Brad Reifler Is A Great Investor

Forefront Capital has recently announced that the company is going to create a new branch of business known as Forefront Income Trust. This new offshoot is going to be based at orienting services to the common person who might not have that much money to invest. In the past, Mr. Brad Reifler, the current chief executive officer of Forefront Capital, was mainly serving people who made at least a quarter of a million dollars every year, which is something that not everyone can accomplish.

Nearly half of the populus of the United States of America do not have at least $6,000 in their savings account. This is an indicator of the divide between those with lots of money and those without much money. Appealing to those people at the bottom of the scale is truly great for the direction that Mr. Brad Reifler’s business is heading in.

Mr. Brad Reifler is known for many of the things that he has accomplished in his career, including providing free investment tips through Reuters. He started off getting a bachelor’s degree from the Bowdoin College. Later, he started working for Reifler Capital Management — not just working — he founded RCM on his own. It was not nearly as large then asit is today. From 1992 to 1995, Mr. Brad Reifler was a member of the institutional sales desk at Refco, Incorporated.

Mr. Reifler worked at a number of places throughout the years, and has invested in a ton of different stocks in his time, but Brad Reifler is right now a partner at CIFCO International Group. Thanks to the great experience at the jobs Mr. Brad Reifler has had over the years, he has been able to put all of his knowledge and experience in these fields to work. Reifler also founded Pali Capital all the way back in 1995, which is very large and has two hundred employees in countries all over the world.