DR Sergio Cortes Proposes Aggressve Mosquito Control

We find Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes in his “Mission Control Center” in central Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil. Point zero, the epicenter of the Brazilian flooding and health crisis is located at in Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil. Dr. Cortes is busy reviewing some data that was collected by workers in the seven emergency centers that have been built in the region.

State Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes explains on wikipedia how the torrential rains that have besieged this area of Brazil have also caused flooding that has created contaminated standing water that also plays a major part in producing a breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue fever along with the Chikungunya and the rapidly spreading Zika virus are transmitted by the insect. The Zika virus has been linked recently by the World Health Organization with Microcephaly by going some comparisons of areas where the Zika virus infections occur and the relationship of the data with the numbers of births of children with Microcephaly.

According to Extra.Global the Brazilian Ministry of health along with State Sec. Sergio Cortes have sent out scores of evaluation teams and even troops to the area to help with the decontamination of the water leftover from the flooding. There will also be classes for locals after 3 dengue hydration centers that have been deployed in the region as of late. The class will ease in the transformation of customs of the local people and teach them how to use bottled water to replace their normal source which have been contaminated.

Sec. of Health Dr. Cortes is also actively involved in gathering research from the emergency shelters with the purpose of trying to find out how the unborn fetus of a pregnant mothers is getting infected. Microcephaly has now been linked to the Zika virus in has caused over 4000 for the in Brazil alone. It is not only in neurological disorder that causes children to be born with smaller and under developed heads. Dr. Cortes believes that with proper planning, mosquito control and aggressive education of the local citizens in the area as to the use of bottled water and decontamination of standing waters that this health crisis can soon be control until then he asked all women in the area please try to use caution and goes far as to not plan any pregnancies in the future.

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