Three Ways For News Outlets And Media Sources to Keep Better Track of Their Capital


News outlets and sources have to keep track of their cash flow and capital too. It is called having good “capital management”. Ask James Dondero. He is the CEO of Highland Capital out of Dallas, Texas. One of the things he specializes in is helping companies stay afloat and keep on course with their money management.

Millions of dollars are poured into news sources each year. It is important that they do not go belly-up. People put a lot of trust in the news they receive from these outlets. It is important they do not put their faith and money into news stories and individuals who will not pan out in the end.

Here are some tips that James offers new sites and other sources to help them stay on track.

1) You need to keep your personal gains and capital gains separate. Your personal money is “personal”. It cannot be used to “cover” or “supplement” a story that needs to be covered with business capital. Those who are using the personal income to supplement their business accounts are not doing it right.

2) There is a tool called “Google Finance”. James is the first one to tell his clients to use it. This tool is “bare bones”. It teaches the user how to use their money properly. It is a basic tool that anyone can follow and use. It is not just for personal use either. Many businesses use it. News sites in Dallas need to start using it too. It will help you to keep up with your spending. It will show you how and where you are spending your money. It will also help you to keep your personal and business accounts separate.

3) Are you spending more than you are getting back in revenue? According to James, you are going about it in the wrong way. Your debt ratio cannot be more than your income ratio.

Google James Dondero sometime. He offers a comprehensive list to his clients that can help you out. You do not have to be one of his clients to take advantage of this either. Go online now and download the tools.

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Organo Gold- Supporting Individual Success

Thousands of researchers and studies have been conducted to test if drinking coffee causes an increase in an individual lifespan. The studies done used two ways of separating smokers from non-smokers to give an accurate result that is not affected by internal and external factors. Studies conducted have restrictions, and this makes it hard to get genuine answers. The top researcher has noted that those who do not drink coffee due to health problems may have low mortality rate causing the ailments. Coffee has numerous benefits to an individual that includes lesser risks to diseases caused by aging like cancer, heart diseases stroke diabetes etc

Researchers decided to combine different population of strong biological status from Latinos, whites, African-Americans and Japanese Americans. More than 185,000 Americans participated in this research, and they were given coffee on a daily basis for a specified period, and the results were just amazing. The results proved that coffee takers increases their lifespan and prevent the common disease from taking over their bodies. Due to the backing of similar results from the different diversity of people the arguments remain reliable and accurate.

Organo Gold offers different products that help the customers achieve their health freedom. They have the beverages in the market that includes Café Supreme, Café Mocha, Red Tea, Black Ice, Green Tea, Café Latte, King of Coffee and Gourmet Black coffee. The company provides shipping options and individual product sales to their customers. They also offer product samples to those who believe in tasting before buying. Other lines of their products include personal care items like OG Smile and G3Beauty soaps, and their body management products range from Spore powder, Grapeseed oil Mycelium, OGX Fenix creamy vanilla, and OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate all at personalized and affordable cost.
Organo Gold is actively involved in a corporate world where they are the primary sponsor of cares foundation. The OG Cares Foundation supports youth to become engaging and productive members of the society.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America And The NFLA Offer Cancer Screenings

When someone might be dealing with a disease but they do not know if they are or not, they are not doing anything to help their body or to stay healthy. It is important for a person to have their body screened for illnesses that could be a part of their life so that they can treat those illnesses. The National Football League Alumni Association is teaming up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America to offer screenings for those who could be dealing with prostate cancer. These screenings are available so that men can be checked for cancer and know if they are in need of treatment or not.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are available to offer personalized care to those who are facing cancer. They know that every person is unique and the struggles that each person faces as they fight cancer are unique, as well. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide each person with care that is personalized to them and that is meant to battle their cancer in a way that is unique. Those who are seeking help that is customized to them can find that through this organization.

When someone is facing cancer, they want to know that they have the best help on their side. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are made up of experts. This is an organization that groups together doctors who know how to treat cancer and that offers those doctors to those who are in need of treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America allows only the best to be a part of its organization.

