Sergio Cortes Provides Knowledge Regarding Zika Virus

Sergio Cortes has spent years discovering what works and what doesn’t regarding new discoveries and curing systems. The Zika Virus is one of the few diseases that continues to rise. Back in the 40’s, the disease was first originally witnessed. Dr. Sergio Cortes has done his research on sergiocortesoficial website enough to know that the disease has been spreading throughout Asia, African countries, and even throughout Latin American countries. It has become increasingly stressful for this to be spread, so many people have made it a goal to spread awareness of something as horrible as this disease. The World Health Organization has recently shared a warning about the dangers of this horrible disease and the ways it can affect ones health.
The truth is that something as horrible as this dangerous disease is not as horrible as it might seem. In fact, it only and mainly can affect those who are pregnant and possibly harm their baby’s. It can potentially cause paralysis in certain people if their bodies are not yet capable to handle this disease.

The mosquito bite is known for being very much connected to other diseases and syndromes, which can eventually correlate to more future damage to the health. Even if there is little to no dangers with this bite, you will come to realize that it is ultimately not that dangerous but can eventually lead to something worse that it is related to.

In Brazil, the first cases of zika virus occurred in April and since then, the continuous increase in the number of occurrences of the disease has caused great concern among health experts in the country. On the one hand the symptoms of zika virus do not get to be serious and the disease can be rapidly controlled and cured, says Dr. Sergio Cortes, what is really worrying doctors is that there is a proven link between zika virus and microcephaly, and perhaps with Guillain-Barré syndrome. The Guillain-Barre syndrome for example is very much connected to this mosquito bite. The Zika Virus develops and correlates into other horrible syndromes which can dramatically decrease health and impose more future health problems.

Luckily enough, this specific condition is not contagious and cannot be shared by direct contact between people. There are more things to discover about this specific condition, but you will find that Dr. Sergio Cortes has proven that you can beat this disease.

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