David Osio’s Management Style

As the Chief Executive Officer of the advisory group independent companies; Davos Financial Group, David has used his hands-on business management skills to steer expansion and its growth. His unique management style has taken the Davos Financial Group to high-income levels and enhanced the company’s geographical expansion into not only local but intentional markets as well. Through his hard work and get-things-done management style has boosted the opening of new strategic offices in Geneva, New York, Panama City, Lisbon, and Miami.

To his credit, David Osio has spearheaded the success of Davos Financial Group; an inclusive financial services company which offers, in collaboration with other independent and licensed firms, customized services which meet the clients’ individual needs. In effect, the personalized services have guaranteed to the customers quality services, confidentiality, and investment platforms. By adopting the unique and professional management approach, David Osio has aided the Davos Financial Group to be a financial epitome which offers customized services through the various independent licensed companies.

Strategies that are of primary concern to Osio are; portfolio structuring and asset management, tax and corporate planning, banking services, and successful planning. All these concerns that Osio ensures that Davos Financial Group complies with for its growth and expansion strategies has not only made Osio stand tall among his peer leaders but has also brought him many accolades and recognition world over. Among the awards that Osio has amassed are; Medal of Honor to the Merit of Congress, Certificate of recognition and the flag of the United States, which he both won in 2012, South Florida Business Leader in 2009 and Movers and Shakers 2009 award that honor the future business leaders in South Florida business community. Following these awards, Osio commands proper respect in the business world and quite often receives congratulations from world top business leaders. A point in case is in 20123 when Thomas J. Egger, the Managing Partner and CEO Parkview, applauded Osios efforts which have made him be a high achiever.

To become a strategic leader, David Osio studied Intentional Banking Law from Universidad Catolica Andre’s Bellon 1989 to 1994. The study of law enabled Osio to gain useful knowledge and skills in due diligence, marketing strategies, business planning, leadership, private equity, capital market asset management, financial modeling, and investment strategy and portfolio management. Indeed it these skills that David Osio learned shaped his leadership personality.




China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro

Western Governments Criticize Venezuela, But Ignore France

Western nations and media organizations have reacted with anger over the declaration of a state of emergency by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in his bid to deal with the humanitarian issues facing the country. The criticism of Venezuela comes as the European nation of France made the decision to extend a state of emergency in the country that has been in place since Novemebr 13th 2015.
Telesur detailed the strange decision and reactions to both state of emergency decision that have seen many ignore the ongoing crisis in France. President Nicolas Maduro explained to government officials the need he feels for a state of emergency to be declared in Venezuela as food shortages and a severe drought have left the oil rich Latin American country in a severe humanitarian crisis. Conservative government officials like Jose Manuel Gonzalez urged Venezuelan people to ignore the state of emergency and act in other ways to avoid the humanitarian crisis from growing.

The nation of France extended its own state of emergency through the summer in a bid to keep soccer’s European Championships and the French Open tennis tournament safe from attack. Officials in the U.S. including Gonzalez criticized the state of emergency in Venezuela, but have yet to comment on the decision to extend the use of that in France.



Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Faces Recall

President Nicolás Maduro is not exactly enjoying high facebook approval ratings in his netizens of Venezuela. His approval numbers are in the 26% range. A major movement is afoot by the opposition party to remove him from power. His removal, barring extraordinary circumstances, would seem impossible to stop, says expert Danilo Diaz Granados. The current economic condition of Venezuela is miserable and things are only going to get worse. Even electricity is hyper-scarce in the country. Clearly, circumstances such as these are not going to bode well for any politicians hoping to hold onto power.
Opponents to Maduro have launched a petition for a recall referendum. A recall entails removing an elected official who has not done anything wrong to warrant impeachment and has not yet completed a term.

Economic policy will play a large role in whether or not Maduro ends up removed. The horrible state of the economy is not being kind to Maduro’s chances.