Eric Pulier’s life at a glance

Who is Eric Pulier? Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, a published author, a prominent technologist and a public speaker. He is not your ordinary entrepreneur. Eric Pulier prominent individual who has accomplished so much at a very young age. So, let us take a deep look at who Eric Pulier is.

His early life

Eric Pulier was born from a humble family in New Jersey, United States. He then joined a public school for his primary education. Although he underwent through this system, it was evident that Eric possessed a natural ability to grasp matters naturally. It is rightful to suggest that Eric has a natural intelligence. As early as the fourth grade, Eric Pulier was already handling computer programming tasks. Even more amazing is that by the time he finished his high school education he had already formed a database company. After high school, he joined the Harvard and was an editor of the school newspaper called the Harvard Crimson. He was not only the editor but also by the writer. His writings can be retrieved from Harvard website students profile portal. He wrote on a number of issues that were being encountered during his time at the university as well as other national and global topics. He later moved into Los Angeles after his college life.

Entrepreneurial Success

Probably the most popular establishment by Eric Pulier is the X-Prize. This is an establishment that aims to revolutionize the history of startup companies. X-Prize hold competitions and exhibitions of most innovative ideas and the best are picked to help them gain their full potential. The innovative ideas are funded for implementation or they are provided with a relevant platform to grow their ideas. The there is another successful establishment by Eric Pulier, Akana. Through Akana, Pulier created the SOA Software. He was able to get other SOA vendors to do their business under Akana. He later sold the company to Rogue Wave Software.

Philanthropy Work

Eric Pulier is involved in philanthropy mainly directed to helping children suffering from chronic illnesses. He has contributed his time and resources in this great course that has seen many underprivileged children enjoy the benefit proper medication.

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Bob Reina: He Is Here For All

A lot of people really only appeal to one specific demographic. That is not the case with Bob Reina, as he likes to appeal to as many people out there in the world as humanely possible. He knows that the broader the reach, the more people he can help. Bob Reina has gone on record in talking about the importance of helping people and truly making a difference in their lives. This is not simply lip service and it is not him looking to get his name in the papers or get extra attention in the world. Bob Reina has never played that game and never will play that game. Learn more:


That is not his M.O. His M.O. is to make a difference for people when they get the chance to use Talk Fusion, which is a video communications companythat is award winning and simply breathtaking. Customers are shocked by what it can do and how it has changed their lives in ways they never thought possible until they sat down and actually put this product to use. Now, they can’t get enough of Talk Fusion, and it has become a way of life for them. These are people that are beyond grateful for Bob Reina.


Bob Reina is a former police officer, so he knows all about helping people. He takes a personal interest in people’s stories and he goes out there and he likes to make them happen for people. In addition to that, people are well aware of all of the good he has done for the animals over at the Tampa Bay Humane Society, including his record-breaking donation that saved a number of animal lives. When Bob Reina’s name is attached to something, people know they can expect greatness. He does not settle for anything else out of life. Learn more:


He wants the same attitude and approach to come out of his customers as well. These are people that have tremendous skills they can use to help out others as well. When everyone is helping out each other, the world works in harmony. That is the best way for the world to work. Learn more: