Luiz Carlos Trabuco Excellence in Leadership at Bradesco

     The role of leadership is not a static endeavor. To be a great leader, it requires the individual to have dynamic aspects that will lead to the success of the organization. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one such leader who has shown great resilience as the CEO of Bradesco bank. His leadership style has contributed to the tremendous growth of the bank. The effective leadership skills and style he has portrayed has led to more productivity.

Trabuco Bradesco has been in the chairman position for a great period of time at the bank. As the CEO, he has been instrumental to shape the success and growth of the bank. After he assumed the role of leading the bank he relied on the input of the employees already working at Bradesco. He adopted internal staffing to ensure the company used the existing pool of talent. This ensured the bank did not have to hire another group of executives to lead the bank to its success.

As the CEO of Bradesco bank, Trabuco Bradesco wore positivism on his sleeve to handle major projects. He exhibited strong organizational skills that aimed to ensure all the bank projects were successful. This allowed him to carry the mantle of the bank success since he was a visionary leader that executed his roles diligently.Also, he employed management style that enabled the bank to rise to great height success in the Brazil banking sector.

Through his determination and hard work, Trabuco Bradesco was able to grow the bank revenue by attracting and maintaining a huge customer base. This approach of leadership and management saw him selected to fill the position of CEO and chairman at Bradesco.

People who have worked alongside Trabuco Bradesco consider him to be aggressive and dedicated to carrying out tasks effectively. His efforts to empower employees at the bank enabled him to gain respect from the entire banking fraternity. To ensure that the bank continued to be successful after he left his role, he has been nurturing his junior employees to reach great heights. With that said, the success of Bradesco is highly attributed to Trabuco excellent leadership.

Tourism and Hospitality is all about Customer Experience, says CVC founder, Guilherme Paulus

     Traveling, touring and exploring new places is one of the most fulfilling things that a person can do. Whether you travel for fun or on business, it is always exciting because you get to see new places, meet new people and get to learn about different ways of doing things and living. If you are touring Latin America or on business, there is one man, who has dedicated his career to see to it, that you get the best services during your time. He is Guilherme Paulus, co-founder of CVC; the most prominent tour agent in Brazil and extensive Latin America. Paulus is also the president of GJP Hotels Network, which is among the most popular and recommended groups of hotels in Brazil. Paulus says that he has built his two hospitality brands, CVC & GJP on the philosophy of customer service and offering premium service.

His journey to building his tourism empire started when he was working at a tours company called Casa Faro travel agency, where the idea to venture out on his own struck him. Today CVC has grown to a multi-national million dollar company, and Guilherme Paulus is confident of an upward scaling in the future. According to the tour mogul, he has continued o expand his enterprise because he mainly enjoys the process of creating memorable experiences to all his clients. In the process, he has created thousands of jobs and contributed to the growth of his native country, Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus takes pride in the fact that the two brands can meet customer expectations because of their ability to innovate. It is this trend that has grown CVC, to have a physical presence in all states of Brazil with 1,164 stores and close to 10,000 travel agents. Paulus attributes the growth to their business ethics of always doing more for the customer and loving their clients.

All through his career, Guilherme has displayed high work ethics, dating back to the time he was an intern at IBM while still at the age of 20. Guilherme says that he loves the industry of tourism and hospitality because he can make new contacts every day which go a long way in expanding his empire. He adds that the dream of his company is to become the most prominent tourism company on the globe, and also open up the Latin America market in a big way.

More about Guilherme Paulus

Other than serving as President of CVC and GJP, he is also a member of the Tourism National Board, after appointment by Brazil’s president. As a result of Carlyle group purchasing 63.6% stake of his tourism empire, CVC at a value of about $420 million, he features on Forbes Billionaires list. He urges entrepreneurs not to shy away from risk, to love what they do and remain determined and optimistic.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Assumes The Mantle Of Leadership At Bradesco

     There is nothing more crucial than the administration of a corporation. The change in management could break or make the reputation of a company. Some companies have experienced a loss in shares if not total collapse, while others see massive expansion beyond expectation. This is the same dilemma that faced Banco Bradesco.

Change in leadership at Bradesco

Banco Bradesco SA, one of the largest financial firms in Brazil faced tremulous times with the departure of Lazaro de Mello who had served as chairman for twenty-five years. The dynasty that has existed for decades over decades experienced a shift in dynamics with the change of leadership. When the announcement was made, it was expected that someone in the firm would take up the vacant seat. The only question was who it would be.

Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was found most appropriate for this esteemed role due to his over 40-years’ experience at Bradesco. He has worked at different positions and sectors of the bank acquiring vast knowledge of the day to day operations from the lowest station to the highest. However, he would have to serve both roles of President and Chairman until a new President is appointed.

Trabuco’s Journey Within Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started out as a bank teller in Marilia branch of Bradesco at the age of 18. He worked his way up to the position of Director of Marketing at Sao Paulo. In this position, Mr. Trabuco created a more transparent relationship with media which helped Bradesco gained popularity within the industry and the nation at large. In 1992 he went on to become President and Executive Director of the Bradesco pension division, Bradesco Vida e Previdência. A title he held till 1998. Luiz became Managing Director the following year, and a year later he became Executive Vice President. In 2003, Trabuco became President of Bradesco Seguros where he more than doubled the size of the company. With the rapport he built in that office, he was appointed the president in 2009.

Background Information

Luiz Carlos was born in1951, in Marilia, the birthplace of Banco Bradesco. He has a post-graduate degree in Socio-Psychology and a degree both from the University of Sao Paulo. While at Bradesco, he has been a recipient of several awards which include: insurance Personal of the Year in 2006 and 2007, the Don Quixote Trophy in 2009 and Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category in 2015. He also appeared in the Forbes Magazine List of Best CEOs in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali’s Next Legal Move

     As a lawyer, there isn’t much else Bruno Fagali can do to make things better for himself. He’s part of a huge law network and he does what he can to give more people the opportunities they need. When Bruno Fagali tries helping people, it’s so he can give back to the community he works with. He also knows there are things that will change for people who use his services. As long as Bruno Fagali can keep helping them, he feels good about what he does. He also feels there are things that will keep making a difference even when he has to try different things. Bruno Fagali likes other people to keep seeing his positive experiences and that’s how he makes sure he’s doing everything the right way. By looking at these options, Bruno Fagali knows what it’ll take to keep giving back in different situations.

Even though there are things that will keep getting better and there are positive experiences that come from the industry, Bruno Fagali likes everyone to see how they can make things better. He spent a long time learning about the business and learning about how he could make things easier on clients who came to him. While Bruno Fagali knew there were limits to the hard work he could put into his law career, he also knew there were things that would keep making a difference for his clients. They needed someone to stand up for them and that was Bruno Fagali.

When Bruno Fagali started his blog, it was so he could connect with more people. He wanted them to see they had someone out there advocating for them. The blog gave him a chance to make valuable connections and it allowed him the ability to show people he cared about their issues. He connects with clients and potential clients on the blog. He also gives free legal advice for simple problems people can handle on their own. Bruno Fagali likes doing this because it allows him to keep giving back to the community he is such a big part of.


Whitney Wolfe Giving a Fitting Reply to Match Groups Lawsuit Against Bumble

     Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of the fastest growing dating app in the world today, named Bumble. It is a dating app that is meant to change the dynamics of the dating game completely. Whitney Wolfe started Bumble after she left Tinder, a dating app that she helped launch. Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world presently with more than 50 million subscribers. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder, which currently is the subsidiary of Match Group, due to some personality conflicts with other co-founders. Whitney Wolfe partnered with Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo, after leaving Tinder and started Bumble.

Bumble is the only dating app on the market that is characteristically feministic and allows only women to start the conversation. Bumble and Tinder have been competitors from the very beginning, and the rapid growth of Bumble in just a few years has provoked the biggest company in the dating world, Match Group, or so it seems. The Match Group has earlier given the acquisition offer of $450 million to Bumble, which Whitney Wolfe rejected. Whitney Wolfe has had a fallout with the Match Group earlier, but the patent lawsuit recently filed by Match Group has intimidated Whitney Wolfe a bit too much it seems. Tinder says that the Bumble has copied the feature of left and right swipe from Tinder, which Whitney Wolfe believes is a scare tactic to sell off Bumble to Match.

However, instead of backing down, Whitney Wolfe published an ad in the local newspaper saying that Bumble Swipes Left to Bullying by Match Group. Along with the ad, Whitney Wolfe also posted a sort of open letter where she mentioned about the values that Bumble prefers and wishes to preserve within the company, irrespective of how much the older giants try to intimidate them. Whitney Wolfe studied International Business from Southern Methodist University in Salt Lake City. Whitney Wolfe believes that the dating world has become too corrupted for women to safely venture into as there are many predators out there who are more into the dark side of dating online rather than looking for relationships as it is meant to be.

