Avi Weisfogel Brings Hope to Sleep Apnea Patients

Most serious illnesses have names that easily strike fear into the hearts of anyone who hears them. Terms like malaria, cancer, or AIDS are more than just mere words. They are like verbal daggers, evoking a strong emotional response in whoever hears them spoken or sees them printed. This is the case with many of the most serious illnesses in the world, which have gained a formidable reputation as killer diseases and entities that could easily cut short a productive life or finally end one in its waning days.

However, there are a handful of illnesses that simply lack this emotive and shocking ring when they are spoken. For some illnesses, this is a result of their lack of lethal potential. Something like the cold or fibromyalgia does not have nearly the same effect on the ear as the term Ebola, the latter often evoking images of horrible suffering and conditions of repulsive squalor.

But there is one condition that has a relatively benign-sounding name yet has continued to plague the public health of the United States for decades. Sleep apnea is one of the most serious illnesses that nobody takes seriously. Over the last 50 years, it has increasingly been recognized as one of the most serious airway obstruction disorders that exist. The disease is strongly correlated with almost every major cause of death in the United States today, including stroke, heart attack and even automobile accidents. What’s more, sleep apnea often causes its sufferers to become severely deprived of sleep, leading to drastically lower productivity, lower levels of alertness and difficulty thinking clearly. Even worse, the disease can directly lead to death itself, through asphyxiation or cerebal hypoxia.

One man, Avi Weisfogel, is currently taking the lead in the fight against this scourge on the public health. Dr. Weisfogel has founded an innovative seminar program called Dental Sleep Masters that is teaching dentists how to treat sleep apnea in its earliest stages, when it is most likely to be effectively cured. Through Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel has taught hundreds of dentists how to treat sleep apnea and has saved thousands of lives.