Rodrigo Terpins among Top Brazilian Drivers in Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the active members and rally drivers at Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo is highly passionate in off-road and speed. He has consistently managed to take part in several competitions along with his bother Michel Terpins. The two has attained several victories and gained extensive skills and experience in off-road driving.

Rodrigo Terpins particularly competes in T1 prototype category Brazilian rally championship. During the 22nd edition, he managed to secure the seventh place in the overall ranking of the edition. He realized this impressive results in this highly battled competition even with an array of challenges that presented during the participation.

In 2016, Rodrigo participated in a rally test that took place at Araquari City that is located far to the north of Santa Catarina. The test was highly dominated with challenging terrains that mostly constituted of mountain range winding, stretches, dunes, and beaches among other naturally occurring landscapes in the area. Rodrigo registered an exemplary performance by finishing the test. During the competition, Rodrigo was riding in T-Rex car, designed my MEM team.

T-Rex car is overly strong, fast and robust in its performance. According to Rodrigo, the race was challenging and competitive to all the participants. The 4th edition is another category attracted many participants and involved Quadricycles, UTVSs and Motorcycles at Rally Rota SC. Check out comunique-se for more.

Rodrigo has a lot in common with his father Jack Terpins, a successful entrepreneur and investor. For instance, they both love sports and are personally committed and directly involved. Jack is particularly interested in youth basketball, he dedicated most of his time attending basketball tournaments and playing for Hebraica. The two are passionate about their endeavors and own admirable level of commitment. For this reason, Rodrigo is a rally icon and greatly enjoys his riding profession. Check out to know more.

In summary, Rodrigo is among the few rally drivers who have made rally driving a fortune. This is clear from his 22nd participation where he completed 2,600 kilometers comprising of two states and seven stages. Together with Fabricio Bianchini, Rodrigo successfully managed to finish the competition in the 8th place, even with the underlying challenges.

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