Whitney Wolfe has also used the social networking platform of Bumble to add two new sub-platforms to it, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Bumble Bizz would help users to expand their professional network whereas Bumble BFF is used to help people to make new friends.


PSI Pay and the World Before Online Banking

One of the most interesting things about inventions is that it brings forth many types of conveniences that people did not think they needed. Many people were happy with having a place to hold their money for them. However, there was work on bringing even more convenience to people so that they can manage their money in a more efficient manner. This is where online banking comes in. With online banking, many of the established banks have went online and offered people accounts that they can manage online as well as at a location in Durham, UK. Then there came other inventions.

One such invention is that PSI Pay. One good thing about this is that it allows people to handle their money almost exclusively online. It also has a lot of security measures that other online banks and payment processors do not have. This aspect of the online bank makes it much easier to work with and more fun. People can manage their finances with a much better platform and not worry about their bank account getting hacked and them losing a lot of money. With this type of configuration, more people can see the benefits of an online wallet.

One of the best things about a digital wallet such as PSI-Pay is that it is very easy to sign up with. All it takes is a few minutes for people to sign up for an account. They only have to type down their information and then enjoy the benefits of an online bank account. This is a lot different from having to travel around and then go through a lengthy process of filling out the application and getting approved for a bank account. PSI Pay can be trusted to hold onto the money in the account and protect it from getting hacked.


Tony Petrello: Accomplishment and Stories

     This will give information about Tony Petrello, the CEO Nabors Industries Ltd. In 1991 to October 2011 he had served as the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Also, beginning in 1991 he had been chosen for the Nabors Board of Directors. In the years before his time at Nabors which were 1979 to 1991 he was a part of the firm known as “Baker & McKenzie”. During his time there in 1986, he was at the New York office of the firm as the Managing Partner until 1991 when he resigned.

Earlier this year, Tony Petrello had hosted at his house in Houston, a very special guest. It was Broadway celebrity Tommy Tune. Tune, for his Broadway work has won a lot of awards, some of these were for his appearances like “ Nine”, “Seesaw”, and “Grand Hotel”. They held a party and had fifty friends invited along with the advisory board of the Miller Outdoor Theater to their Shadyside estate and home. He came back to Houston, his hometown, to perform at the Miller Outdoor Theater “Tommy Tune Tonight”. The particular event had brought out his many of his biggest fans from his hometown amounting to 5,000. The event was a cocktail party that featured music by Scott Graham a piano player, and “Divisi Strings Amp’d”.

Tony Petrello has a very encouraging story regarding his daughter Carena. Carena was born at twenty-four weeks and weighed not that much over one pound. Due to the premature birth, periventricular leukomalacia had been developed. This disorder happens frequently for infants who are born prematurely. This prevents both adequate oxygen and blood flow from getting to the brain. Sadly, she also received cerebral palsy because of that. That disorder has an effect on motor skill development. Since that happened, Petrello has been greatly supporting Texas Children’s Hospital who dedicates time to assist children who have different neurological disorders.

Petrello has also aided with Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The hurricane flooded streets and destroyed homes. It also created a widespread demand for food and necessities. One way Petrello reached out was by matching relief contributions of company Nabors Industries which had amounted to $173,622. That donation was before his matching donation. That fund was utilized in assisting in relief efforts that were hands-on. Also, Nabors Industries cooked hot meals three times a day for local families with their on-site kitchen.

TMS Health Solutions Are Innovating Human Behavior and Technology

There are a lot of people in today’s society that are suffering from clinical depression who are looking for solutions to their condition, and there is a company out there who understands and listens in the devastating time that you are going thru. Their name is, TMS Health Solutions who are there to help when depression or other mental health issues leave people feeling confused and isolated, making it difficult for those around them, to even notice that their loved one is suffering from clinical depression, also known as Major Depressive Disorder, or (MDD).

A lot of the patients that TMS Health Solutions assist have experienced going to therapy sessions on a regular basis, and still were not able to see much positive results after going thru the pain of depression for years. However, at TMS Health Solutions, they are there to help no matter how far along you are on your stage to recovery. They have the understanding that every patient is unique in their situation, so it’s imperative to have an open mind and listen to each patient’s point of view, while expressing compassion to each individual. The TMS Therapy has helped thousands improve their overall mental health and quality of life suffering from clinical depression, utilizing their innovative therapy and treatments, with a combination of medications.

