Cambria Estates Winery: The Winning Way of Prodcuing Wine

Julia JacksonCambria Estates Winery is setting a positive tone in the winemaking industry. The company, and its personnel is on a progressive path to excellence without taking any short-cuts. Founded in 1987 by Barbara Banke, this organization holds the heritage of Jackson Family Wines. This business is a family affair as Barbara Banke, and her adult children operates the day-to-day activities. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, has an important role within the company, and she has her own nonprofit organization. Julia represents the estate as a proprietor, but travels the globe with the international sales team. This team introduces its wine to untapped markets as well as established markets. This has helped the estate to grow much more at a dramatic rate.Julia’s hard work ethic comes from both of her parents, especially her father. The late Jess Jackson was an extraordinaire when it came to the production of wine. He would put the children to work at their Santa Maria Valley estate, which helped to build character.

Julia, born in 1988, has been around the business her entire life, Julia Jacksonbut she didn’t become fully interested in it until working in the company’s many wineries. While in Bordeaux, France, she would grow a passion for the business. She shadowed influential personnel, studied French sales, learned about distribution and learned about the different global markets. By the time she came home, she was fluent in speaking French, which would allow her to go and teach sixth-grade French class.Jackson Family Wines fall under Cambria Estate Winery. It has numerous wineries in Italy, France, Oregon (USA) and in Chile. Its Benchbreak Pinot Noir has gone on to become a beloved wine of choice for many people as it offers an abundance of aromas and dark colorful hues. The Scripps College graduate is following in her mother’s footsteps thanks to her “Seeds of Empowerment” organization, but who knows what’s next for wine extraordinaire Julia Jackson.

The Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the current CEO of the unusual makeup company Lime Crime. She is the “Queen of Unicorns” and can always be seen bright pink, purple, green, blue, or even orange hair and matching (or mismatched) lipstick. Maybe some sparkly eyeshadow if she’s felling it. Doe Deere feels that makeup should be used to express yourself and that is what has driven her company as she built it and expands upon it today.

Doe Deere’s success story is a little bit unorthodox but she loves telling it to anyone who asks. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to New York at the age of 17 to become a musician. While playing in her band, Doe Deere would meet her future husband. She believes that their time playing together taught them how to work well with each together, making their marriage rock solid. Do Deere played in the band for a few years before she decided to pursue makeup.

Doe Deere thought it would be best if she wore bright colors to all of her gigs but she found that most popular stores didn’t sell the kind of makeup she wanted to wear. In the early 2000s, the natural look was in. Everyone was wearing clear gloss, neutral eyeshadow, and no hair dye. But Doe Deere wanted to be a unicorn with a bright blue mane and sparkling eyes. So she made her own makeup.

Quickly, Doe Deere realized that she was not the only lady who wanted to be a unicorn. Plenty of other women were gravitating towards the vibrant colors just like her. So Doe Deere began to sell her products and thus Lime Crime came crashing into the world.

Doe Deere has always been a bit of an entrepreneur. At age thirteen, she started her first business selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. Her marketing strategy was quite clever for a thirteen year old. She just wore the tattoos and showed her classmates how great they looked on her. It worked and a young Doe Deere raked in the cash. Her marketing strategy hasn’t changed since as Doe Deere still wears and shows off all her products on a daily basis.

Doe Deere’s favorite piece of advice to give to young women aspiring to business is to follow your heart. She believes that everyone has something special about them that they can show off to the world. Then, once you’re doing something you love, you’ll find that you’ll grow wings and fly. Pursuing something you hate just weighs you down and keeps you from getting off the ground. So if you have a passion, take a note from Doe Deere and just go for it.

Lime Crime has become incredibly popular selling makeup designed to help women discover their inner unicorns. Lime Crime is also Leaping Bunny certified. The beautiful makeup company is constantly expanding and releasing new products. You can find their latest and greatest products on their site Let your unicorn come alive. Learn more:

Rona Borre – The Pioneer of Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is a business venture established in 2001 that has since become a renowned business female enterprise. The company has repeatedly increased revenue every other year. Being the head of the Chicago community, Borre is a board member and assumes management responsibilities with the Chicago Network, Young Presidents Organization and Economic Club of Chicago.

Rona is considered an esteemed leader at the human capital arena and as a result has been seen on TV news channels like CNN, USA Today, and Crain’s Chicago among others. In addition to that, she is highly regarded as a woman of influence in Business by The National Association of Female Business Owners and The Business Ledger. She was also accredited as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine. Rona pursued a BS in Business from The University of Arizona.

Starting out as a recruiter, Rona was pretty focused and labored to learn the about technology while trying to keep up with the latest trends. She had grown a large client base at just the age of 25 and was hell bent on rendering exceptional customer service. However, she chose to part with the company and venture into her own business in 2001.  Check for a related article.

Rona Borre  is success oriented is always looking to improve and learn. Her goal is being an effective recruiting partner and she does so by being out with clients and building relationships. Rona feels most prolific when her team is motivated and they actually bring results. Her privately operated boutique is open to customer ideas as long as they are worth trying.  Hit on for an important article.

Rona is a big believer of trial and error her reasoning was that she needs to be out selling the pieces of her business that were not her prowess ; like accounting and back office. She’s experienced e fair share of failures but she always learns from them.

Rona Borre is thrilled by the Big data and Analytics trend. She reckons it’s incredible to be able to come with ways to operate more efficiently and make improved business decision by just the use of data and the behind it.


Mastering the art of executive recruitment: Julie Zuckerberg

Attracting top talent through diverse pipelines is no easy task. It’s even more difficult in the hyper-competitive waters of international finance. There are countless recruiters and talent acquisition specialists in New York, but the best among them are easy to spot. Julie Zuckerberg is one of these stand-out recruiters.


Julie Zuckerberg graduated from City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in Philosophy. Afterward, she worked for Hudson Recruiting as the Director of Candidate Placement for five years. During this time, she learned best-in-class strategies for executive recruitment and built strong bridges between her many clients and the candidates she placed. Later in 2007 she moved to Citi as an Executive Recruiter and worked in this role until 2011 when she assumed the role of Vice President for Citi’s Global Consumer Bank. After an engagement with New York Life Insurance Company, where she worked as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, she turned her sights on an even bigger role at Deutsche Bank in 2014. She is currently serving as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead & Corporate Vice President in Deutsche Bank, where she continues to source and secure the best talent to support their many lines of business.


Her professional responsibilities have grown, but at every step Julie has demonstrated time and again that she’s always ready to step up. Her day-to-day sees finds her working with top-of-the-house talent who play a vital role in her organization. Finding experienced candidates at these levels is far more complex and challenging than hiring a fresh graduate fill a seat. It requires years of experience and robust industry connections to understand the candidate pool and to be able to assess the candidates. However, with her extensive expertise in human resources: executive search and sourcing, behavioral interviewing, corporate and technical recruiting, Julie manages to get it done.


Julie continues to offer full-cycle executive recruitment initiatives for some leading financial institutions in New York City. She takes a multidisciplinary approach when searching for potential candidates. She works closely with her business partners to identify the most effective sourcing strategies and then executes. It’s more than simply finding candidates with the competencies and experience that match the vacancy. It’s a meeting of personal and professional minds.

Julie Zuckerberg is clearly someone who has mastered the art of executive recruiting. She currently lives in New York City. Her interests include arts and culture, animal welfare, and the economic empowerment of women.