Why Bob Reina is the King of Video Marketing

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is what most consider to be the world’s video marketing genius. When the company started in 2007, the core product for the company was video sent through email. Having spent numerous years in the fields of marketing and direct selling Reina is aware of the opportunity to build a business on technology alone. With a global vision, and a vision for helping people gain their financial independence, Reina built one of the fastest growing companies in the marketplace for technology. While his passion for helping others has much to do with his success today, he has become one of the most popular individuals to interview about his personal success story.


In a recent interview with Bob Reina, he discusses how Talk Fusion got started, and the inspiration behind starting the company. The first thing that Reina mentions is his career as a police officer. Like so many other in his field, Reina felt stifled by his career and his paycheck. As a police officer, he could only make so much. Moving up the ranks could take years. He never gave up on his mission to find the answer to gaining control of his future. Reina continued searching for ways out of that career to build wealth in order to support his family and create a secure future. One day during a shift at an off-duty job, Reina was introduced to network marketing. This was what he refers to as his, “Aha moment”. It was then that he realized there is a way to earn more and help others.


While attempting to send a video clip through email to his family in 2004, Reina discovered his opportunity. He knew that he could solve this problem and he began seeking for the right folks to help him. The end result was the birth of Talk Fusion, a way to merge video and email for simple communication. He chose to market through direct selling, and use the model that was intended to help everyone generate income from the efforts of one another. Learn more: https://www.martechadvisor.com/author/bob-reina/