Their innovative therapy has been able to transform the lives of people, that have severe symptoms, such as, feelings of anxiety, not feeling worthy, and feeling convinced as if they do no have the right to live. Fortunately though, TMS Therapy provides the positive aspect of life that the patient was not aware of before. They are able to help the patient feel worthy of their desires, and give them the confidence to accomplish anything that someone else has done, and ultimately they too can also become a success, that they might of thought was far fetched before experiencing the innovative therapy at TMS Health Solutions. All of their services that they provide are very effective for the treatment of depression, and their highly effective Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, have been proven to be safe as well.

TMS Health Solutions of Northern California, Services and Locations

Mental Health and clinical depression treatment has come a very long way. Finding the right group of supportive, compassionate and innovative physicians is a key element in beginning your road to treatment. TMS Health Solutions is a northern California based group of physicians who specialize in caring for the 40% of patients who do not respond to medication. They provide non medicinal therapies for patients with treatment resistant depression. TMS Health Solutions is covered by most of the nation’s health care providers for both medication and therapy treatments.

TMS health understands that 40% of adults who suffer from depression will also experience major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorder is commonly referred to as MDD and it often requires talk treatments in conjunction with medicinal treatments. Some of these patients battle with TRD which stands for treatment resistant depression. TMS Health utilizes TMS for patients who suffer from TRD. TMS Therapy is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an alternative treatment for major depressive disorder. The TMS health team of experts works with each individual patient to determine which treatment is best and if medicine needs to be used in conjunction with treatment therapies.

Depression is not the only mental disorder that TMS Health treats. In addition to depression patients suffering from memory disorders such as dementia can also benefit from transcranial magnetic stimulation. Mild cognitive impairment is also a treatment that TMS offers. Mild Cognitive impairment is the stage between normal aging and the early stages of dementia. TMS treatment can help slow the progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

TMS Health Solutions has 7 locations in Northern California. These locations include Roseville, Sacramento, San Francisco near UCSF and Union Square, Oakland, El Dorado Hills and Burlingame. All seven of these locations can provide a TMS information packet to fully list patient services. TMS also often sets up tables at health fairs and expos to provide community out reach to individuals who may be considering treatment for their depression or memory loss.

TMS health Solutions has helped thousands of patients receive the help they need to battle their mental health and depression. They have a professional staff of trained individuals waiting for patients to call and schedule a consultation.

GoBuySide: Recruiting Professionals for the Financial Sector

GoBuySide is a revolutionary online platform which aims to recruit professionals to work in the financial sector. Interested individuals would have to access their website at, and there would be two options for the page visitor to choose from. One option would turn an individual to become an employer, which would let them search for deserving applicants who would want to work for their companies. Another option enables an individual to become a professional for the financial sector, and they would have to create a profile with GoBuySide. This would allow them to search for the jobs that they wanted, and it encompasses all sectors and branches of the financial industry. The internal structure of GoBuySide is similar to any social networking website, and they have several options available for the members. A tab on the right side of the site shows the News option, GoBuySide Network, My Network, Firms, Reviews, and Jobs.

The News option displays the current news about the financial industry. It would show the latest stock prices, the performance of several companies, and anything that is related to the economy. GoBuySide Network is an option that is similar to the search option on social networking websites. It would display a huge number of other members of the GoBuySide community, and these profiles can be visited and viewed by those who have signed up with GoBuySide. My Network, the third option on the tab, displays the GoBuySide members who are located proximal to an individual’s present location, and these people could also have similarities with an individual’s profile that could explain why they are showing up. Firms display the corporate partners that GoBuySide currently has, and these are some of the leading financial institutions on the planet. It includes the leading banks and investment firms that are included in the list of top corporations and businesses. Reviews allow the GoBuySide community to provide feedback to the companies which have reviewed their profiles and hired them, and it allows for a more transparent experience in using GoBuySide. Lastly is the Jobs option, which opens up a page full of available jobs where the GoBuySide member can apply. However, the Jobs option will only be available if an individual has uploaded their resume.

The platform that was introduced by GoBuySide redefines the job hunting process in the 21st century. Many companies, especially those who are included in the Forbes Top 500 Companies list, rely on the platform to look for the best candidates who can work for them. GoBuySide has an international presence, operating in 16 countries and 52 major cities around the planet. More than 100,000 individuals have also received their job through GoBuySide, and each given period, more than 2,000 job positions are available on the website.