The Numbers Behind RWS’ New WebFronts Review Online Reputation Management Software

Consider the time it takes to write a message encouraging actionable positive feedback from a satisfied reviewer. Even a one-sentence response can take several minutes. Average five minutes per personalized response. If there are a hundred reviews for a product or service collected online a day, that’s 500 minutes. That’s 8.3 hours, or a full workday. If there is one staff member doing this work on a weekly basis, that’s 41.5 hours in a regular workweek, or 166 a month. Say that staff member is only paid $10 an hour. Well that’s $1,660 dollars a month. Multiplied out over a year is a small career wage of $19,920. If there are more than 1,200 reviews consumed by a given corporation in a year, that number will definitely increase.

But what if all that time could be reduced to 5 seconds per response instead of 5 minutes? Why, then the exact same efficacy over the course of a year can be had for only $333.33. One organization who has begun doing this is RWS, Retailer Web Services. RWS uses cutting edge technology and directed consumer surveys to determine trends among reviews and consolidate said reviews into a single location such that automatic response can be unilaterally applied to both positive and negative responses. Additionally, that contact can trigger feedback through information requests. A positive reviewer as revealed by Online Reputation Reviews is invited to emphasize positive aspects of the product. A negative reviewer is invited to point out what they didn’t like. Both perspectives help organizations streamline product sale and development.

As the internet becomes an increasingly integral component of modern social function, ensuring all aspects of social presence remain conducive to career and company will only be a greater matter of importance. As such, it makes sense that a lot of organizations are getting in on the ground floor, so to speak, when it comes to such software. In the near future, avoiding online reputation management solutions simply will not be a viable option for profitable operations.

Acting on consumer perception of products and services can quantifiable increase the success of small and large businesses.