Highland Capital: How To Get Reliable Financial Advice

Looking for an advisory team to help you with your money management or financial planning? Want to choose a highly reputable company to provide you with wealth planning or portfolio management service? Reputable and experienced professionals can be of great help to you as you take steps into the investment arena.

Before you get started, it is important to have a consultation with your financial advisor to ensure you fully understand what they can do for you and what to expect as you receive advice or guidance from them.

Highland Capital management is a renowned investment advisory firm and can evaluate your investment needs and develop the right strategy for your success. The company has been in business for many years and has catered to numerous business owners, organizations and establishments.

There are many companies out there offering a wide array of financial services and advisory to entrepreneurs and organizations. Many of these firms have well trained and experienced professionals who advise and guide their clients on the path to investment and financial success.

It is imperative to enlist the services of a company that has a great reputation in the industry. With a highly reputable and reliable company on your side, you can be confident you will receive top notch guidance and reliable advice.

Professionals at Highland Capital are highly knowledgeable and have been providing excellent services for many years. They have helped numerous clients achieve great success and reach their goals. If you truly want the best team to handle your portfolio management or to guide you to success, you’ll need to get in touch with Highland Capital right away.

Professionals at Highland Capital understand that their clients face unique challenges as they prepare for investment or financial planning. The team at Highland Capital can help take the mystery out of understanding investment strategies and preparing for financial success.

Whether your goal is preparing for financial success, or expanding your investment portfolio for increased wealth, Highland Capital can provide personalized service that focuses on your needs, objectives and financial goals.

Chris Villanueva Revolutionizes the Private Dental Practice Industry

Setting up a modern dental clinic with the latest dental equipment and the right staff is no walk in the park. Opening up a private dental clinic that is fully compliant with the current industry standards is no joke. Dentists waste valuable hours trying to micromanage the day-to-day affairs of their private practice instead of focusing on their clients and growing their profession.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is no stranger to the struggles faced by new dental practitioners looking to make a break in the private practice realm. After all, Chris has been an active dental expert for the past twenty plus years. In an ambitious bid to tip the scales, favorably for the new dentists, Chris Villanueva founded an affiliate organization called MB2 Dental.

Maintaining Autonomy

Today, MB2 Dental is a mammoth organization supporting 500+ licensed dentists stationed in more than 70 affiliate dental clinics and hospitals in the US. MB2 Dental is a unique organization that supports enterprising doctors without expecting them to give up their autonomy.

MB2 Dental regularly organizes events that bring the dentists together to share and basically have fun. Dr. Chris reckons that happier and healthier dentists tend are more productive and successful than their counterparts who insist on spending all their time cooped in their offices. The unique culture deployed at MB2 Dental has breathed new life and vigor into the traditional dental practice industry. Collaborations between the affiliate dental practitioners enlisted at MB2 have benefitted countless of patients. 

Chris Villanueva’s Golden Advice

Speaking in an interview, Chris, a father of four kids, says he’s gotten most of his creative work done at night. As a CEO, Villanueva reminds us of the importance of being a team player and leader in business. The dentist loves to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is. He detests the idea of always been the smartest and most productive member of a team. Once Chris identifies these stars, he proceeds to clearly outline the visions and goals of the project at hand. Then, instead of emphasizing on the frivolities of how his staff goes about getting the job done, Chris prefers to step back completely until the job gets done. Villanueva only has to keep the star team players inspired and motivated, the rest falls into play wonderfully. Chris Villanueva advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that it is never too early for them to start building a firm infrastructure for their businesses.

NuoDB SQL database: Best Database for Cloud Computing

NuoDB is a US SQL Database Company located in Massachusetts. It creates and distributes transactional database management systems that are SQL-oriented. They are designed for use in cloud services.

