance in life. Rodrigo has achieved a lot in his career, but he does not wish to stop there. He has also appreciated the need to maintain a career-family balance, which he wants to do.