Jason Hope and the SENS Research Foundation

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the idea that everything will eventually be connected through technology. This includes things like smartphones and tablets but also branches out to things like everyday appliances, traffic lights, and cars. Jason Hope believes that this will be the only way forward shortly. Mr. Hope stated that all big corporations would take this on as their biggest investment ever, and smaller companies would either adopt to too or risk being left behind. As everyone embraces the Internet of Things, it will streamline everyday life. He cites improvements in emergency tracking systems, GPS, and transportation. Eventually, this will all come down to less pollution and less waste, which will be even better for the planet.

Jason Hope Early Life

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who calls Scottsdale, Arizona home. He grew up in Tempe, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. While Mr. Hope was attending Arizona State University, he majored in finance. He went on to get his MBA from the Carey School of Business in Arizona and to know more click here.

SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is a company that specializes in researching anti-aging solutions. It is focused on creating a better quality of life for people, and it was founded in 2009. This foundation is trying to find links to cell damage and diseases like Alzheimer’s, and seeking to repair the damage or stop it from progressing. The SENS Research Foundation focuses on seven categories:

To date, there is one project for each type currently being carried out. This organization relies heavily on donations to expand its research. Jason Hope pledged $500,000 in late 2010 to help the foundation expand it’s investigating power. He has become more passionate and more involved with the SENS Research Foundation and continued to advocate for its advancement.

To know more visit “www.jasonhope.com/technology/“here

Video Chat Wins Second Award

From its humble beginnings with video email, Talk Fusion has grown into a full service video marketing solutions company. They offer a wide range of video and interactive tools to help businesses, small to large, connect easily. Now, they are being recognized for excellence in their industry.

The cutting edge Video Chat has received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award is given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and this award will be Talk Fusion’s second award. The Communications Awards reviews products that help to connect people through voice, data, or video and do so in an innovative way. The product has to have been introduced within the last year or received serious upgrades in that time.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, feels great to honor those products that are excellent in their field. He feels that their work should and will get recognition. He feels these products are the best in the field.

Video Chat is a product that uses WebRTC Tech. This technology allows users to communication on any device, any where, at any time. The app can be accessed via Google Play or the Itunes Stores. It is also available for web. This award is the second one that it has received since it went on the market in March.

Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is honored at the award but he knows there are great things to come. His company started with the simple idea of making video easy to send, and now they offer a multitude of communication products. Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page, also feels this award just shows that Talk Fusion is destined to produced bigger things.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing solutions company that believes in their product. They offer a full range of products. Reina allows his employees to gift one free custom monthly account to a non-profit of their choice.

Talk Fusion Wins Award

Bob Reina Donates Record-Breaking One Million Dollars to Build Animal Health Center

The Humane Society of Tampa has a new center, thanks to the largest donation in its history going back 100 years.

On December 12, the society officially broke ground for the Talk Fusion Animal Health Center. Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, donated one million dollars to the Humane Society to build the center.

According to Sherry Silk, Executive Director of the Humane Society, said they had been talking about building the center for several years. They had bought the property at 3809 N Armenia in December 2009. At that time, it held an abandoned funeral home. Urban Studios was the architect designing the new building. The Humane Society hired A D Morgan to be construction manager. Reina’s contribution made possible the construction of the animal health center. The old funeral home was torn down in November 2011.

Reina dedicated the donation to his deceased dogs, Shadow Reina and Thunder. The Humane Society planned to use the Memorial Animal Center to provide low cost spaying and neutering to pets in Tampa Bay. The plan was to give affordable, full-service veterinary care. It would also give homeless animals in shelters more extensive medical care.

Over 11 years ago, Reina wanted to send an email to a friend of his with a video embedded in it. AOL told him that was technically impossible, but he and a programming friend of his figured out how to accomplish it. Knowing that many other people would enjoy emailing embedded videos for fun and for business, in 2007 he started Talk Fusion, and structured it as a network marketing companies.

Since then, that company has gone into 85 different countries. It’s now the 8th largest video sharing platform on the Internet. Recently they introduced a 30-day free trial offer to enable people to try the service out. They also offer a unique service to their sales representative, Instant Pay. As soon as a representative signs up a customer, they are immediately paid for it. Their available services have expanded from offering just the videos embedded in email to video newsletters, video chat and live meetings.

Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/founder-ceo-bob-reinas-birthday-surprise/

Securus’ Advanced Technological Analytical Tool in Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 public safeties, correction and law enforcement agencies and 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It provides emergency response, public education, incident management, communication, and biometric analysis, inmate self-service, inmate communication monitoring services and products and information management making the world a better place to stay.


Securus Technology is the primary provider of criminal and civil justice solutions for public safety, investigation, correction, and monitoring. The firm released THREAD 3.1, which according to me it’s the most sophisticated and advanced analytical tool in the correction market of the United States.


The upgrade of the Securus Investigative Solution product takes the user to the modernized web- based technologies. Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Business Management for Securus said that the new design makes the use of THREADS effortless and boost the system performance. It removes unwanted system actions and builds up navigation, search function and record loading. The results of the new THREAD heightened performance and enhanced user experience.


THREAD 3.1 can listen to SCP calls within the THREADS application. It also has characteristics such as guided real-time analysis, customized mapping, and printing and context- sensitivity. THREADS, for years, have been the superior investigation solution for identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate phone calls, communication events correlations and associations. The 3.1 product, allows for direct integration between other Securus products, for example, Secure Call Platform. It provides the investigators with a more powerful device that need minimum training.


The new program has a video application that makes it convenient for the customer to use from the comfort of their homes. We can visit our confined inmates without going to the prisons physically. One can reschedule the visit time using Onsite Video Visitation. This reduces our waiting time and enables us to visit when it’s convenient. To get started on the online video visitations, all we need is a computer with a web, camera linked to the internet. For more information visit https://securustech.net/videovisitation.


The 3.1 new THREADS provide profound intelligence and focused leads to the investigators. It took the technical team some time to come up with the highly powerful tool. THREAD 3.1 makes Securus to the next high level increasing their popularity. The new technology will be upgraded to the existing consumers for free.


THREADS 3.1 is harmonized ”Big Data” analytical tool that give the customers the same robust analysis they are used to.