NuoDB works by dividing data into units called “atoms.” NuoDB is designed in such a way that it has in-memory caches that create memory elasticity need for cloud computing. This ensures that the data stored therein is secure and can be maintained easily. This system supports MVCC (multi-version concurrency control) that helps in resolving access conflict and eases detection of data deadlocks. It also has in-built elements of message oriented and object-oriented computing methodologies.
NuoDB uses a 3-tier structure; transactional, storage, administrative tiers in its communication. This approach means that NuoDB systems do not have to do close coupling of an application and its data when using a disk drive.

NuoDB was started by Jim Starkey, a renowned SQL database expert and the brain behind MVCC while working at the Digital Equipment Corp. Before NuoDB, Starkey had started two other companies still on SQL database systems. Today, Starkey acts the NuoDB strategic advisor after he retired from active operations in 2012.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero’s Role In The Mexican Media Scene

     Televisa is currently the top media company in Mexico. The have heavy investments in Univision, which broadcast its shows into Hispanic speaking sectors of the U.S. Televisa is one of Mexico’s most popular soap opera institutions. It is one of the biggest in all of Latin America. Televisa first heavily invested in Univision in 2010 in order to help a relationship between the two companies that had been damaged by years of legal battles and management fights. The partnership of the two companies was a moved that proved extremely beneficial for both, driving their stocks upward. It gave both a firm hold of the Hispanic sector of the U.S.

And it looks like the already good things are getting better with the Hispanic sector of the U.S. growing all of the time. At least it did for a good while. The 2010 deal was not the first time Televisa had had investments in Univision. They held shares until 2006 when they sold them for $12.6 billion in 2006. However, it was seen as a mistake and just resulted in money loss and endless disputes between the two companies. The 2010 deal fixed all that. Televisa has also been helped by the financial leadership of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero.

In 2002, Viadero was made the director of Innova, a role which he still holds. During that same year Viadero first joined the Televisa team. By 2014, he was Vice President of Finance and Administration. He currently serves as Televisa’s CFO. All in All, things continue to look extremely promising for Televisa.

Glen Wakeman Helps Businessmen Build the Perfect Road Map

Entrepreneurs that have been looking for a better way to build a business plan will have a lot of success with Glen Wakeman and the LaunchPad toolkit. This is where many entrepreneurs are getting access to a plan builder guide for starting a smart business plan. There are so many aspects to building a business, and Glen Wakeman has become the business entrepreneur that has created a way for people to make better business development decisions.

There are a lot of key performance areas for Glen Wakeman to help entrepreneurs focus on. A lot of concepts like marketing, risk management, human capital and execution that are put into focus with Glen Wakeman. He is a writer and investor that has been able to help lots of people that were looking for ways to help people understand their financial statements and create better priorities for building their business.

Glen Wakeman is someone that helped create a web-based software for entrepreneurs that allows people to build better modules for business planning. There are tons of entrepreneurs that are able to change the way that they work when they utilize the LaunchPad Toolkit. Glen Wakeman helps people prepare what is called the 100-day execution plan. This is done with the LaunchPad Toolkit software. It helps people create a better risk assessment analysis.

Very few people are able to create a business idea without helping Glen Wakeman is the person that helps people reduce their risk when it comes to succeeding. With LaunchPad people will have a much better way to organize their ideas. It is through this toolkit that people are able to develop a business plan in less than an hour. There are a lot of business advisers that are going to help clients build a better business plan.

There are all types of areas like risk management and capital raising that are crucial to business development. Wakeman has guided many people that are starting businesses. He has helped many people become successful businesses (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman has helped people build a better business plan with a greater level of efficiency.

Report Significant Securities Violations Today!

The Securities Exchange commission (SEC) whistleblower program aims at empowering individuals to report corporate fraud and securities and in turn earn substantial rewards for their courageous acts. Recently, whistleblowers from different positions, different jobs as well as levels of society have taken the initiative to give formal account of possible securities violation proceedings. In 2010, a new program for SEC whistleblowers was enacted by the Dodd Frank-Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to authorize reasonable cash rewards to voluntary whistleblowers that provide information on securities and corporate frauds to the SEC. Additionally, this program was started to deal with the US overhaul depression that called for the need of financial regulations.


