Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Writes About Video Marketing

Bob Reina has consistently made himself available to the public to discuss matters related to his company Talk Fusion. Now, Reina is doing something a little different than speaking during an interview. He is contributing articles to the MarTech Advisor’s homepage.

His new article is something entrepreneurs should read forwards and backward. The topic focuses on “Video Advertising Trends of 2017”. Successful video advertising absolutely can help drive marketing success, but only when the strategies are current ones. What might have worked in 2016 may be a little weak in 2017. Reina’s article should act as a nice guide regarding what to expect in terms of reliable trends in the new year.

Bob Reina does know being cutting edge is crucial to success. Talk Fusion was founded at a time when videos in emails were not available even on a major platform such as AOL. Talk Fusion not only revolutionized email video, the company would expand its services to include video newsletters, online meetings, and more. Bob Reina definitely understands the power and effectiveness of video marketing. His articles give insight into that strong knowledge base.

Reina notes that one of the main points he tries to get across in his articles is the rationale why it is so important to employ video marketing strategies. Not ever entrepreneur or small business owner understands how effective video marketing can be. Such an oversight could prove costly. The article does a nice job painting a strong picture for the reader about why video marketing is a consistently brilliant and effective strategy to use.