Outreach And Excellence With Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is dedicated to bringing the highest level of patient care to residents of Austin, Texas. They are a private practice composed of nurses trained in anesthesia and board certified physicians specializing in different areas of anesthesia. They are able to treat children, pregnant women in labor, and patients going in for heart surgery and many other types of surgeries.

The physicians are board certified or on their way to becoming board certified. The association is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, with access to the best education in technology advancements, education, patient care, and data reporting. There is an inclusive billing department as a part of CAA that is able to handle all insurance and billing questions in house. Their online portal allows all billing questions to be answered in detail through the email query when outside of business hours when they can be reached by phone. Keeping everything together on one team ensures a top tier level of service to all providers and patients.

The association is also involved with many community outreach programs, being able to provide medical services to underserved communities that need access to surgeries like cleft palate. Children born with this deformation are able to be treated by the physicians in Austin, and in areas of Latin America that do not have access to surgeries. They are also involved with outreach programs for elders in the community, truly spanning outreach for every age group in Texas.

Jennifer Walden: Woman Secures the Number One Spot in an Industry Dominated by Men

Everything is bigger in Texas, including medicine. Some of the greatest physicians in the industry reside and practice in Texas. However, the greatest doctors are not limited to general practice or emergency medicine, but are instead even found in the cosmetic surgery field. When searching for the best cosmetic surgeons in Texas, though, a few common themes were discovered.

The Central Texas Institute of Plastic Surgery was easily discovered, but the most common keywords were Dallas, Austin, and the names of male plastic surgeons. It is no secret that certain fields are dominated by men, and major Texas cities were bound to pop-up in the search engine. While men like Denton Watumull, Rob Rohrich, and Ronald Friedman trumped the list, there was only one doctor at the top of all of the lists, however. That doctor is Jennifer Walden, MD, PLLC.

Fathered by a dentist and mothered by a surgical nurse, Jennifer Walden was destined to be a medical legend. Born in Austin, Texas, Walden lead a prosperous life that carried over to her academic career. Often being the top of her class, Walden graduated high school and went on to succeed at college where she ultimately graduated as salutatorian of her class. She then began her medical career by working at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

Jennifer Walden now dominates the plastic surgery industry in Austin, Texas. “Embrace your Inner Goddess” is her motto; Her hands are her tools. The mother of twin boys has earned countless awards within her field, and has gone to heights that few women have been able to reach.

A member of the board of directors on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Walden is one of the handful of women who have ever earned a chair. Responsible for transforming hundreds of people throughout her career, Walden has no intention of resting from the job she loves and has thrived at.

It is conclusive that men dominate the list of plastic surgeons found not only in Texas, but in the world. However, only one doctor has secured the number one spot, and that doctor is Jennifer Walden. Her success is inspirational to all women. There is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to make great strides within the industry and within her personal life.