Historical Legislation of SEC Whistleblower


Recently, most corporate scandals have been noted therefore calling for the need of more truth tellers to ensure proper operations of law enforcement and efficient marketplace policies. Labaton Sucharow is one of the firms that have dedicated themselves in assisting responsible organizations create a culture of integrity as well as courageous whistleblowers who are willing and ready to report all possible securities violations within organizations without regrets. This firm provides world class Whistleblower Representation Practice made up of a team of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants with state law and federal enforcement experience to offer unparalleled representation of all whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is the man behind this successful practice. Initially, Thomas served as the assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant directorin the SEC enforcement division. During his tenure at SEC, he contributed to the development of whistleblower programs such as final implementation of rules and drafting of proposed legislation.


Rules of SEC Whistleblower Programs


The Securities Exchange Commission whistleblower program is a great game changer for most people who participate in giving corporate fraud information relating to securities violations. Eligible whistleblowers are given an award of monetary sanctions ranging from 10-30% for proper SEC action enforcement. It is also important to consult a SEC whistleblower attorney before making an approach to the SEC. This is simply because you may not realize the personal exposure and risks you put yourself up to. Additionally, it is highly recommended to hire a SEC whistleblower lawyer to help you give a good report to SEC and increase your chances of getting a whistleblower award.




Blowing the whistle both externally and internally requires great courage. For you to become a successful whistleblower it is important to get objective legal counsel on the processes and means of reporting securities violations. This therefore requires confidence and self-drive.

ClassDojo Success Story: A Sit in With The Founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don.

ClassDojo is a communication platform where teachers and parents meet, usually daily to track the performance of students and identify, empower the future development of kids. This ambitious app dates back to 2011 when the founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don took a pragmatic approach to organizing some face-time with parents, teachers, and students. The next phase was the launching of the app.

The app is now used in more than 180 countries, and 2 in 3 schools in the US embrace this technology. To date, ClassDojo has managed to raise venture capital of approximately $31 million.
Chaudhary, 30, the co-founder of ClassDojo had a sit-in with his newspaper to open up about their tech firm, education technology, and student privacy. Here are the key pointers from the sit-in:
The beginning

ClassDojo started out as a system for parents to get feedback from teachers regarding students. However, it has now transformed into a communication platform. It pretty much works like the social media but in a unique way. The teachers get the app, add the class list and later invite parents. The teacher in return shares vital information about the student’s progress. Data can be shared utilizing pictures or videos of activities the student is undertaking.

Student privacy
Student privacy concerns are by no means contagious issues when it comes to ClassDojo. The owners have always put forth three things into perspective: control, security, and privacy. They are quite clear that inseminated information is for the parents, and they get to decide what to do with it. They can delete it, change it or remove it altogether. There is no sharing or passing on of information whatsoever.

Money back
Chaudhary said that money has never been the motive since they launched the ClassDojo app. The philosophy has always been a free for all to use an app. But with time some premium features may be added for people to pay for.

Measurement of performance
The use of the ClassDojo is purely up to teachers and parents. For teaching staff, the district has catered for it so using it is not a problem. The aim of the founders is to ensure that as many people as possible use the app to create a positive culture in classroom and schools. They achieve this by creating engaging videos with discussion guides to attract more students, parents, and teachers.

Chaudhary’s teaching experience
Chaudhary was taught from the onset that a classroom was more of a community than a competitive setup. He grew up with the philosophy that a classroom is some form of symbiotic relationship where if one person doesn’t understand a concept, he should get help from another party and vice versa.

Creating the avatar monsters
Chaudhary says that the idea of setting up the avatar monsters was a fluke. The initial version was empty boxes, and they didn’t want to put in pictures of kids. That’s how the avatar monsters came to play, and everyone came to like it. They’ve never looked back.

Plans for the next decade
The primary strategy and mission of ClassDojo are to empower parents, teachers and students to change education system from the ground up. A growth mindset is an accurate reflection of that future. If this school concept is taken positively and embraced on the entire globe, that would be a great achievement for ClassDojo.



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