Darius Fisher: A Premier Digital Reputation Doctor

Bad publicity is like a disease when it hits a company or company leader. Even though company executives and their employees are only human, sometimes mistakes they make bring them under the microscope, and scandal stories circulate on the internet that they can be hard to cure. When this kind of disease strikes an organization or an individual, a digital reputation doctor like Darius Fisher can help find the cure. Fisher knows when something damaging has happened to a person, there’s no way you can bury it, but you can change the narrative so that the person is once again seen in a positive light.

Fisher founded Status Labs 6 years ago when he had found himself in the middle of a public relations incident. Fisher knew one of the most difficult things someone going through a situation like that is feeling alone, or feeling that nobody cares about your side of the story. So Status Labs was started as a company that sought to get the client’s side of the story, and bring to light the facts that could change public perception about the client. Status Labs has helped restore the reputations of many celebrities, businessmen, politicians, and respected figures.

But Status Labs hasn’t only helped other companies in crisis, they’ve even had their own to deal with and battle back from. Through their own experience, Status Labs knew that it wouldn’t be enough to simply seek restitution with the public, but it was important that they themselves changed for the better. In the aftermath of their incident, Status Labs started becoming a greater part of their local community and helping philanthropic organizations. They also started changing leadership and making sure that future hires were reputable people who would represent positive aspects of the company in their social life as well as on the job.

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How Does Darius Fisher Increase Employee Satisfaction In His Office?

The Status Labs offices are one of the most satisfying places to work in the technology industry, and Darius Fisher stands at the heart of his company’s operations. Darius is a strong leader who brings his employees together for a common cause, and he trains his employees to have a sense of purpose when they come to work every morning. This article explains how Darius Fisher has created a working environment at Status Labs that benefits both customers and employees.

#1: Darius Understands Online Reputation Issues

Darius is a master of correcting online reputation issues, and he teaches each of his employees to aid customers who are in need of assistance. The Status Labs office is a collaborative public relations environment, and Darius helps every employee create solutions for clients. He is a hands-on manager who works with his employees to offer best results, and he shares his own experiences to improve customer service.

#2: The Status Labs Office Is Low-Pressure

Darius personally-trains all his employees to offer the best service possible, and he has created a low-pressure environment in the office. Darius is not the sort of manager to demand too much of his workers, and he checks in with employees on a regular basis to ensure their happiness. Darius has created a company that is totally dedicated to the satisfaction of customers, and every employee in the office works toward a common goal.

#3: Why Do Employees Stay At Status Labs?

Employees stay at Status Labs because they are given freedom to do their jobs. Darius Fisher allows his workers to follow their training when working with clients, and employees do not feel as though someone is looking over their shoulder at all times. Darius holds staff meetings to check in with his employees, and everyone feels connected to the common goal.

There are many reasons why employees stay at Status Labs, and the Status Labs crew stays in the office because Darius Fisher has created such a wonderful place to work. He clearly understands online reputation problems, and he is an expert manager who keeps his employees as satisfied as possible.

Can Your Social Media Ruin Your Business?

There are so many wonderful social networking sites online that can allow you to a wide variety of chances to connect with your friends, family, and coworkers. The hardest part is not exactly knowing how your online actions do affect you so much on the web. The thing you need to know is that your Facebook usage really does affect you drastically.

Can Your Social Media Ruin Your Business?

Most definitely, yes. It can ruin your image drastically if you’re not entirely sure how to handle the world of social networking online. The truth about different online platforms is that they allow for you to type in whatever you want online, and this could either spread good information or really hit your brand later on. The truth is that Facebook can make you lose your job and lose potential clients.

The way that works is very much the same way people get caught. Nothing is worse than calling out of work because of saying you’re sick and only to end up posting photos online from that fun day of activities. You need to be very careful with what you post, and so having another Facebook account online to be your personal and another business account will help you save time and stress for the long haul.

Status Labs is the perfect company to speak to if you find yourself in an online situation. If you ever find yourself in a place of confusion and loss because of having a bad rep, Status Labs can give you the tools to help build your online brand again and showcase your company effectively.

Social media is a constantly growing industry, and you’ll find that Status Labs has all the right connections to save your brand online. Having a plan of action on protecting your brand can help. Social media can damage your brand for the long run very badly if you aren’t wise with what you put out online. The truth is that there are so many social networks that can damage your brand badly if you don’t know how to handle yourself the right way.